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Amazon Book Burning

Wasn’t it the Nazis who supposedly were the world’s foremost book burners? For more on the Amazon book ban, see article here. Readers might also be interested in a commentary by Gilad Atzmon. Suffice to say, freedom of thought, the right to question history, the right to call for a boycott against Israel–all of these freedoms are under attack now. Something to keep in mind as we head into day two of the the AIPAC conference.

7 thoughts on “Amazon Book Burning

  1. Yes, brace yourself for another trip to HoloHOAX Land, where the shekels fall like rain drops upon the con artists, frauds and schemers that have tricked the world into paying hundreds of billions in reparations, helped them steal Palestine and let the fraudsters take over the MSM.

    All for an event that NEVER happened. That’s what happens when a certain group of con artists take over the MSM, central banks and the legislatures of many western nations.

    As if nearly 400 Holocau$t™ movies and pseudo-docs aren’t enough, hear comes the latest twisted tear-jerker, “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

    Barf bags not supplied.


  2. I am more concerned about the current holocausts ,just how many Iraqi civilians have died since Gulf war 1, six million??,eight million?,those deaths are never tallied,it is the Arab world that has endured the worst horrors,Iraq,Syria,Libya and Yemen have experienced or are experiencing the worst side of mankind,unleashed by US jewish ziocons and ultra liberals.I am sick of hearing about the holocaust,there are holocausts happening NOW,mostly caused by jewish ziocons and their American century project,but what they mean`t was their ,”Israel dominion project” and eventually ethnic cleansing of the Palistinians,Gadaffi,Saddam and Assad were in the way of creating a safe jewish utopia,a world of no Palistinians or functioning rival states or powers,thankfuly it has failed,Syria has survived the worst of the onslaught by zionist funded takfiris ,and Iran is ascending to be a super power in it`s own right…

  3. p.s. ,It is the big jews that drive man against his brother,even fake MSM,can`t hide the crimes committed by these people,their names are even listed,the Cristols,Kagans and Paul Wolfawitz,i`m starting to think Lyndsey Graham and John Mccain can now be described as cryto jews, for they have been complicit in jewish crimes against humanity…

  4. when it is 6 million to 1
    the road is tough
    i will watch gibson’s THE PASSION
    this Easter
    i do every Easter
    doubt if it will be a tv offering

  5. I hear you 5DS,er great film,but aswell as getting back to the tenants of the New Testament, the west should rembrace the tenants of Plato’s Republic, yhe foundation of our shared western culture, and disavow all elements of destructive jewish structures that crept into western society,Plato preached patriotism and to honour our warriors,because now everything has been twisted by jewish zios,we now have endless wars and no glory and serve others interests,namely that blot on the landscape Israel,a false state and people..

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