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Qatar: Center Stage in a World at War?

Doha, Qatar

[Ed note – An interesting analysis on the dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and its potential for engulfing the rest of the Middle East and exploding into World War III, has been posted by blogger Green Crow. The piece is written by “James” and reposted from his Winter Patriot blog. Qatar, in his analysis, sees US influence in the Middle East waning and is pivoting toward Iran, Syria, and Russia, and he notes that both Iran and Russia have sent food shipments to Qatar in order to break the blockade imposed by the Saudis. Turkey is now openly siding with the Qataris as well–and this also makes perfect sense. US support for the Kurds in Syria–with the US seemingly now moving in the direction of setting up a de facto Kurdish state–would of course have to be a major, MAJOR “red line” for Turkey. This of course puts two NATO allies, the US and Turkey, at odds with each other. Bottom line: there is a major shift in alliances occurring.

James, the writer, mentions a Cross Talk program which aired June 14 in which Sharmine Narwani was guest and gave some valuable perspectives on the situation. You can find that program here, but there is also a more recent Cross Talk Program, here, that features Alexander Mercouris, that also discusses the further evolving situation. The program, which aired June 23, is entitled “Rushing to War?” Basically, what it comes down to is that the ISIS proxies seem to be headed toward collapse. So what happens when the proxies are finally defeated with the major powers gathered in Syria left alone staring each other in the face? Does that make a major war more likely? This is the question explored on the show. ]

By Greencrow

There have been some very good analyses of the Qatar crisis on the Alternative Internet in the past few days. My instincts tell me that this crisis might just be the one that puts the globalist neocon ziofascist push towards WWIII, which has been stalled due to some genius “checkmating” by Russia, over the top.  In my opinion, Saudi Arabia and its allies are, just like the ISIS terrorists, acting as USrael’s proxy in the Middle East…just on a grander scale.  In the guest column below, James from Winter Patriot Blog has a very comprehensive and well presented assessment of what is going on in Qatar. I have added bolding and emphasis, and will have more thoughts in comments to follow…

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4 thoughts on “Qatar: Center Stage in a World at War?

  1. Is the Saud family just plain stupid that they can’t see that getting in bed with Israel will bite them in the ass in the end?
    They’re being played for fools, the ‘match’ Israel wants to use to set the ME completely on fire, with the buzzard Israelis sitting on the sidelines to scoop up the spoils when its over.

    The next nation to use a nuke won’t be Russia or the USA, it will be Israel. People in the ME are getting sick and tired of being used as bulls eyes for Israeli imperialism, enacted thru their GOY lackeys and will soon rise up en masse and invade or head to Israel to invade to wipe that menace out. Israel will then drop a nuke on the massing army to save their sorry asses.

  2. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “So, there are a couple of deductions I would like to add to James’s excellent analysis. He may have already made some of these points but I would like to emphasize the following in point form:

    – Saudi Arabia and its allies are acting as proxies for USrael and the European Banksters that run their perpetual war for Profit global scam.

    – They have definitely made the terms issued to Qatar “non negotiable”…to ensure a WWIII in the very short term…which will avoid their looming bankruptcy and (perhaps worse) geopolitical irrelevancy!

    – Ultimately, just like everything else that has gone on in the Middle East for the past 15 years or more…this is aimed at Russia/China/Iran….but particularly Russia/Putin. It will take every ounce of his chessmaster skills to outmaneuver the perps this time. They’ve doubled down for “one final roll of the dice”…and Qatar is it. Stay tuned.”

  3. I’ve often wondered that myself–do the Saudis really think the Israelis are going to be reliable “friends” and not turn on them and stab them in the back when it become advantageous to do so? Under Jewish supremacy, which is the prevailing political viewpoint in Israel, Jews are “chosen” and all others are just cattle to serve the Jews. Maybe the Saudi family thinks it has Jewish roots and is counting on that. Hard to say.

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