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Three Countries, Three Continents, One Western Imperial Project

[ Ed. note – An excellent comparative analysis of US regime change operations in three different countries–Syria, Libya, and Yugoslavia. Writer Neil Clark discovers a seven-step process that the regime-changers seem to have employed in all three cases. ]

By Neil Clark

A resource-rich, socialist-led, multi-ethnic secular state, with an economic system characterized by a high level of public/social ownership and generous provision of welfare, education and social services.

An independent foreign policy with friendship and good commercial ties with Russia, support for Palestine and African and Arab unity – and historical backing for anti-imperialist movements.

Social progress in a number of areas, including women’s emancipation.

The above accurately describes the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and the Syrian Arab Republic. Three countries in three different continents, which had so much in common.

All three had governments which described themselves as socialist. All three pursued a foreign policy independent of Washington and NATO. And all three were targeted for regime change/destruction by the US and its allies using remarkably similar methods.

The first step of the imperial predators was the imposition of draconian economic sanctions used to cripple their economies, weaken their governments (always referred to as ‘a/the regime’) and create political unrest. From 1992-95, and again in 1998, Yugoslavia was hit by the harshest sanctions ever imposed on a European state. The sanctions even involved an EU ban on the state-owned passenger airliner JAT

Libya was under US sanctions from the 1980s until 2004, and then again in 2011, the year the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa was bombed back to the Stone Age.

Syria has been sanctioned by the US since 2004 with a significant increase in the severity of the measures in 2011 when the regime change op moved into top gear.

The second step was the backing of armed militias/terrorist proxies to destabilise the countries and help overthrow these “regimes”. The strategy was relatively simple. Terrorist attacks and the killing of state officials and soldiers would provoke a military response from ‘the regime, whose leader would then be condemned for ‘killing his own people’ (or in the case of Milosevic, other ethnic groups),  and used to ramp up the case for a ‘humanitarian intervention’ by the US and its allies.

In Yugoslavia, the US-proxy force was the Kosovan Liberation Army, who were given training and logistical support by the West.

In Libya, groups linked to al-Qaeda, like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, were provided assistance, with NATO effectively acting as al-Qaeda’s air force

In Syria, there was massive support for anti-government Islamist fighters, euphemistically labelled ‘moderate rebels.’ It didn’t matter to the ‘regime changers’ that weapons supplied to ‘moderate rebels’ ended up in the hands of groups like ISIS. On the contrary, a declassified secret US intelligence report from 2012 showed that the Western powers welcomed the possible establishment of a Salafist principality in eastern Syria, seeing it as a means of isolating ‘the Syrian regime’.

The third step carried out at the same time as one and two involved the relentless demonisation of the leadership of the target states. This involved the leaders being regularly compared to Hitler, and accused of carrying out or planning genocide and multiple war crimes.

Milosevic – President of Yugoslavia – was labelled a ‘dictator’ even though he was the democratically-elected leader of a country in which over 20 political parties freely operated.

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was portrayed as an unstable foaming at the mouth lunatic, about to launch a massacre in Benghazi, even though he had governed his country since the end of the Swinging Sixties.

Syria’s Assad did take over in an authoritarian one-party system, but was given zero credit for introducing a new constitution which ended the Ba’ath Party’s monopoly of political power. Instead all the deaths in the Syrian conflict were blamed on him, even those of the thousands of Syrian soldiers killed by Western/GCC-armed and funded ‘rebels’.

The fourth step in the imperial strategy was the deployment of gatekeepers – or ‘Imperial Truth Enforcers’ – to smear or defame anyone who dared to come  to the defence of the target states, or who said that they should be left alone.

The pro-war, finance-capital-friendly, faux-left was at the forefront of the media campaigns against the countries concerned. This was to give the regime change/destruction project a ‘progressive’ veneer, and to persuade or intimidate genuine ’old school’ leftists not to challenge the dominant narrative.

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5 thoughts on “Three Countries, Three Continents, One Western Imperial Project

  1. Lucky for the war criminal Bill Clinton that Milosevic suddenly died in the ICJ jail before being able to fully present his defense.

  2. As usual ,Neil Clarke is right on the money,but this regime change madness has backfired,i mean look at the unintended consequences and some intended,my list as follows,the near prospect of WW 111,terrorism in Europe,where now Europeans are hunted like prey,mass migration and the break down of social cohesion,the almost destruction of christians in the near east,possible civil war in Turkey with the Kurds,the loss of by faith in Pax Americana by Europe,the USA massive debt to China,also a fearful North Korea as it witnesses US aggression and regime change,leading to the violent demise of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi,the leadership realising that is their fate too if they give up their nuclear program,now they have tripled their efforts,now for Iran ,a country who now gains almost dominance as top regional power,by the mere fact the US deposed their rival Saddam Hussein`s Iraq,and in almost comical irony now being blamed for being blamed for its dominance by the neoncon warmongers in Washington who changed the balance of power in the first place, :/, and finally the root cause Israel,who in their folly believe a major war on their doorstep with their enemies at each others throats,well they are wrong to believe this because they too could be sucked into a ground war and a civil war,with the Lebonese Hezzbollah at their backs,its hard to fight a war with your enemy behind your back,also another fallout for the jews of the west,is the rising blame their communities are now experiencing for these insane wars,e.g., US service men rates of suicides,the terror attacks and mass migration of Europe by those effected by regime change,all this is food and drink for the far right,as reactionary political parties grow,the little jew suffers for the actions of the big jew,,Paul Wolfawitz ,the Kagans are causing all of humanity pain,including the jews in the west..This 7 countries in 5 yrs plan is over,if they carry on they will trigger a world war with billions dead,Russia has drawn a line in the sand,because now US regime change madness threatens Russia and Eurasia with islamist terror contagion..GUYS IT`S OVER…

  3. You have summed up the insanity that grips the planet quite well, Ozy. It’s hard to see how all this can end in anything other than a major world war. You also make a good point about something else: “the little jew suffers for the actions of the big jew.” If a nuclear war breaks out, my guess is that Jews are going to be widely blamed for it, even the “little Jews” who had nothing to do with starting it. I think its important for people to resist the temptation to view the world entirely in black and white, important also to avoid broad, simplistic judgements.

  4. Norman Finklestein is man i can respect,who has spoken the truth over Israeli oppression of the Palistinian people,over in the UK I have time for Lindsey German who spoke out against US aggression over the Syrian war,some other “good jews”,` like Bernie Sanders only nod in the right direction by condemning the Iraq invasion,but will never go too deeper questions when it comes to zionism and the world chaos it has caused,especially in the past 20yrs,i consider UK jews part of the fabric of life and country,but the big jews or neocons and their crypto zio christian allies are the enemy of all humans on earth…

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