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Multiculturalism and the Jews

By Richard Edmondson

It was maybe five to seven years ago I first came across that now rather famous video of Barbara Lerner Spectre being interviewed in Sweden on the subject of multiculturalism. Here was an American Jewish woman condescendingly giving advice to a group of Swedes about embracing multiculturalism, and stating unequivocally that “Jews are going to be at the center” of a “huge transformation” that Europe was about to undergo.

Now here we are in the year 2017. Europe is experiencing a swelling migrant invasion–due in no small part to wars in the Middle East and North Africa initiated and promoted by Jews–and traditional European culture is under threat.

As I noted in a post last month, there is something stupendously hypocritical about Jews who preach the gospel of racial tolerance and multiculturalism in America (or in their countries of residence in Europe), while saying nothing about the apartheid policies of Israel. If you want to know how racist and intolerant Israel is, simply ask a Palestinian. Yet not only do Jews by and large support the state of Israel, they have formed lobbying groups to advocate on its behalf–this all while campaigning noisily for open borders in their countries of residence and labeling as “racist” anyone who dares suggest that unlimited immigration might be a bad idea.

Europeans and white Americans are now finding their once “monolithic societies” being ripped apart by unceasing waves of immigrants; they are finding their histories and cultures disparaged, their religious faith demeaned and denigrated, by rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth “anti-fascists” who preach tolerance but who seem willing to commit acts of violence against anyone they disagree with.

The fact that Jews have been behind much of this is something that people increasingly are becoming aware of–and Barbara Lerner Spectre, bless her heart, has probably done more than any single person to wake people up to this fact. So much is this the case that you can now find a number of videos parodying her. Here is one:

Spectre is the founding director of Paideia, also known as the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. The organization was founded in 2001 with funding by the Swedish government, and today, on its website, touts itself as both “non-denominational” and “dedicated to the revival of Jewish culture in Europe.” According to Wikipedia, Spectre herself was born in Madison, Wisconsin and studied at Columbia University and NYU. In 1967 she and her husband, who is a rabbi, moved to Israel, but in 1999, they immigrated again, to Stockholm, where her husband served as rabbi of the Stockholm Synagogue.

In an article published on a Jewish website in 2014, Spectre is quoted as speaking of an “unholy alliance” between anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitic sentiment in the “far left and the far right.” The article, written by Gary Rosenblatt, focuses on the problem of “increased anti-Semitism” and seeks to address the question of whether there is a “future for Jewish life in Europe.”

Rosenblatt offers no analysis of what could be the cause of rising anti-Semitism other than to suggest it was “sparked by the Gaza war” (which at the time the article was published had only been fought just three months previously–that is, of course, assuming Rosenblatt was referring to “Operation Protective Edge”–not really a war so much as a massacre of more than 2,000 people, most of them civilians), but he does include one rather remarkable paragraph–a paragraph which discusses Jewish immigration to Israel (or “making aliyah”) but that also includes a striking admission about Jews in general and their constant promotion of multiculturalism:

Similarly, European Jewish officials cringe when Israeli political leaders, in their quest to promote aliyah, assert that there is no future for European Jewry. Asserting that “the world hates us, Israel is the only safe haven,” could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Such an attitude is far from helpful to those who would prefer to build a more secure future in their native country, fostering democracy and pluralism, rather than emigrate out of fear of oppression. (Emphasis added.)

So the choice before Jews, it seems, is: stay in their “native countries” where they, or the vast majority of them at any rate, can usually be found working industriously to foster “democracy and pluralism”–or, alternately, they can move to the apartheid state of Israel where they will find “safe haven” from “rising anti-Semitism.” In other words, work to ensure that multiculturalism prevails in the one place, and racism and oppression in the other. The contradiction, of course, is glaring.

But why–why do Jews work so energetically to throw open the borders of America, Sweden, and other countries to foreigners knowing that such massive influxes will be detrimental to these countries (if they can deduce widespread immigration would be bad for Israel, surely they can extrapolate that the same principle applies elsewhere)? The most widely held view is that Jews just naturally feel “safer” in a “pluralistic” society, but the gentleman in the video below posits an alternate theory. i.e. that the motive, at least for some Jews, is revenge for the holocaust.

Whether we can assume Jews are carrying out an ‘ethnic revenge fantasy’ (and it’s entirely possibly some are), a few broad coffee house-style observations and/or generalizations can be put forth. These are not my own original ideas. They are observations that have been made at many times in the past and by a wide variety of people, but they are worth repeating here.

