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Trump Accuses “Assad Regime” of Chemical Attack, Says Such Acts “Cannot Be Tolerated”

As the Syrian Free Press notes in a post put up today, ISIS, Al-Nusra and the other terrorist gangs in Syria have been losing ground on multiple fronts. This is despite the fact that they have received “help in arms and men,” both from neighboring countries in the Middle East as well as from Western intelligence agencies, and despite also that they’ve even been the beneficiaries of “air raids and bombings by the Zionist entity,” as the SFP puts it. In other words, all this bounteous and copious assistance notwithstanding, the half-wit dunderheads who make up the rank and file of these terrorist armies are still losing.

So when all else fails, what are the elites pushing for regime change supposed to do? Well, one thing they could do is fall back on their old standby method. Yes, you guessed it. Engineer an atrocity or outrage of some sort and blame it on the Assad government (or whichever country’s government is headed by the “new Hitler” at any given moment). Of course if the ranks of the terrorist armies are made up of dunderheaded idiots, the elitist echelons seem comprised of those substantially devoid of imagination. It’s like they keep trying to pull off the same con job over and over again, thinking nobody will get wise.

A good many of us have indeed grown wise, but one who still remains bamboozled, at least if we go by his comments in the above video, is Donald Trump. This is the most inflammatory, war-like rhetoric we’ve seen yet from Trump. Is it really possible that neither the president nor his advisors have stopped to consider the point that security specialist and counter-terrorism advisor Charles Shoebridge makes by way of analysis in the following video–i.e. that at a time when it has been making “great victories sweeping across Syria in the fight against the rebels,” the Assad government really would have no motivation whatsoever for carrying out an attack of this nature…and that “the people who benefit from this kind of attack are the rebels themselves,” as the analyst puts it? Is it really possible Trump hasn’t considered this, or that he hasn’t bothered to question what the media, who he not so long ago accused of spreading fake news, are now reporting on this alleged chemical attack?

Or, alternately, is it possible that Trump has now (regardless of what he may or may not have been in the past) become a pawn of the deep state?

22 thoughts on “Trump Accuses “Assad Regime” of Chemical Attack, Says Such Acts “Cannot Be Tolerated”

  1. This is outrageous. The Zionist-led cabal strikes back at (bombs?) any hint of leaving Syria to the Syrians. Among other “faux news” components here surely is the distraction offered by the — admitted by US military, even as it tries to spread the blame — Occupied WashDC establishment for a similar attack-and-massacre of civilians in Mosul, Iraq, just a couple of days ago. One must be terrified that Trump seems viscerally and increasingly willing and anxious as “commander in chief” to let loose the perpetrators and weapons of war on (in this case) the sovereign nation of Syria. My God….

  2. Lets hope saner minds prevail in the Trump camp and Not pushed by the ziocons and ultra liberals push him to anything rash,even with that warhawk idiot Nicky Haley spouting her gob off..After the success stories of Iraq and Libya have they learned Nothing,or are they content with citizens in the west to join the casualty list as we have recently seen in London, as Isis and al qeada create manchurian candidates, this is Not the new normal i want to get used to,Prez Putin is right,when he questions the sanity of western leaders..’

  3. Israel and her central banks want Assad murdered and Syria destroyed and what they want, they usually get.

    Trump is an ego-maniac that needs praise to thrive, and he hasn’t been getting much of that, but using Obama’s plan of sending in 600 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria will get the (((MSM))) singing his praises about being a great leader and ‘decider.’

  4. I did not hear Trump accuse the Assad ‘regime’. What exact words did Trump use to accuse Assad–or did he leave an opening that others (than Assad) may have done this? He did say he now thinks differently about Assad. Does this mean he realizes Assad is being framed? Or, does the listener ASSUME he is accusatory of Assad?

  5. “These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated.” 43 seconds into the video.

  6. They are destroying one country after another just as they had planned. It’s the Oded Yinon plan playing out right before our eyes.

  7. Trump did himself in by appointing neocon Russophobes like Haley and Mattis (“Mad Dog Mattis” as he is called) to high positions in his administration. Campaigning on a platform of building better relations with Russia and then filling your administration with people like that is a prescription for self destruction. Or that’s kind of my take on it.

  8. The Zionist-led cabal you speak of, Robert, has destroyed country after country, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and now Syria. Iran will be next unless somebody figures out a way to stop them. Russia seems best situated to do this, but it will do so only if the country, and particularly its leaders, remain true to their Christian faith.

  9. I cannot think that Trump has the finesse or nuance you seem to wish to ascribe to him. As much as I detested Hillary and her Zio-dominated-regime mindset and therefore was willing to give Trump a chance to redeem America (“make America great again”…yeah, right), I now sense in my gut that the guy has all these military tools at his disposal and that he, and Kushner (without checking my history, may I dare to call Kushner Trump’s Kissinger, or Rasputin?), Mattis et al will not hesitate — and indeed will be gleeful, bullying, vindictive, no-holds-barred cheerleaders — to use those tools. And that Zio-dominated-regime apparatus is still there, plotting, frothing in psychosis mode, awaiting the opportune moment to re-assert its agenda of control and domination, always with the Zioentity so-called Israel as its guidepost, its platform, its useful “victim” card.

  10. 5DS,i hope your right too,his support base will never forgive him if he sides with with the al qeada Christian slayers against Assad..

  11. Trump is proving to be a damn fool, and either way the Ziocons have got him trussed-up like a turkey.
    (((They))) want a conflict with Russia AND the complete fragmentation of the middle east.
    Trump has now commited himself to ‘doing something about Assad’. If he backs down they’ll say he’s a Russian stooge. If he commits to bombing Syria then Russia will surely step right in, and a serious war will start, which the US will lose.
    Either way it’ll end Trump’s presidency; and that’s been the plan too.

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  13. I feel betrayed by senior Trump,I hope Steve Bannon who is close to supporters on the ground let him know it ,and stop feeding the hungry blood beasts ziocons, who need to be satiated with blood…

  14. wake up to coffee and a 100% surprise
    as old glory war crimes go
    it will be a one shot
    think trump has said this
    russia and syria informed
    no surprise except to me
    quietens the dc hyenas
    for a while anyway
    and informs the sultan of turkey

    dont like it and am surprised
    more going on here

  15. John “jihadi”, McCain must be loving it,and that Nikki Haley woman,what a evil she creature that crawled out of the swamp.5DS i put up my American flag and hoped for a better tomorrow, when i heard Trump’s inauguration speech,I’m bloody furious!!, that he has caved into the antichrist zios..

  16. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote.

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