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My Reply to Lisa

Recently a reader named “Lisa” posted a comment on one of our articles. The article is a piece entitled “Are the Jews Crazy?” that was written by my friend, Ariadna Theokopolous, and posted back in 2014, but which has been getting a lot of hits lately.

Lisa, in her somewhat lengthy comment (which I reproduce in full below along with my reply) offers the view that this is an anti-Semitic website. She also seemingly blames “bigoted Christians” for most of the world’s problems, while at the same time going to great lengths to assure us that she herself is pure and untainted by any form of hatred.

Lisa, by the way, is Jewish. “I am a Jew!” she says–but she is a liberal, non-religious Jew who once dated an Arab and does not consider herself a supporter of Israel. She also believes Palestinians and Israelis fight “because they choose to,” and that Jews are just like everybody else, with some good and some bad.

You can click here to access “Are the Jews Crazy,” and you will see the article as well as the comments directly beneath it. Whether Lisa is more upset with the article or the comments (or perhaps both equally), I can’t say for sure. It could be that some of the comments do cross the “line” into “anti-Semitism,” although as always it’s hard to say just exactly where that line is since different people have different definitions of what constitutes anti-Semitism or makes someone an anti-Semite. In either case, the reader comments  represent the views of the authors only (as is the case on any website, not just this one) and do not necessarily represent my own views or the views of the website.

“Are the Jews Crazy” was originally posted at Ariadna’s site, Boldface News. As I say it dates back to 2014, but it contains some interesting information about Jews being especially prone to certain genetic disorders such as Tay-Sachs disease, and you might find the article rather interesting.

As for Lisa, she expresses her contempt (not hatred, because she doesn’t hate) for anti-Semites by saying that they believe “crap,” and she posted her comment out of a desire to “enlighten” us. Her comment was posted on May 18. My reply to her was posted the following day.

Here is Lisa’s comment:

I got this site address as I scrolled the anti-semitic comments from a video showcasing anti-semitism and I’m doubly shocked reading the crap here.

What amazes me most about the anti-semitic is that they believe crap. What crap? Stereotypes and in their ignorance, they continue to believe.

Perhaps I can enlighten people.
1. Being Jewish is a religion NOT a race! We can be any color, speak any language, live in any country.
2. Jews are peacful for the most part. But like anyone, there are exceptions. Only an ignorant uses the bad and labels all as bad.
3. There’s Othodox, Conservative, and Reform. I come from a Reform family. We celebrated Passover, had the day off on Roshoshana, and belonged to a Temple. My brother went to Sunday School and hated it! He was confirmed, I wasn’t and wasn’t sent to Sunday School and don’t know what, if anything, I missed, nor did I care. My paremts were Agnostic. We didn’t keep Kosher but had experience with it later in life and don’t prefer it. I DO eat pork and shellfish. We lit the Menorah but got no gifts. We had a Christmas tree, we did the Easter egg hunts, dyed eggs and I love chocolate Easter bunnies and believed in the Easter Bunny. Have no clue what Easter is. Why? Because it was treated as a fun time not religious. Only three times have I ever stepped foot in a Temple. We weren’ really religious and I consider myself an Athiest Jew. Which do you people hate more? Jews or Athiests? If you hate both equally, there goes your Chistian “love thy neighbor”.
4. All the schools I’ve gone to, the neighborhood I grew up in was mostly Christian. Point? Jews don’t all live with each other.
5. My parents were Middle Class. They were college educated. They got good grades because they worked at it. We’re no smarter than anyone else. Our house was small, regular cars, and a mortgage.
6. Jews can be just as nice or just as mean as anyone else. Jews can be just as rich or just as poor as anyone else. Those who are rich earned their money like anyone else. We can be as generous or as stingy as anyone else. Point? Your religion doesn’t decide your finances.
7. Do we own Wall Street? Well, I’m certainly not benefiting! Of we own Wall Street, then where in heck is my half! I struggle with bills just like everyone else, so excuse me, not every Jew is well off.
8. In the old days, yes, we started Fox, MGM, Paramount Studios. But I don’t own any movie studio nor do I care to!
9. I personally could care less about Israel, never been there, have no interest. The problems there are because some don’t want to get along. They CHOOSE to fight. Is it land? Religion? There’s always an excuse to blame. Fighting sides are content to fight because it’s easier! Poimt? I may be the exception, but I was born HERE! If those in Israel don’t want to get along it’s because they choose not to. Blaming religion isn’t a solution. It’s an excuse.
10. I dated an Arab, Lebanese, I’ve been friends with Jordanians, an Egyptian, and Palestinians. Point? We couldn’t have cared less our religion! Point? I don’t hate anyone because of relgion and neither did those people. YOU choose to make enemies by race or religion. Being Jewish doesn’t make you hate or be hated. You’re taught to hate.
11. Jews have no ‘look’ any more than a Christian does.
12. The word is that Jesus, if he was real, was Jewish! Still don’t get how Gentiles who claim Christianity, worship a Jew any more than this Jesus fella pretended to be Christian at a time when the Romans had a thing against Christians.
13. Jesus had one of his own turn him in. The Romans killed him because he didn’t like the corruption and the politicians. Romans killed your Jesus! They tortured that man! Stop baming us!
14. Not every Jew longs to go to Palestine or Israel. I was born here and my loyalties are HERE!
15. It was bigoted Christians who kicked us out of nearly every place but we survived. We’re not going anywhere!
16. I’ve been the subject of anti-semitism by so-called Christians and a several fellow Jews. Yes, we can be just as mean to each other as you can be. One Jew swore at me in Yiddish because I don’t buy the bunk that we’re a race. When he discovered that I was Jewish, of course he made no apologies. Point? He was nasty because he was! His religion had nothing to do with it. I caught heck from another fellow Jew because I’m an Athiest. “You can’t be both!” He said. I demanded to know why not! I can be whatever I want! He never responded. Point? You can be ignorant whatever your religion even against your own.