  1. Jews regard themselves as “chosen”;
  2. This view of themselves as chosen is probably given added fuel by the fact that Jews dominate the banking and finance and media and entertainment sectors;
  3. Domination in these two sectors gives them, by way of extension, control over the politicians;
  4. Never before in history has one tiny ethnic group found itself with so much power;
  5. Jews, the ethnic group in question, obsess in a psychologically unhealthy manner over the holocaust;
  6. Obsessing over the holocaust can give rise to other pathologies, including the inability to self reflect and the tendency to see oneself as an “eternal victim”;
  7. Jews in Europe and America have promoted wars to benefit Israel;
  8. The power of the media to “demonize” this or that foreign leader (irregardless of facts) makes it relatively easy for them to get such wars started;
  9. The foreign leaders are generally accused of “killing their own people”;
  10. The wars that then are fought kill in large numbers the very same “people” the Jews initially expressed such concern for;
  11. Jews in Europe and America by and large advocate multiculturalism;
  12. In this they receive a lot of sympathetic support from the media;
  13. The same media portray as “racists” politicians who call for limits on immigration;
  14. By contrast, the media–owned by the same owners who support multiculturalism in the West–also support Israel, a country with elected leaders who are openly racist and whose policies are precisely the opposite of multiculturalism;
  15. Rising anti-Semitism among the public is the inevitable reaction to Jewish power and the hypocrisy and contradictions (and their often destructive results) in Jewish behavior.

It seems that Jews are in favor of “monolithic societies” as long as they are Jewish.

Let me return once more to the article by Rosenblatt. As I mentioned above, it seeks to address the issue of whether there is a “future” for Jews in Europe. On that question the author quotes Spectre as saying, “We have to be careful and strategic,” and then adds:

While Hungary, with its strong supremacist, nationalist government presents a threat, for instance, the German government is aggressive in its efforts to confront the anti-Jewish problem. Just last week the Conference of European Rabbis, meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, urged governments across the continent to pass laws banning hate speech against Jews, as have France and Germany.

So let’s see…if Rosenblatt is correct, the rabbis are pushing for laws “banning hate speech against Jews” specifically. But what about hate speech against other groups of people? Apparently that’s not on the agenda.

Laws against hate speech, no matter who the speech is directed against, are a bad idea; they are nothing more than thinly disguised attacks upon free speech. I’ll go out on a limb here and venture a guess: the more such laws are promulgated, the greater the likelihood Rosenblatt’s “self-fulfilling prophecy” may come to pass.

Last year I wrote an article discussing attacks on the BDS movement in which I speculated that the motive behind these attacks may not be what it appears to be. Hate speech laws fall very much into the same category as legislative efforts targeting the BDS movement, and in my article I posed the hypothesis that such endeavors may intentionally be designed to increase rather than decrease anti-Semitism. Here in part is what I wrote:

One seemingly preferred method used by Jewish leaders to exert control over other Jews–and certainly one which Gentiles are more familiar with–is the strategy of instilling fear. And the fear button is especially manipulated to inculcate fears of rising anti-Semitism…

The right to call for a boycott is a free speech issue. And those seeking to implement penalties of this sort are in essence waging a war against the First Amendment. If there is any document the American people hold sacred and inviolable, it is the US Constitution (the Bible probably runs a very, very distant second), and if there is one part of the Constitution held as sacrosanct above all others, it is the First Amendment. Any attempt to curtail our free speech rights would be bound to elicit a visceral response from a large number of Americans.

So why would Israel supporters seek to impose such measures? Do they really believe it is going to stop the BDS movement? You could in fact argue, quite plausibly, that it will do just the opposite. Whenever a popular political movement encounters government repression, regardless of the country, the almost invariable result is that more people flock to join it. For government repression tends to legitimize social justice movements.

My guess is that the Jewish leaders pushing these initiatives have no realistic expectations of stopping the BDS movement. But the initiatives conveniently serve another purpose as well: they increase anti-Semitism. Attempts to curtail free speech in America will, as I say, trigger a visceral reaction, and if a particular group of people can be perceived as being behind such efforts, the resultant hostility will be directed at that group.

The article is entitled Synagogues and Prisons. The title is self explanatory. Jewish tribalism has in effect become a matrix in which ordinary, rank and file Jews are imprisoned. And maybe, I suggested, the time has come for a break. The greatest fear of Jewish leaders is the fear of Jews leaving the fold, so to speak–that is to say of shedding the chains of their societal reclusion and joining the rest of humanity.

Maybe, were that to come to pass, we would see far fewer Jews obsessing over the holocaust and campaigning for multiculturalism.

12 thoughts on “Multiculturalism and the Jews

  1. Bravo Richard for such a direct, straight-from-the-hip piece.
    Drawing roots from twisting the Torah into the Talmud, politicising Abrahamic Judaism into relentless post-UN Charter land-thievery – without the Messianic return – and perverting the universal teachings of the 10 Commandments into shamelessly tribal supremacism – just three symptoms of this vampirish, parasitic cult hellbent on regional domination and global undue influence which we witness daily, so is it any wonder that the root cause is a form of Jewgenics, the irrational absolutisation of ashkeNazi blood over all others?

    Multiculturalism supplants naturally while zionism transplants, uproots and deracinates.
    Zionism is a cancerous legacy of the sickness of Nazism. Holocaust guilt viewed from this lens is a strategy spun and perpetrated upon the gullible along with its own corollary, the opprobrium of antisemitism, wielded by the insolent usurpers who feign innocence to exact every last shekel, while the cost to the real victims and true Semites, the indigenous Palestinians is too high yet conveniently ignored by most …

  2. A religion isn’t an ethnic group. Ashkenazi are and it’s they who occupy our corridors of power. On the whole the Sephardi and mizrahi Jews are apolitical.

