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White Helmets: Severed Heads of Syrian Soldiers Paraded as Trophies–Endorsed by Channel 4

[ Ed. note – Vanessa Beeley has posted an article lambasting British Channel 4 over a shameless segment lauding the Syrian White Helmets. Ironically, the segment aired just as new videos have been released containing shocking footage of terrorists desecrating the bodies of Syrian Arab Army soldiers. One of the videos shows a White Helmet climbing up into the bed of a pickup truck piled with soldiers’ bodies.

The Channel 4 segment ties in with the recent Grenfell Tower inferno in that the White Helmets had sent a message of “solidarity” with British firefighters, claiming they have much in common with each other. Beeley puts it all together–the Channel 4 segment and the terrorist atrocity videos (warning, should you follow the links, be advised the videos are extremely graphic), commenting that Channel 4 may be in violation of a UK law known as the Terrorism Act of 2006, which contains provisions against “encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications.” ]

By Vanessa Beeley

Before the Grenfell Tower blaze had died down to a smouldering monument to the tragic death of possibly hundreds of, so far, unidentified victims, trapped in the molten edifice, Channel 4 produced a programme showcasing the Al Qaeda affiliated White Helmets, holding up banners in “solidarity” with the London firefighters tackling the inferno of Grenfell Tower.

With no regard for the ever-mounting evidence, exposing the White Helmets as Al Qaeda co-workers and enablers in Syria, Channel 4 once again promoted this group of NATO and Gulf state funded criminals, as heroes. The genuine firefighters in London should be insulted that their own valiant efforts are compared or conflated with a fraudulent group of terrorists and petty criminals who campaign for war to ensure further bloodshed in Syria.

The White Helmet “team in Daraa”, being universally marketed by corporate media was filmed cheering and mopping up after an Islamic extremist execution in Daraa, on the 16th May 2017, so almost one month before the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

More shockingly, last night, a video was released that showed a member of the White Helmet, Daraa “team” climbing over the slaughtered and dismembered bodies of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, piled into the back of a pick-up truck. As the White Helmet operative stands on the mutilated bodies, extremist fighters surrounding the truck, parade a severed head as a war trophy. There is no shock or dismay from the “heroic” White Helmet. On the contrary, he is then seen extracting the Syrian flag from among the SAA bodies, before throwing it to the ground.

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4 thoughts on “White Helmets: Severed Heads of Syrian Soldiers Paraded as Trophies–Endorsed by Channel 4

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  2. These are the ANIMALS they give oscars too,SHAMEFUL!!!…The brave Syrian army fights for us ALL who believe in a civilised society …

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