I am a Jew! You could be the worst on earth, but if I had money to spare that you needed, I’d give it! If you needed a shirt and couldn’t buy it, I’d get it for you! If you were hungry and cold and no one else would help and I could, I would! Would you? I’d say to the anti-semite who wouldn’t, the I am better than you because I don’t believe in being mean. If I heard the cries of a man in a burning car, and he turned out to be someone I knew who was anti-semitic what would I do? Let him burn or help? Knowing he would hate it, I’d save his life because that’s who I am! Would he thank me? He’d be yelling up a storm. And when he caight his breath I’d say I’m glad I could save you, crabby! Maybe he’d then look at me as a person first and forget I’m Jewish. Maybe not. He’ probably say “I wouldn’t have saved you!” and be proud. I would tell him that it would be his loss in not showing humanity and care because of useless hatred. That makes you less not better then I’d walk away.

My point is to demonstrate that WE aren’t the bad guy, YOU are. Holding hatred, stereotypes, ignorance, pride in being mean and judging on religion or holding all for the acts of a few isn’t Christian.

I don’t hate the anti-semite. I can’t because I’m not vindictive. Not my nature. If you choose to hate me because I’m Jewish, refusing to get to know me, that’s your problem. Your hatred is ignorant and if you prefer that, so be it.

It is sad that whatever your religion, hating another, isn’t practicing your religion. It’s sad that hypocracy is admired, belief in stereotypes is promoted.

It must be lonely to be filled with hatred. I don’t like anti-semitc people that my parents tried to protect my brother and me from. Hatred is so tiring. But then you thrive on it. So sad! What’s even sadder is that when hatred is returned you get indignant. Hatred of color, religion, non religion, and whatever else is such a waste of potential!

Is hatred what you want to be remembered for? Is the belief in stereotypes that you hate slapped on you but what you dish on others for any excuse what you want to be remembered for? What a pathetic legacy! It breaks my heart. Hypocracy in an anti-semitic Christian sucks! I doubt your Jesus approves.


