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Jewish Community Center Gets $200,000 Grant After Bomb Threat Called in By a Jew

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New expansion to the Jewish Community Center of Rochester, NY

[ Ed. note – Last month a Jewish Israeli-American was arrested and charged with phoning in bomb threats to a number of Jewish Community Centers in America. One of those he is accused of threatening is that in Rochester, New York–known as the Louis S. Wolk JCC of Greater Rochester.

Michael Kaydar, 19, was arrested in Israel on March 23. It was immediately reported that he is Jewish. Three days later, on March 26, an announcement was made that the Rochester JCC has been awarded a $200,000 state grant to “strengthen the security of their facility.” The announcement was made by a New York State Assembly member–who expressed satisfaction that an arrest had been made in the case, but who, in discussing the matter, seems to have made no mention of Kaydar’s identity or the fact that he is Jewish.

The JCC in Rochester is reported to have received not one but two bomb threats in the space of a week. Kaydar is apparently believed to have been behind both of them. Worth mentioning also is that since his arrest, Kaydar has appealed for sympathy on the grounds that he has a “brain tumor.”

So let’s see…a Jewish Israeli calls in a bomb threat to a Jewish Community Center in Rochester, New York. Then the center gets a $200,000 state grant to beef up its security, presumably on the grounds that there is this dreadful danger from rising anti-Semitism. And the Jew who made the phone call is largely forgiven on the grounds that he has a “brain tumor.” It’s quite a racket, is it not? Maybe Norman Finkelstein should write a sequel to his book, The Holocaust Industry.

And oh yes, it’s not as if the Rochester JCC direly needed the money. The facility recently completed a 26,000 square foot expansion that includes an Olympic pool, a two-floor fitness center, an outdoor splash park, juice bar, and a wellness center. Cost of the expansion: $17 million.

Below is an article by the NBC affiliate in Rochester about the community center’s awarding of the state grant. ]


Assemblyman Morelle Announces $200,000 for Security Improvements to JCC of Rochester

On Sunday, Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle announced that $200,000 in capital grant funding has been secured for the Jewish Community Center of Rochester as they continue to work towards improving their security infrastructure following the recent bomb threats.

This information comes from a press release sent by Assemblyman Morelle’s Office.

They say that the capital grant funding has been made available through the State Assembly.

“In response to the threats made against the JCC of Rochester our community joined together to resoundingly reject and condemn these disturbing acts of violence and hate,” said Morelle according to a release from his Office. “The apprehension of the individual responsible for these cowardly crimes proves that those who seek to spread hate and divide us will never win. However, we must remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our Jewish community and its institutions. That is why I am proud to have secured $200,000 in funding that will enable the JCC of Rochester to strengthen the security of their facility and provide a renewed peace of mind for their members and visitors.”

Assembly Majority Leader Morelle was joined by Arnie Sohinki, who is the Executive Director of the JCC of Rochester, as well as members of the Board at Sunday’s announcement. Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle was also present.


12 thoughts on “Jewish Community Center Gets $200,000 Grant After Bomb Threat Called in By a Jew

  1. You wonder where school administrations get the “chutzpah” to launch programs of this nature. I think I have an idea.

  2. I wish that I could do the research, but I believe that this largesse has its roots in a federal law passed perhaps two-three years ago in supposed empathic response to alleged increases of “hate crimes” across a generalized spectrum. It was reported at that time that Zionist-Jewish groups had lobbied for the legislation in the first place because it gave them the perfect venue to milk the appropriated funds/tax dollars for the benefit of tribal locales. Sure enough, Jewish groups lined up thirstily to latch onto the nipple and drink the milk…I’m assuming that the funds were portioned out to states to manage, and here NY state avidly breastfeeds the Rochester JCC. Such a deal (especially, in this case, when what amounts to a “false flag” is so successful; and when, in general, this supply of milk will never dry up but be automatically re-charged and available every year…after all, no member of Congress would ever dare risk being labeled “anti-semitic” or other than full-on supportive of the always-beleaguered Jews in our midst)….

  3. I’m not sure which law you’re referring to, Robert, but the script does sound kind of familiar. That such a law would have been passed after being heavily lobbied for would not surprise me. When you think about it there is a sort of circular “logic” to it all. Jewish organizations like the ADL sound alarm bells about rising “anti-Semitism.” Jewish-owned media lap it up, while politicians in the pocket of AIPAC pass laws that benefit no one but Jews or the Jewish state. It’s kind of like a constantly-churning whirlpool that feeds off of itself–or perhaps more precisely feeds off the rest of us.

  4. I wonder what would happen if an ISIS member called in some bomb threats to my mosque? We could probably use $200,000. LOL XD

  5. Going back to 2012, 97% of USG domestic “homeland security” grants go to Jewish institutions…….but if their homeland is Israel…..wazzat? Oh, I forgot.Their other homeland got a $38 billion “going away” gift from Obama who supposedly wasn’t their friend. It isn’t only the Palestinians who are occupied.

  6. Yes, $38 billion in tribute. And meanwhile Americans still cling to the illusion that they live in a democracy.

  7. Hi Robert, thanks for sharing these links. It kind of jogged loose my memory, and I do remember reading about this issue previously. If you go here, you will see that by 2014 the percentage of Jewish groups receiving DHS grants had risen to 94 percent. As I commented at the time: “We should probably change the acronym from “DHS” to “DJS” (Department of Jewish Security).”

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