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Immigration is ‘Off the Charts’…but be polite and don’t mention the Jews

If immigration to the US continues at its present rate, we Americans may one day in the not-so-terribly-distant future find ourselves in a predicament not unlike that of Swedes, Germans, and other European populations–that is to say with our culture and traditions in danger of being supplanted by tides of newly arrived immigrants.

The gentleman in the above video makes an outstanding presentation, effectively utilizing some eye-catching visual aids, although throughout he repeatedly lays the blame for unsustainable immigration rates upon “Congress”–this while politely not mentioning that Congress is under control of a Jewish lobby and that Jews over the years have been among the principle advocates for increased immigration (maybe it’s time more of us stopped being so polite).

One other thing I’ll make note of is the time frame–immigration rates, as the presenter points out, remained constant from the country’s founding up to the year 1970; it was in the year 1970 that they began to rise, and they have risen steadily up to the present level of one million per year. This time period, 1970 to the present, coincides with the dramatic rise of Jewish power in America and the consolidation of the media into fewer and fewer hands–a circumstance which I would suggest is not by coincidence.

The hypocrisy of Jews who call for open immigration to the United States–while at the same time supporting Israel, a “Jewish state” which severely limits immigration and employs a policy of apartheid–is something I have pointed out previously (see links below).

Multiculturalism and the Jews

Rank Hypocrisy: Jewish Group Supports ‘Immigration Reform’ in the US (but not in Israel)


“This is a Jewish issue”

7 thoughts on “Immigration is ‘Off the Charts’…but be polite and don’t mention the Jews

  1. The amount of Jews who went to Palestine (illegally) under the British mandate is akin to 45 million illegal immigrants into USA in the same period of time (per ratio of population). I think we need to focus on them returning back to where they came from not mentioning ‘israel’ as if its legitimate.

  2. I usually use the term “Occupied Palestine,” although sometimes I lapse and say “Israel.” You make a good point, though.

  3. The polite gentleman in the video reminds me of Gilad Atzmon’s words; ‘Jewish power is the capacity to silence criticism of Jewish power’.

    Here is an example of a Zionist Jew admitting that mass immigration is high on their agenda. Most people don’t know of the scope of jewish power and influence in world affairs. Most people get their information from the MSM and since Jews own practically 90% of everything people see, read and hear, means that the Jews control the debate. That’s power.

  4. Working to increase immigration and kill the BDS movement. Whatever is “good for the Jews” is usually bad for the rest of us.

  5. Jewish power is No longer a hidden ,it is out in the open and off the leash, those that question it are labled ant

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