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ISIS Wives, Filmed by Iraqi Police, Reveal Details of Their Lives

[ Ed. note – The US has been more interested in overthrowing the Assad government than in fighting the savage degenerates who kidnapped these women and turned their lives into hell–that’s something I hope people will keep in mind while watching the video above as well as while reading the article below.

And not only has the US been disingenuous in its supposed fight against ISIS, but US weapons and munitions, along with whole fleets of Toyota vehicles, have somehow mysteriously ended up in ISIS hands. Yet for some equally mysterious reason, ISIS militants don’t seem to be able to get their hands on Russian weapons–or at least I’ve yet to hear of it. At any rate, below are two articles from Sputnik, the first published today, while the second appeared back in February. One thing we can be thankful for is that Mosul is now liberated. ]


Daesh Wives Reveal Details of Their Lives


Wives of Daesh terrorists agreed to take part in a video interview conducted by Iraqi law-enforcement services. Sputnik received the exclusive footage from the Iraqi federal police.

The video depicts three women responding to police questions after their evacuation from Mosul.

The first woman said that she was forced to marry a terrorist by her uncle, who is also a member of Daesh. In this way, he hoped to get a promotion within the group, but later was killed. The woman now has a one-year-old child; the fate of her husband remains unknown.

Replying to the police’s questions, the woman said that she could not escape from her husband, because he kept her captive in the cellar for more than a year. After he found out that she tried to contact her relatives who serve in the army, he threatened to kill her.

When the second woman was asked if she was married to a Daesh militant, she only nodded affirmatively. Later she said that her husband was killed. The father of the woman was also a Daesh member, he was also killed a couple of days ago.

The third woman was holding a small child on her hands during the interview. Her husband was killed during an airstrike.

Commenting on the women’s statements, the head of the Iraqi federal police Shakir Jaudat told Sputnik that “women who agreed to answer questions in front of the camera are innocent. If they were involved in committing crimes, they would refuse to do so.”

According to Jaudat, the women’s testimony will be used for further investigations.

Daesh terrorists are notorious for their atrocities against civilians and, especially, their cruel treatment of women. Women are often used by Daesh militants as slaves and sometimes serve as snipers or work in financial departments within the terrorist group.


Torturing Their Own: Daesh Now Raping Sunni Women Too


Daesh fighters are detaining, ill-treating, torturing, and forcibly marrying Sunni Arab women and girls in areas under their control in Iraq – the first cases identified of such practices being inflicted against Sunni Arab women.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) researchers interviewed a number of women who fled the Daesh-controlled town of Hawija, to the northern city of Kirkuk. While HRW and the United Nations have previously documented extensive sexual abuses carried out by Daesh against Yazidi women, including the execution of 250 girls who refused to be sex slaves, this is the first time such abuses have been detected among the Sunni community.

One woman described being forced to marry her cousin, who then raped her; another had her home destroyed by militants after her husband deserted Daesh, and likewise forced to marry a fighter.

In April 2016, Daesh captured a large group of women who were attempting to escape Hawija and held them for months in an abandoned house, where they were raped in front of their children on a daily basis.

A woman, Aisha, recounted how her family was caught by Daesh trying to flee. They shot her son, and beat the female members of the group with rifle butts. The women were then lashed 65 times each, with more lashes added if they winced at the punishment. They were held for a fortnight, and only released after paying US$2,000.

Experts from four international organizations working with survivors of sexual assault in Iraq told HRW it is difficult to assess the prevalence of Daesh’ gender-based violence against women who have fled territory under their control. They said victims and their families remain silent to avoid stigmatization and harm to their reputations.

The women interviewed are all patients at the Kirkuk Center, where a staff of 12 provides psychological and behavioral counseling to women and children. The site has almost fallen victim to bombing attacks by the US and its allies on more than one occasion.

Continued here

8 thoughts on “ISIS Wives, Filmed by Iraqi Police, Reveal Details of Their Lives

  1. This disturbing coverage makes me most distressed to contemplate that Daesh and the chaos enveloping the Middle East track largely back to the colonial and criminal machinations of the USraeli “entangling alliance.” All of this is designed and carried out with deliberate and vindictive intent. Pity these tortured women, their families, their people, their lands….

  2. Being picky and losing sight of the big picture, Richard.
    We have been entrusted with a great mission by our Betters: 7 countries in 5 years and we are behind schedule.
    Whom can we hire to do the work on the ground? Boy scouts? No, toughened, determined, ruthless fighters, who enjoy killing, torturing, raping — some of whom learned their skills in Abu Ghraib. The bonus is they call themselves Muslims, which helps educate Americans as to who our real enemy is: Islam. (They are quite devout as a matter of fact: they almost always marry the women they acquire before raping and/or killing them.)
    All this costs us a pretty penny, not only in direct payments/equipment furnished to the fighters but indirectly in the aid we give Israel, our most trusted ally and defender against the MM (Muslim menace). But it’s not really money that comes out of existing funds: we borrow it from international financiers so there is no hurry in paying it back for many generations. The spread of democracy and the long-awaited one world order is all worth it.

  3. If the International Criminal Court was capable of acting independently and doing its job we would see a war crimes investigation launched into US, Saudi, and Israeli support for ISIS.

  4. Yes, it costs us a “pretty penny” alright. We’re $19 trillion in dept. The parasites are going to bleed us down to the last drop, and when there’s nothing left they’ll quietly move on and start bleeding somebody else.

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  6. Isis wives should be treated as victims,in their world if a big strapping Isis fighter says to a girl your to be my wife,they don’t have a choice, especially as said Isis chap has a rifle at his side,and to add a note,the weapon is probably American made, :/ ,their concubines,booty of war,though the Euro Muslim girls who went to Syria have their selves to blame,Isis more or less runs like a hells angel gang in terms of hierarchy, the elders get first choice over the prettiest girl,a warning to any western Muslim girl who wants to go over there,those Bosnian German girls were handed to the older head honchos on their first on night..

  7. P.S.type o,”they’re concubines “,all in all these women/girls lived through hell,the likes of Nikki Haley wanted that hell for all of Syria,like Hilary Clinton she too is a enemy of females of the global south..

  8. I always wonder what the lives of their children are going to be like. What if you grew up knowing your father was an ISIS terrorist who had raped your mother?

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