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3 thoughts on “A Unique Look at Bashar Assad

  1. Prez Basha AL Assad is a good man that has held strong ,the false western MSM memes that he is a brutal dictator have little facts or truth behind them,Assad is not a military man like Saddam Hussein was,infact Saddam Hussein was the physicaly imtidating ,pistol carrying strong man that fitted our ideas of a dictator ,the Syrian leader is the opposite of this ,he is by trade a doctor.The Syrian regime are no saints,these generals and commanders are his father people and i doubt he questions how his will be carried out,anyway who is there to judge him,the US and NATO??,these enterities have literally made the Geneva convention redundant,America is groaning with war criminals,Dick Cheney does not travel abroad because he fears arrest,George W Bush is also in this situation..p.s. president Assad deserves a medal for bravely resisting a ruthless empire that uses evil barbarians as a geopolitical tool…

  2. The commanders of the Syrian Army are doing a good job fighting ISIS. Maybe that’s worth keeping in mind.

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