And here is my reply to her:

You express disdain for people who hate while at the same time voicing hatred for Christians, who you accuse of bigotry and anti-Semitism. The historical record shows that Jews have hated Christians for almost the entire time the Christian faith has been around. In the latter part of the first century Jews drafted the “Eighteen Benedictions,” which included a curse against Christians (see benediction 12). Simon bar Kokhba, who led the third Jewish revolt against Rome (132-136 A.D.), demanded that Christians renounce Jesus or face death. In the Talmud we have Jews saying horrible things about Jesus and his mother, Mary. And of course in the gospels we have Jews calling for Jesus’s crucifixion, while the Book of Acts tells us of Jews who plotted to kill the Apostle Paul. All of this has been going on for a long, long time. Take it all the way down to today and you have Jewish comedians like Sarah Silverman saying she hopes the Jews did kill Christ. But in your view, the blame lies entirely with Christians. Try and do some self-reflecting.

“It was bigoted Christians who kicked us out of nearly every place but we survived…” The reality is that it is uniquely Jews who have been expelled from country after country down through history. No other racial, tribal or ethnic group has undergone this. Who is to blame? Only “bigoted Christians” have ever viewed Jews as a problem–that seems to be your belief. The Roman orator Cicero was not a Christian (he died before Christ was even born), yet he obviously didn’t care much for Jews and thought Rome would be better off without them. One of the first Jewish pogroms in recorded history took place in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in 38 A.D. Again, Christians had nothing to do with it. In the late 19th century when Jews began immigrating to Palestine, it was Muslims who began to see the Jewish presence as problematic. So apparently it isn’t only “bigoted Christians.” Could it possibly be there is something about Jewish character or behavior that causes reactions like this? Try and do some self-reflecting.

“Being Jewish is a religion NOT a race!” Is it a tribe? “I am a Jew!” But yet you also say you are an atheist. So which is it? Try and do some self-reflecting on this important matter. What is it that makes a person a “Jew”?

You say you are an atheist, and that’s fine. But many Jews today lay claim to Palestine on the grounds that God supposedly gave them the land. This would imply that they view themselves as “chosen” (for if you believe that God gave a plot of land to your group and none other, then what other conclusion can you draw?). The irony here is that the vast majority of Jews (Ashkenazis) are descended not from the biblical Israelites but the Khazars of southern Russia. Claiming land on the grounds that you are descended from the biblical Israelites, when you really are not, amounts to deceitfulness as well as hypocrisy. “Do we own Wall Street? Well, I’m certainly not benefiting!” Maybe not, but the fact is that Jews operate the most powerful lobby in Washington, and if you are denying this, you are a hypocrite as well. “Hypocracy in an anti-semitic Christian sucks!” Hypocrisy in anyone sucks. “My point is to demonstrate that WE aren’t the bad guy, YOU are.” Again, as in the matter of Jews being expelled from multiple countries, you are seeing everything in a very one-sided manner. Try and do some self-reflecting.

“I DO eat pork and shellfish.” Maybe you should consider going vegan. It would make you healthier. A healthy body bolsters and facilitates a healthy mind, which helps enable self-reflection.

17 thoughts on “My Reply to Lisa

  1. Nobody hates Jews or Israelis for what they are, but for what they do.
    The problem is that they have been doing it for 2,000 years.
    When the Jewish people stand up and say ‘These actions that the Israelis and Jews are doing is wrong.’ Then we admire and support you Jewish or not.
    Jews are exceptional and unique.
    They are the only group that have been banished or excluded from over 190 countries or communities.
    After being excluded and banished from so many, perhaps you should ask “Maybe it is not them, but maybe it is us.”
    Israel claims to speak and act for all Jews. Very few Jewish people refute that claim. The few that do are revered by those of us who care.
    If Jewish people don’t like anti-semitism, maybe they should stop doing things that justify it.

