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Report: Oliver Stone’s Israel Remarks Censored By Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

[ Ed. note – The Duran has published a story saying that during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Oliver Stone made a remark about Israel having far more influence over US elections than any supposed influence Russia may have exerted. It is of course a truthful statement, but it would be stunning to hear something like that ever spoken on American TV. And indeed, according to The Duran, the remark was censored out. This is particularly ironic, not to mention utterly hypocritical, considering that at one point in the interview Colbert made a sniping comment about Vladimir Putin supposedly suppressing freedom of the press in Russia.

Below is the full article from The Duran, and beneath that is a video of the Stone interview as it aired on the Colbert show. The remark about Israel is indeed missing, but the host’s snide comment about Putin being “an oppressive leader of his country who suppresses the free press and arrests his enemies” comes at about 5:45. There no doubt are hypocrites in Russia–just as there are every place else–but the difference is that hypocrisy doesn’t seem to predominate public discourse they way it does in America–something perhaps to ponder as you reflect upon Colbert’s quips about Russia and the audience laughter they provoke. No matter how hard Stone tries to explain his views about Putin, it is useless. The comedian (and to a large extent his audience as well) has wholly bought into the mainstream media narrative, or either he pretends to. ]

By Adam Garrie

Oliver Stone said Israel had more involvement in the US election than Russia. But the mainstream media kept this statement from the public.

Reports have surfaced that during his heated exchange with Stephen Colbert, Oliver Stone responded to statements from Colbert repeating the tired narrative about Russia interfering in the US election by bringing up an elephant in the room that many media outlets have totally ignored.

Stone said of alleged and thus far totally unproved Russian interference,

“Israel had far more involvement in the US election than Russia, why don’t you ask me about that?”

Colbert, quick to end that part of the discussion replied,

“I’ll ask you about that when you make a documentary about Israel”

This section of the interview was edited out of the final  broadcast, but multiple sources, including many pro-Israel sources testify to the existence of the in-studio exchange.

Few could reasonably deny that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is extremely power, well funded and influential.

Oliver Stone touched on a deeply important issue, one that clearly did not fit the anti-Russia stance of Stephen Colbert and his producers.

8 thoughts on “Report: Oliver Stone’s Israel Remarks Censored By Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

  1. It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.
    Upton Sinclair

    From roasting Bush the Mad to kissing Israeli ass. But I bet the $$$ is excellent.

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  3. The media in America has lost all credibility,apart from the poor professionalism,i mean
    people are commenting on the Stone/Putin interview and they haven`t even watched the film :/ ,
    would you review a book you have not read as journalist of any worth or not research a subject you about to interview???,the truth is MSM has already made up their minds,but anyway they are part of the Deep state,contrast CNN,CNBC with RT,who is more biased,and never fact checks,RT is not perfect,yes it permotes Russia but no more than the also state funded BBC,but atleast RT fact checks..Israel is always the elephant in the room,Vladimir Putin said in the film the US has no allies only vassals,but in Israel the reverse is true..the Romans were always weary of foriegn influences ,half the reason Caesar lost his life in the senate,and the founding fathers of the US who took their intellectual and psychological cue from the Greeks and Romans also mention their then fears in much of their texts……

  4. P.S..type o”you`re about to interview”, msm is rubbish,long live ALT media,the good thing is many of us in the west will view this film and see the whole ugly truth,e.g, the US empire using islamist extremism for evil ends for decades,how Vladimir Putin puts up with two faced liars that have brought chaos to the world beats me,trying to reason with them is like trying to reason with a aggressive drunk idiot,or mad person,i guess Vladimir manages them,and in quite a clever way,because the alternative is not to manange them them is punching them out,not with fists but with nukes..

  5. I noticed that, Ozy–Colbert admits in the interview he hadn’t even bothered to watch the full documentary before drawing his conclusions. You make a good point. It’s irresponsible “journalism,” although Colbert is not a journalist but an entertainer.

  6. Peter levell of RT said on crosstalk,and i paraphrase,” that Oliver Stone once the darling of the left has sinned against this new religion”,and Mr Levell is correct,a new new form of liberal thought has arisen and those who critersize or question it are heretics and will be sometimes put before the grande inquisition of MSM,and in this orthodoxy Vladimir Putin
    is the bad guy,he has three things Not in his favour,1,he is white,2,he his christian,and 3,he has defied the empire,the faux left as the writer Neil Clarke calls them are one of the most dangerous ideologs along with neocons,would be willing to drag us to oblivion,we have all heard of the oxymoron “humanitarian war”,these people are as dangerous are more fanatical as isis,we have them in the UK,some may call them cultural marxists,and over here in Britain the leader of the LIBDEMS party was put on grande inquistion by the liberal
    elite for being a christian and his views on gay relationships,these people view no reason,like their views on regime change and the release of fanatical violent thuggery on to
    the world,and if you try to connect it to foriegn policy you are called apologist for terrorists,,the world has gone mad,atleast in the west as they seek to impose their development model on a world that does Not want it,so its no wonder that Vladimir Putin is
    the most popular president in the global south and it would seem in much of the west
    too,and yes i too am a admirer of Vlad the Man….

  7. It’s a crazy situation indeed, Ozy. The “faux left” has indeed become almost as fanatical as ISIS and just as driven by blind ideology and brainwashing. When I think about it, I recall the prediction of Jesus in Matthew 24:10: “And many will fall away, betray one another, and hate one another.” Everybody hates everybody else–that pretty much is the situation that exists in the West now. Turn on the news and it’s nonstop hatred from start to finish, with people advocating wars, impeachments, violence, beheadings. Truly an evil age we are in. And the only way out of it is a return to faith in God.

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