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For 2nd Time in 2 Days US Coalition Attacks Syrian Pro-Government Forces

Syrian military vehicle destroyed by US Coalition forces

The US Coalition has, for the second time this week, carried out an attack against Syrian pro-government forces in the Al-Tanf area near the Syria/Iraq border.

“U.S. conducted strikes against two technical vehicles that we were assessed to be posing a threat to Coalition forces at At-Tanf garrison,” said a US military official.

RT’s report is here, Sputnik’s here, and SouthFront’s here. You can also go here to access a CNN report.

The latest attack took place Thursday, and follows a similar attack which occurred on Tuesday. These two attacks, in turn, follow a May 18 attack which directly targeted Syrian government forces and resulted in loss of life. All three of these attacks have occurred in the border area around Al-Tanf in a supposed “deconfliction zone” that has been declared by the US but agreed to by none of the other parties in the conflict.

According to a report here, Russia, in response to the attack Tuesday, called for an urgent session of the UN Security Council. Below is a video report uploaded by RT after the Tuesday attack:

Following the latest strike today, the US Coalition issued a statement saying it “does not seek to fight Syrian regime or pro-regime forces,” but that it stands “ready to defend ourselves against any threat.”

In reality, however, the US seems to be establishing, or attempting to set up, a defacto partitioning of the country. It has set up two military bases in the area–one at Al-Tanf, and, as I reported in a post four days ago, a second base was recently established at Al-Zukf, 70 kilometers northeast of Al-Tanf.

An additional partitioning or carving up of the country also seems to be underway in Raqqa, where the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are engaged in fierce fighting with ISIS terrorists in the Western part of the city. An interesting commentary on the Raqqa situation was published in Sputnik, which includes comments from a retired Turkish military officer:

According to military expert and retired captain of the Turkish Navy Celalettin Yavuz, everyone needs to unite their efforts with Russia and put pressure on the US in order to protect the territorial integrity of Syria.

“Now it is becoming difficult to understand what exactly the US-led coalition is trying to achieve in Syria. The Americans provide direct support to the Syrian Democratic Forces, who negotiate with Daesh militants and let them leave Raqqa through corridors,” Yavuz told Sputnik Turkey.

 He further said that, “It seems that everything is being done for the sake of a quick and demonstrative victory in the city of Raqqa.” 

While the former Turkish official may find it “difficult to understand” what the US is up to in Syria, a good many others are quite clear that the US objective is regime change, and that this has been goal from the start. The goal of partitioning the country likely was also part of the plan from the outset.

While the US claims it “does not seek to fight Syrian regime or pro-regime forces,” it should be reiterated that US forces are in Syria illegally. They were not invited in by the Syrian government, which technically makes them an invasion force.

3 thoughts on “For 2nd Time in 2 Days US Coalition Attacks Syrian Pro-Government Forces

  1. Washington is adopting the same tactic as Tel Aviv when acting illegally: That is, just ignore any protestations and carry on as if nothing important has happened.
    The US is acting like a rogue state, while Russia is being wrong-footed as every turn.
    I’m amazed at Putin’s patience.

  2. Is it patience, or is he delaying a response for some other reason? I don’t know, Putin’s a hard one to figure.

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