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About ‘antisemitism’–Truth and Falsehood

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By Nahida Izzat

So, let me get this straight,

“Amalek hated Jews and wanted to annihilate ALL of them”

“Pharaoh of Egypt enslaved Jews and wanted to kill them ALL”

“Haman of Persia planned to kill ALL Jews”

“Hitler of Germany wanted to exterminate ALL Jews”

“Two Billion Muslims hate Jews and want to kill them ALL”

So, the entire world since the dawn of time has this inexplicable intrinsic “hatred” against Jews, for no particular reason ?

I.e the entire world is nothing but a bunch of hateful criminals, who are intrinsically evil, and only Jews are good who have always been the pure innocent victims of a mad world?


The claim that gentiles are innately “hateful antisemites” is not only wrong. It is OUTRAGEOUSLY RACIST, and OUTRAGEOUSLY ANTI-HUMAN.

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4 thoughts on “About ‘antisemitism’–Truth and Falsehood

  1. The ICRS had rated the Syrian war as an internal, civil war.

    Exclusive – Situation in Syria constitutes international armed conflict – Red Cross

    GENEVA (Reuters) – The situation in Syria now “amounts to an international armed conflict” after U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian air base, the International Committee of the Red Cross said, expanding both sides’ humanitarian obligations to cover any prisoners of war.

    Under international humanitarian law, civilians must be spared and medical facilities protected, regardless of whether a conflict is internal or international.

    Warring parties must observe key principles of precaution and proportionality and distinguish between combatants and civilians, and between military and civilian infrastructure.


    Oops, looks like the USAF will have to stop bombing power stations, water treatment plants, hospitals and refugees in Syria… or just tell the ICRC to Fuck Off, we don’t need no badges to kill.

  2. the really good news is that no one on earth HAS to be a proselyte to
    the Anti-Christ religion of the Money Changers & Pharisees….John 8:44.

    only truth hating BAD FAITH , Jesus hating so-called “Jews” insist that
    at sometime in the future…STUPID WILL CHANGE TRUE.

    the exit strategy from the stool sculpture deity cult compound is to
    “KNOW THE TRUTH”…@ John 8:32.


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