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Stunning Video: Scenes from Yesterday’s Bus Bombing in Syria; US Veteran Blasts Syria Policy

This is a “must see” video for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost is that it provides footage of the  aftermath of yesterday’s bus convoy attack in Syria, along with an interview with a woman who was traveling on one of the buses and who survived the bombing. Apparently the the terrorists lured children to the site where the bombs was about to go off by handing out potato chips. The woman in the video speaks of “crisps” being handed out, but according to an AP report, the treats being offered were potato chips.

As I reported yesterday, the people on the buses were evacuees from two Shia villages, Kafarya and Foua, that have been under terrorist siege for well over a year. Under a deal worked out between the government and one of the terrorist factions, the villagers were to have been allowed safe passage into government-controlled Aleppo.

You’ll also hear how even before the bombing, the people on the buses were taunted and terrorized by the “rebels,” and there is the additional information that the “rebels” littered the floor of one of the buses with potato chips and invited the children to come eat the chips off the floor while they filmed them. The people of the two villages have been under severe hardships, including food shortages, throughout the entire time the “rebels” controlled their region, so it is probably not too surprising that some of the kids were willing to eat off the floor.

The other reason I find the video remarkable is that it closes with a commentary by a US military veteran. The man isn’t identified by name in this video, but he is US Marine Corps Veteran Angelo John Gage. You can visit his Twitter page here. Gage lets it rip, blasting US policy on Syria, pointing out, correctly, that our leaders have in reality been supporting the terrorists, and asserting, also correctly, that rather than trying to overthrow the Assad government, we should be aligning with it in its fight against ISIS as Russia has done.

9 thoughts on “Stunning Video: Scenes from Yesterday’s Bus Bombing in Syria; US Veteran Blasts Syria Policy

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  2. ‘Chips’ are what you have with fish. In America they are called ‘Freedom Fries’ (You are joking right?).
    ‘Crisps’ are sold in packets and would be similar to the stuff you call ‘Pringles’ only much better.

  3. Sad, sad, maddening video and posting (I just now opened to the initial report and made a comment). I’d like to hope that Angelo John Gage (he is *good*/right on!) might contact Tulsi Gabbard. I don’t do twitter, but can someone establish a link between the two (and Dennis Kucinich?) and start some determined momentum in the area of “true news” before Tulsi is irrevocably vilified by the “faux news” purveyors, or tarred/feathered/ridden out of ZioOccupied WashDC on a rail, or assassinated, or …?

  4. President KUSHNER and his faithful toady Trump didn’t have anything to say, since they were too busy putting together another massive aid package for their Israeli buddies.

  5. P.S. If this WERE to get some coverage, there’d probably be a spate of anti-Semitic crimes in the US, to keep the sheeple’s mind focused on the world’s only people who have ever suffered from the beginning of time.

  6. They and the media both have been pretty silent about the whole thing. I guess the picture of the dead child hanging out the bus window (freeze the video at 1:21) wasn’t “heartbreaking” enough for Ivanka to get to0 terribly perturbed over. And as I’ve pointed out before, the media are hypocritically selective in terms of which children they choose to express sympathy for.

  7. The two would seem to have much in common, at least in their foreign policy views. I’m not sure how much I could do to establish a “link” between them, Robert, but both already have followers numbering in the thousands on Twitter. And Facebook and Twitter each make “suggestions” on new people you should befriend or follow based upon those you have already become friends with. So quite possibly the link is already there.

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