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The Fight Against Media Terrorism

“Blatant lies, which used to be the prerogative of tabloid outlets, have now been adopted by well respected media outlets.” — Margarita Simonyan

Yesterday I put up a post about a speech given on July 4 by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan before the visiting Chinese delegation in Moscow. Here is a video of her talk. The full speech, as you will see, included a few key comments that didn’t make it into yesterday’s report, including the quote above.

As you can also see, Simonyan urged her Chinese colleagues to join her in the fight against “media terrorism.” She has chosen a good way of describing it. By reporting lies, the mainstream media are essentially committing acts of terror. Information is a weapon–no different from tanks, missiles, or artillery–and when weapons are misused (just as when information is turned into misinformation) innocent people can die as a result.

Hopefully the Chinese will soon launch their own equivalent to RT and Press TV. I have a feeling they will, and I also have a feeling it won’t stop with China. I think we’ll also see more and more citizen journalism. Project Veritas is a good example of the latter.

It is not surprising that a producer at CNN thinks the American people are “stupid as sh*t.” The American people aren’t stupid. But they are misinformed. And who is mainly responsible for that? The mainstream media. And this is what makes a comment like this, from a young punk working at CNN, so utterly loathsome.

In case you missed it, RT has a report out today about the response to threats made by CNN against the maker of a video posted recently by Donald Trump. The article includes a quote from a Reddit moderator who expresses the view that the entire Internet basically is turning against CNN.

 photo harmfulorfatal_zpsg5pvcm0t.jpg

“CNN has all of the Internet against them right now, and when organizations attack freedom of speech, it never ends up well for them,” he said.

He may not be far off the mark. You can go here to read about a recent poll which found that 65 percent of Americans believe the mainstream media regularly publish fake news.

I’m not usually optimistic by nature, but I can visualize a future in which sentiments like these among the public continue to build until eventually the mainstream media succeed in neutralizing themselves–that is until they essentially become extinct like dinosaurs. The only way, in fact, I think they are going to be able to stop this is by shutting down the Internet or effectively shutting it down through excessive regulation, and by blocking out websites like RT and Press TV. But I don’t think this will ultimately be successful.

Just as there are black markets, I think we would see “black Internets” spring up which would offer access to the blocked out sites. The days in which six corporate media conglomerates are able to control everything people see on TV, hear on radio, or read in books, newspapers, and magazines–those days are actually numbered, I believe. Which is not to say that our future is going to be rosy, but at least in this one respect it will be better than the situation which exists at present.

The media’s capacity for committing acts of terrorism, in other words, will, I think, be greatly diminished. The fight against media terrorism will ultimately be successful.

10 thoughts on “The Fight Against Media Terrorism

  1. ‘Well respected media outlets’ as claimed by Simonyan in this day and age seem to be an oxymoron as far as I’m concerned.

    You can’t get to the truth these days without checking and double checking what is being published. Even the internet is not up to snuff anymore. Sometimes it helps for the chatter about the ‘latest news’ to calm down and then try to form an opinion combining various sources.

    It is a sad state of affairs but, I think, it is all part of the plan according to the protocols. Confuse the goyim so they can’t tell their arse from their behind. All under joo control.


    Wolf and the other Blitzers need to be removed from the public view. And, you might be right, maybe they have outdone themselves this time and there is hope. Myself, I’m not too optimistic. Media terrorism will continue apace as long as long as it fits the agenda.

  2. Yes, she does seem to be telling it like it is. Imagine ever hearing a speech like that from a media executive in the US. Propaganda and profits are pretty much what they’re all about.

  3. “Confuse the goyim so they can’t tell their arse from their behind…” I think you are correct–there is definitely a deliberate attempt to sow confusion. And thanks for the link to the visual graphic. Very interesting.

  4. CNN and their ilk are not only liars but trying to stir the pot of violence and hatred,republican party members have already been attacked by gun wielding nutters,the democrats need too to get their dogs back on a leash,this hatred being whipped up along with the anti Russian nonsense is extremely dangerous for all

  5. The interview with James Klapper where he describes Russians as having a genetic desposition to deceipt,if this kind of xenophobic bile was aimed at blacks ,jews or muslims,there would be mass outrage….

  6. The anti-Russian insanity never stops. I was just noticing there’s more of it in the news today. Washington Post accusing Trump Jr. of lying now.

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