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7 thoughts on “Russia Voices ‘Strongest Criticism’ Yet of US Coalition in Syria

  1. Comicality is speeking about US fighting the terrorism!ISIL is an obidient child of american zionistic imperialism!

  2. The US is all about pretense and acting. It wasn’t always this way, but that’s the way it has been for the last 40 or 50 years since the Zionist lobby rose to power.

  3. The US zio empire is aligned to isis and al qeada,the US is run by crazed neocon fanatics,North Korea is very correct in doubling and speeding up its efforts to get a intercontinental nukes,the zio controlled US empire wants the mid east people to be overrun by savages,so Israel can watch all its enemies tear each other to pieces..p.s., Hitler was right..

  4. When you say “Hitler was right,” I’m not sure exactly what you mean, Ozy, and there are a lot of people who would interpret a comment like that in different ways. There are some who might think you mean only that “Hitler was right about Jews being a pernicious influence on German culture,” while there are others (leaving aside the whole issue of whether the camps were extermination camps or simply work camps) who would think you are calling for genocide and endorsing the gassing of six million Jews. Nobody should be gassed. Nobody should be killed. And please keep in mind I have a policy on this website against advocating violence.

  5. when i say Hitler was right ,i mean the danger of world jewry,banking empires ,control of goverments by pro zionists organisations and politicians etc,i relate it to the diabolical wars that jewish neocons and and financiers,plus the pro zionist brigade advocate,i certainly DO Not believe in the destruction of races,creeds or religions,i apologise for being cryptic with such a loaded word and name,i let my anger get the better of me,sorry..

  6. I kind of thought that’s what you meant, Ozy. Nobody (including Hitler) is wrong about everything. Probably better to deal in specifics rather than generalities, though.

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