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Jewish Thugs Outside AIPAC Conference–‘Beating People with Israeli Flags’

In the first video a man is attacked for carrying a sign that reads, “Israel did 9/11″…

from the video description:

Jewish thugs attack David Dauterive and chris dorsey seemingly over a sign that reads Israel did 9/11. The two psychopaths attempted to break the camera filming their attack and stole the sign, There were 4 DC metro police watching from 10 yards away. These Jewish thugs appeared later wearing masks they appear to be undercover security for the AIPAC Convention

 photo jdllogo_zps3jqiiep4.gif

One of the same attackers that appears in the above video shows up in the next video, this time adorned in a black sweat shirt with the Jewish Defense League logo on it. (At least it appears very much to be the same man.) In this case he is apparently attacking one of the Jewish protesters who had gathered to protest AIPAC.

Here is a little bit more from a different angle:

Finally we come to the following tweet–which really, truly seems to get to the heart of the matter:

The symbolism is quite striking, is it not? We now have American citizens being beaten in Washington DC with Israeli flags. The Jewish Defense League could not have made a plainer statement.

7 thoughts on “Jewish Thugs Outside AIPAC Conference–‘Beating People with Israeli Flags’

  1. So much for the JDL to have been declared a terrorist outfit and deemed illegal by the DOJ.

    Please keep up the thuggery, JDL, even get more violent on American streets, it will do wonders to wake Americans up as to who is really on charge of the USA.

  2. Why aren’t these people rounded up, arrested, and prosecuted under terrorist charges? Probably because each of them has a “get out of jail free” card.

  3. Their get out of jail card is that their “safe space” was invaded, their sensitivity was hurt and they were forced to relive painful collective unconscious memories of pogroms and even the big H

  4. America has long since ceased to be the “land of the free….” AIPAC and the whole of the political/militant Zionist enterprise rule (aka occupy) the land in myriad ways, and I’ve given up hoping that the land can be recaptured without violent rejection of the Zionization of America. The rejection will sweep up even the principled protesting Jews shown here, because Zionism has sullied and corrupted the entire tribe. I, for one, will not shed a tear.

    R.I.P. the U.S.A. that once augured to be a noble experiment in the rule of man by “We, the people.”

    My bottom line is always: Viva Palestine!

  5. looks like the JDL decided to take another tack when the fists didn’t get the desired results. Now they have nicely dressed people politely saying “You’re anti-Semitic” while their terrorist thug, masked bodyguards stand close by.

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