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US Responds to N. Korean Missile Test with Threats and Belligerence

Obviously what is needed with regard to the situation on the Korean Peninsula is the emergence of a voice of calm and reason. Equally obvious is that this is not what we’re getting from the US. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has responded to North Korea’s most recent missile test by threatening both military action, against the North Koreans, as well as economic warfare–this latter being aimed at any state refusing to follow American dictates by ending trade with the North. It is a threat particularly against China, North Korea’s main trade partner.

In the Press TV debate, below, one of the guests expresses the view that the US won’t attack North Korea because the latter’s nuclear weapons will serve as a deterrent. I hope she is correct in that. But also worth remembering is that the US, for quite some time now, has seemingly been attempting to provoke a confrontation with Russia. The only reason we’ve not seen World War III break out is that Vladimir Putin hasn’t given them the excuse to start it. Can we count on a similar form of steady statesmanship from Kim Jong-un?

The guest also seems to feel that the US government, for all its propensity for invading other countries, is comprised nonetheless of sane, rational people who don’t want nuclear war. And certainly there was a time when that would have been a valid assumption. But whether this is any longer the case is doubtful perhaps at best.

Another thing to consider in all of this is that a US attack on the North could serve as a “back door” into the open confrontation with Russia which the US Deep State seemingly has been pining for with each new military base and war game exercise on Russia’s borders.

9 thoughts on “US Responds to N. Korean Missile Test with Threats and Belligerence

  1. Those are the only tools in our kit: threats and belligerence, arrogantly and hypocritically used. Sad….

    Excellent post; thank you. The Press TV lady panelist is right on!!!–except that I could wish she had shouted “Let’s cut to the chase: The US, UN et al could solve this problem overnight by HONORING THEIR SOLEMN COMMITMENT UNDER THE 1953 ARMISTICE TO ACTUALIZE A PEACE TREATY ON THE KOREAN PENINSULA AND END THIS ENSUING 60-YEAR DANSE MACABRE!”

  2. Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. … I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.

    John Lennon

  3. If you’re white, you’re an evil racist; if you’re a Jew you’re an eternal victim; if you’re a truth-teller, you’re a wacko conspiracy theorist–all symptoms of living in an insane society.

  4. Danse macabre is a good way of describing it, Robert. US troops should get out of Korea. (And Syria…and Iraq…and Afghanistan…and 150 or so other countries).

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  6. picture this,a concerned North Korea looks on as the empire destroys Iraq and Libya,with their leaders killed in hideous ways,a general turns to Kim,do we increase the speed of our nuclear program,the young Kim nods,a official has recently said,if Iraq,Libya,and Syria had what we have they would Not be in that position,as Vladimir Putin has has said ,threats and intimadation does not help anyone,imagine Russia or China practicing assasinating US officials on the Mexican/US border,just how well would that go down?,..The empire has eyes larger than its stomach…

  7. Yeah, you can certainly understand why the North Koreans would want nuclear weapons.

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