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Brain-Rotting Toxin Hits California Marine Life, Record Die-Offs Reported

Large numbers of birds, sea lions and sharks have been dying along the coastal areas of California. Below is a collection of links to stories that have come out over the past few weeks.

Marine Mammals Statewide Becoming Infected with Brain-Rotting Toxin — April 26 report from San Luis Obispo TV station

Troubling Trend: Dead Sharks Washing Up on Bay Area Shorelines — April 13 report from San Francisco TV station

Leopard Sharks Dying By the Hundreds in San Francisco Bay — May 5 report at SFGate.com

Scores of Birds, Sea Lions Suffering Likely Domoic Acid Poisoning — April 25 report from Santa Barbara Independent

Perhaps the brain-rotting toxin has spread to Washington. While all this is going on in California, the Environmental Protection Agency has just dismissed at least five members of a scientific review board.

John Denver–“Healing Time on Earth” (hat tip Mark Elsis )

7 thoughts on “Brain-Rotting Toxin Hits California Marine Life, Record Die-Offs Reported

  1. How is it that so-called scientists are always astonished, befuddled, flabbergasted concerning the die-offs at our Pacific coast never mind the ocean at large? Maybe, a look across the pond at the explosions in 3/11 and the melt-down of 3 nuclear reactors would be helpful. Investing faith in govt. agencies is, by now, a fool’s errand, imo. They just upped the radiation limits for people’s consumption. Problem solved.


    What I’m also trying to say is that replacing honchos at the EPA now might be a good thing.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, MachNichts, I’m not defending the EPA. They certainly aren’t doing anything to stop geoengineering. And while replacing scientists who simply look the other way and pretend the spraying isn’t happening conceivably could be a good thing, a lot would depend upon who they are replaced with.

  3. American society gets more and more bizarre. Thank God we still have animals to serve as models of sanity.

  4. There maybe one thing we can learn from nazis Germany,the importance of health and the natural world,i mean don’t most American fathers want their sons to grow up to be a six ft tall captain America star quarter back??,well to have disease free healthy children one has to look after the environment, most Nordic countries have strict laws on food,health and environmental issuers,thats why TTIP was fought so hard against.Not all Hitler’s ideas were bad..

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