  2. Great response Richard!….and I wonder if Lisa let any of what you said “sink in”? apparently she’s never been confronted with the hypocrisy of what she herself thinks or believes. No matter how minimally connected she might claim to be to Judaism, her “identity” remains “Jew”. that in itself is a conundrum. She has absorbed all the ‘chosenness’ without any of the ritual/religiosity. why claim being a “jew” at all. I thought you admirably responded to her claims of being wronged everywhere jews were–and so I wanted to share a great quote written more than 100 yrs ago, by another Jew in name only…who questioned it all…his name was Bernard Lazare of French nationality who had this to say about those who complained of ‘anti-semitism’..needless to say he evolved to being anti Zionist as well.
    His quote:
    “Wherever the Jews settled after ceasing to be a nation ready to defend its liberty and independence, one observes the development of antisemitism, or rather anti-Judaism; for antisemitism is an ill chosen word, which has its raison d’etre only in our day, when it is sought to broaden strife between Jew and Christian by supplying it with a philosophy and a metaphysical, rather than a material reason.
    If this hostility, this repugnance had been shown towards the Jews at one time or in one country only, it would be easy to account for the local causes of this sentiment. But this race has been the object of hatred with all the nations amidst whom it ever settled. Inasmuch as the enemies of the Jews belonged to divers races, as they dwelled far apart from one another, were ruled by different laws and governed by opposite principles; as they had not the same customs and differed in spirit from one another, so that they could not possibly judge alike of any subject, it must needs be that the general causes of antisemitism have always resided in Israel itself, and not in those who antagonized it.”
    —Bernard Lazare: Anti-semitism-its history & cause.

  3. jew do what jew are
    diseased minds from a diseased belief system
    diseased passed from generation to generation

  4. Lisa says, “If those in Israel [she means Palestine] don’t want to get along it’s because they choose not to. Blaming religion isn’t a solution.”
    Amazing that of all those Arabs she dated or was “friends with” none told her a thing about some other possible impediments for “getting along” such as LAND THEFT, ETHNIC CLEANSING, CHILD KILLING, IMPRISONING THOUSANDS, SIEGE REGIME FOR GAZA, WATER THEFT MURDER OF PALESTINIANS AND ORGAN THEFT, DESTRUCTION OF CULTURE. Or maybe they did and she paid no attention. To think religion is not to blame she must have also paid no attention to many public declarations like this one:

    She is a deeply conflicted woman– a typical Jewsh conflict between essence and confected appearance, or what Atzmon called the Jew Inside versus the Jew Outside. The former is the Jew in an all-Jew milieu (like the ranter in the video saying outright that Isarel must reach “up to Damascus”), the latter is the Jew behaving deceitfully among Gentiles.
    She is not, however, an experienced troll despite her admission that she scrolls the comments on various sites to find “anti-semitic” comments. She gets all tied up in the contradictions of her Inside/Outside Jew schizophrenia:
    I am a Jew
    I am an atheist
    Jews are a religion, not a race

    I know nothing about Easter
    but… her condescending lecturing of Christians: “Jesus had one of his own turn him in. The Romans killed him because he didn’t like the corruption and the politicians. Romans killed your Jesus!”

    She also says — a common “argument” by Jews:
    “Do we own Wall Street? Well, I’m certainly not benefiting! Of we own Wall Street, then where in heck is my half!”
    No, Lisa, there is not enough room at the top for all of you, just as, conversely, there was not enough room in the concentration camps for the Rothschilds. You only get to deflect the blame for the tribe.
    Not all the Jews are owners of international banks, of the media, of the entertainment industry. But almost all those owners are Jews. Odd that, isn’t it?
    Not all the Jews in Russia murdered the Czar’s family, or were the leaders of the NKVD, KGB or ran the Gulags. But those who did were Jews.
    Those who did/do not participate or profit directly only defend those who do with fierce tribal loyalty and deep hate for the non-Jews. Like you.

  5. Antisemitism is a canard and a red herring. It is a slur designed to silence all criticism of a group of group of people who worhip Satan in secret who are universally demon-possessed psychoapths and pathological liars. This is a group of religious fanatics who seek to destroy the world, as documented in the Protocols of the Leartned Elders of Zion. These same deviants, play the victim card every time they are caught in their lies and seditious, immoral acts. We, the non-Jews of the West have had enough of the Jews’ insanity. These people who claim to be Jews are not what they claim to be. Over 95% of them are Turko-Mongolian Khazars whose ancestor5s converted from pagan phallic worship to Talmudic Judaism in 740 A.D. for reasons of poltical expediency. All this hsitory is well-documented in Arthur Koeastler’s 1976 book, “The Thriteenth Tribe.” Christ identified these impostors as the synagogue of Satan at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. In other words, they are the Antichrist of these final days of the end times.

    Let the wise understand. The wicked never will.

  6. I fully agree with m.Edmondson!To have in the view a Israeli policy in the Midlle East (especially in Palestine and Syria!) and zionistic-imperialistic policy leading by American Jews lobyes there is no doubt that Jews are in the bacground of the worst political events these days!I am sorry!

