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Israeli Official Plays ‘Blame the Victim’ Game


Unless you happen to be a Jew convinced of your own “chosenness,” it might require summoning an inordinate amount of intestinal fortitude for you to make it through this video. Meet Tzipi Hotoveli, Israel’s deputy foreign minister. She was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes Australia.

So what is it with these Palestinians? How come they have such a hard life living there on the other side of the wall? Well…you see…it has nothing to do with occupation of their land, soldiers, walls, checkpoints, home demolitions, denial of building permits, confiscation of solar panels, three hours of electricity per day, shooting people with live ammunition or rubber-coated steel bullets, uprooting olive trees, incarcerating people without trial, imprisoning of journalists, construction of illegal settlements, or chief rabbis who say it’s okay for Jewish soldiers to rape Arab women. Or any other Israeli policy for that matter! Nope. It’s simply because the Palestinians have inferior values.

4 thoughts on “Israeli Official Plays ‘Blame the Victim’ Game

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  3. Clearly you have an issue with intelligent well spoken people. Obviously because you are an ignorant fool spreading blatant lies. Try and educate yourself rather than continually embarrassing yourself.

  4. I have no problems with intelligent, well-spoken people as long as they aren’t trying to defend an illegal occupation.

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