  3. Spectre never explains why Europe just has to be drowned in waves of immigrants.

    If someone in the MSM proposed that for Israel, the crap would hit the fan and that person would no longer have a job.

    From an April 2003 Haaretz article:

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible.

    This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.


  4. “Hellbent” is actually a good way of putting it. I’ve added you to our blogroll. Thanks for joining our discussion!

  5. “…We live in times where “everything is still standing but it is
    cunningly emptied of its significance….” ( S. Kierkegaard, “The Present
    We have ‘democratic’ countries and governments in their state of final
    corrution that are “cunningly emptied of its significance”, in which
    “…the vulgar rabble contemplates their own scum in its representatives…”
    ( S.K). People want their Established Orders to continue, but they have more
    or less reflective knowledge that they no longer exist. They’ve become
    purely FICTITIOUS..
    Many people are more and more aware that behind the official facade,
    ‘democratic’ decorum, outward appearance , something
    deeply,disturbingly SINISTER is going on. They feel that they are
    being duped, tricked into something that ultimately will bring their
    own Mega-Destruction.
    They sense, they see it coming ,however ,they also feel completely
    powerless against it.
    Their trust in the Established Orders, the trust that is sine qua non
    of proper relations between State representatives and its citizens, is
    broken and everybody is left on his own. There is NO unifying ,
    positive force able to overcome the corrosive Power of the Global
    Established Order , which ,in the league with the Evil , plans
    effectively our Doom.
    We see it, we observe it, we notice, we object, yet we are indolent,
    impotent , frustrated, frightened and unable to decide WHAT, ( if
    anything) , could be done to stop this oncoming, sui generis Disaster,
    this Apocalypse.
    Those, who were elected as our representatives, who supposed to lead
    us, support us, guide us, protect us ,CONSPIRE against us.
    They are part of this Behemoth Cabal Against Humanity , yet , they
    still present themselves, cunningly, as the benefactors, heralds of
    peace,tolerance and justice, do-gooders. They win the approval of men
    by proclaiming all sorts of deception. And many still believe this
    deceit, the chicanery of those sycophants in hopes that somehow things
    will get better because, in their opinion, they just must.
    Many people refuse to acknowledge the overall damage that has been
    already done and refuse to see the Demons that have been called up to
    orchestrate the further, the Final Destruction of all viable,
    fundamental structures, ( economical, political, social , cutural
    etc.) that sustained the human race through generations, through millennia.
    ” …This self-combustion of the human race is bound to continue like a
    trade wind and consume everything..” ( S.K.) ”. It must be completed
    ” just as the scandal had to come into the world, though WOE to them by
    whom it comes…” ( S.K.). “..Woe to them by whom it comes..”, and woe to ALL
    THOSE who help them, who cooperate with them, who enable them in any
    The Arm of the Divine Justice has no boundaries of time and space, and
    it will reach ,soooner or later, all those who participated in this
    ultimate, Global Conspiracy , in this Pact with the Devil ITself,
    against ALL of God’s Creation…..

  6. The idea of National Socialism, the now derogatory term ‘nazism’ invented by the usual culprits, was confined to one country – Germany – with excellent results for the well-being of its people.

    Zionism was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum, picked up by Herzl and Weitzman to put a claim to the ‘homeland’ of biblical prophesy modern poor-me never came from. They have no right to be there and displace the real semites.

    Russia, in the 1920s, established an autonomous region specifically for the jews in Birobidzhan so they could have their own homeland. Considering the origin of most of them, Kazakhstan, it would have been a natural choice. But no, that would have involved a lot of physical work like digging wells and tilling the fields. So they flocked to the cities along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the forced, coloured invasion of Western countries, especially Germany, is motivated by revenge, since the Yiddish language is so close to the German-Bavarian dialect. Jewish culture, my foot, all stolen from the others that only count as cattle.

    S’iz shver tsu zayn a Yid.
    Es ist schwer ein Jude zu sein.
    It is hard to be a jew.

  7. A couple of Swedish articles on Multiculturalism in Sweden you might find interesting;

    How and why Sweden became Multicultural;

    Paideia for all or just for ‘the chosen’?https://lassewilhelmson.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/paideia-for-all-or-just-for-the-chosen/

    If you are against all these immigrants coming in to your Country in Sweden you have only one party called ‘Swedish Democrats’ or SD for short as your choice at election time. It’s a far-right party much like Geert Wilders’ ‘Party for Freedom’ in Holland. It’s Anti-Muslim first and foremost and much like Wilders Party infiltrated by Jews. It has gained a lot of support in the last few years and is now one of the biggest Political Partys in Sweden, according to recent polls.

    To highlight that SD is a Party infiltrated by Jewish power, look no further than this ‘dialogue’ with a Jewish radical from the US, instructing a Swedish Member of Parliament on how to run its foreign policy;

  8. Thanks for the references, Siljan. I’ve already used one of the videos in the first link in my latest post. See here.

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