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Insanity at US College: Social Justice Warriors Demand that Whites Leave Campus

Students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington called for a “Day of Absence” last month. The demand included an insistence that all white people leave the campus for a day. It seems at least one white professor refused to leave, causing the social justice warriors to explode in outrage. They not only cornered the professor, but they also mobbed the college president. Warning: the video below has a lot of cursing on it. Among the opinions you will hear voiced is the quaint notion that “Whiteness is the most violent f—king system to ever breathe!”

The professor who refused to leave the campus is named Bret Weinstein. He is a professor of biology. The video below shows him being shrieked at by a group of students–apparently in the hallway outside his classroom…

The “Day of Absence” protest is an annual event on the Evergreen campus. In years past, it has been marked by students of color voluntarily leaving the campus, presumably in order to highlight their “vital and underappreciated roles,” as Weinstein put it in an email that is quoted here. This year, however, the organizers decided to reverse the procedure–calling for whites to leave the campus instead–as the students of color remained.

The video below shows Weinstein being interviewed on Fox News:

Back in February I put up a post entitled Mass Insanity Grips America, this after a violent protest erupted at the campus of UC Berkeley over a speech that was to have been given by Milo Yiannopoulos. In that article I commented:

We have seen large protests over Trump’s refugee policies, but where was the outrage when neocon policy makers started the wars that destroyed whole countries and created the refugee crisis in the first place? We heard hardly a peep about it from the left.

So what we have here is a case of “everybody babbling about everything except for what matters the most.” Which in effect is mass insanity. And the fact that neither the left nor the right (or the “political center,” for that matter either) offers any solution to the real problems facing America suggests that the insanity epidemic is going to grow worse, not better.

That prognostication would seem to be borne out by the events at Evergreen College. According to a report here, published earlier today, Evergreen President George Bridges, who can be glimpsed in the first video above ineptly attempting to mollify the shouting students, has given in to most of the demands. The article is headlined, “Evergreen college president expresses ‘gratitude’ for students who took over campus.”

“Let me reiterate my gratitude for the passion and courage you have shown me and others,” Bridges said in remarks delivered to the students this past Friday. “I want every one of you to feel safe on this campus and be able to learn in a supportive environment free from discrimination or intimidation.”

He is reported to have prefaced his remarks by saying, “I’m George Bridges. I use he/him pronouns.”

10 thoughts on “Insanity at US College: Social Justice Warriors Demand that Whites Leave Campus

  1. “Deeply progressive” Jewish professor who had undoubtedly contributed to “educating” this illiterate mob (one of them struggled to read) gets a taste of the fruits of his labors.
    I don’t care if I might be accused of racism but what can be seen in this video is a JUNGLE. The violent racist loons who are unable to utter a sentence without a swear word every two words are, however, all well schooled in the cultural marxist meme “white privilege” which they repeat like mindless parrots.
    White students should transfer out of there.

  2. What is it with these institutions, predominantly established by, yes, white people, catering to the whim of the muds and queers. They should be ashamed of themselves. Sorry, if I don’t tow the PC line, but I think that if you do you’re lost in translation.

    What happened to equal opportunity and some gratitude for being able to attend college or university. No, they have to bitch about whitey. There is no other way to put it.

    Maybe, if the “whites” with a backbone can stop this insanity, things will improve. It all doesn’t make sense, unless it is the Jew playing his usual game. Create dissent in the general population and wait for the outcome. The Eternal Jew.

  3. Our world has gone mad. There is no solution to it. Because it is spiritually induced by a holy, just and righteous God who is teaching all of mankind a lesson it will never forget: apart from God mankind makes a complete mess of things.

  4. P.S.,just how privileged do the whites of the mid west feel as their community is hollowed out by big business that has left a jobs drought ,and also the rise of over the counter opioid drug induced deaths,these privileged soo called racist whites voted for Obama Not just once but twice!!!!!,anti white European attitudes help No one….

  5. Machnichts,it’s not just a race thing, its a generation thing,a generation snowflake thing,those born in the late 80s and 90s maybe the weakest generation in history,_and perhaps we will have to start again with the babies born after the year 2000 AD,you saw generation snowflake after Trumps inauguration, violent and lacking in irony,especially at the supposed muslim ban ,there was No outrage at Obama’s drone slaughter of Muslims across the globe,in the UK generation snowflake were went ape after brexit, and the irony being most of us don’t speak German, French or Spanish,most of us if we move permanently abroad it will be to another Anglo Saxon country, e.g.,Australia,also like the US there is a urban elite who view those who voted out of the EU as a basket of deplorables,the prejudice is classist and racist, a bi product of the ultra liberal centrerists,another irony is that those high priests of this thought are major warmongers,you must be familiar with the likes of Samantha Power, pro LGBT rights but loved to lay to waste countries..This is the new reality..

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