  7. Isn’t it amazing how Jew can turn everything on its head?

    “Being Jewish doesn’t make you hate or be hated. You’re taught to hate.” If that doesn’t hit the ball out of the park I don’t know what does. Just who is being taught to hate here?

    I think you scored big time telling Lisa to self-reflect. It doesn’t seem to be a trait Jews are aware of or consider before crying anti-semitism, which is a misnomer in itself but that is another discussion.

    I’m sure the Jewish ‘foot soldier’ is being brainwashed the same way as the American or German or Polish, but in the end who is holding the reigns in most countries and pulling the strings? Ja, you guessed it – the Eternal Jew. Governments come and go, the underlying menace stays the same.

    Lisa’s enlightenment message to us goyim needs to fly right back in her face, but I doubt it would do any good. The average Joe, I mean Jew is just not in the position to objectively assess their own predicament.

    So, send them all off to Birobidjan, Uganda, Madagaskar, get them out of our business and never let them into a position of power again. Fat chance. I try not to laugh too hard about myself trying to find solutions which have been floating around, are not feasible and would be stopped in their tracks. So, fighting one troll at the time, might be the way to go. Yeah!

  8. Lisa, if Jews can’t stand criticism, then maybe they shouldn’t always be criticizing others, telling people what to do to become more closely aligned to the Jewish mind, which we Goy are supposed to look up to and hold in reverence.

    And maybe if they didn’t dominate TV news outlets. When’s the last time you saw a non-Jew being asked for their opinion about Syria or Libya or Iraq on TV or in the media?

    BTW, I’ve dated Jewess and had a wonderful time, whatever that’s worth.

  9. The Knesset member in the video seems to be dreaming of a “greater Israel.” I suspect they’ll go about it by creating “facts on the ground” as they have been doing in the West Bank for the past 50 years.

  10. Very interesting. Thank you. As my only observation, I wish that Lisa had for one moment of her rant reflected on the awful reality facing the Palestinians every day for all these decades. There is room to blame aplenty, including my submission of tax dollars to fuel the Zionist menace — but the reality is that it is the Zionist regime and its many actors that are determined never to allow the Palestinian narrative to be given air.

  11. Very well done and well documented. I will pray for Lisa as she is obviously hurting and seems to never have experienced real Christian love and acceptance. To me her hateful rant is filled with having felt rejection, or she believes many have rejected her whether or not they have. So glad you took the time to accurately respond to her.

  12. I always wondered why Christians include the old testament -am now thinking it is as a warning placed before the new testament. It is worth noting that religious writings after that time only seem to get crazier and more legalistic- the Talmud, Koran,book of Mormon, it goes on- by the time I got to kindergarten I already was acquainted w the golden rule and that is taught by some as he who has the gold makes the rules but that is not what its supposed to represent-it is the admonition to treat others fairly, to cause no harm to others unnecessarily – any thing else just represents an evil urge that people get more clever at justifying-sad.

  13. I have noticed one common trait among the occasional visits by Jewish posters that I would call the hit-and-run approach.
    They rarely if ever linger — much less come back — to deal with the response to their comments.
    Nevertheless, even if they never benefit from the responses, even if their strong indoctrination shield does not allow any entry to politically incorrect opinions, I consider replies like this one by Richard, as well as all comments posted, useful for all of us and for other site visitors. They help us to cut though the noxious fog of hasbara permeating our daily environment.

  14. Jews are Jews period . They are not instructed by ” phallic worship ” , or ” pagan ” , God ( they think all Gentile culture ” Pagan ” , and Jesus/ Trinity ” another God ( s) ) every tenent of Western Civilization ( Pagan ) their enemy ,and targeted . Christmas trees to Classical Archetecture ….The Torah / OT / Talmud predates the Khazars converstion. That Russian Tribe loved the hate ,and Destruction found in all of that . The Jews exclusive ” living God ” known as Yahweh’ is at war with ALL Gentiles. That means YOU . See Yahweh God Of NWO & Synagogue Of Saturn ,You Tube . Some here ,who combat Judaism should not use Jewish sources like Koestler ,or Makkow.

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