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P.C. Roberts on ‘the ignorant, stupid Nikki Haley’ and the destruction of the Trump Administration

[ Ed. note – A very interesting commentary by Paul Craig Roberts, who argues that Trump is powerless–he is under the complete control of the Deep State–and that the president is furthermore being treacherously undermined by his own appointees. The Trump administration is full of Russophobes like UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who, rather than  pursuing the peaceful relations with Russia that Trump seemed to promise during the campaign, have instead become parrots essentially, repeating the mainstream media mantra about “Russian interference” in the election. What are the implications of all this? Not good, says Roberts. Trump has become nothing more than a “figurehead” president, he argues, while the media and the Deep State are committed to  “raising tensions between the US and Russia to the point of nuclear war.” ]

By Paul Craig Roberts

President Trump Has Been Contradicted by His Own Government, Which Has Lined Up Against Him in Favor of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and the Russophobic Presstitute Media that serves the military/security complex and the neoconservatives.

I am afraid that The Saker and Finian Cunningham are correct. Nothing can come of Trump’s meeting with Putin, because, as Cunningham puts it, “Trump doesn’t have freedom or real power. The real power brokers in the US will ensure that the Russophobia campaign continues, with more spurious allegations of Moscow interfering to subvert Western democracies. Trump will continue to live under a cloud of media-driven suspicions. And thus the agenda of regime change against Syria and confrontation with Russia will also continue. Trump’s personal opinions on these matters and towards Vladimir Putin are negligible—indeed dispensable by the deep powers-that-be.”



Cunningham points out that instead of lauding the meeting as the beginning of the process to defuse the high tensions between the two major nuclear powers, the US media denounced Trump for being civil to Putin in the meeting.

What is missing from the media in the entirety of the Western world and perhaps also in Russia is the awareness that the dangerous tensions are orchestrated not only by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, the neoconservatives, the US military/security complex, and the presstitutes, but also by President Trump’s own appointees.

Trump’s own ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and Trump’s own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, sound exactly like Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, the neoconservatives, the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN and the rest of the totally discredited presstitute media that is committed to raising tensions between the US and Russia to the point of nuclear war.

Continued here


Click the link just above to read the rest of Roberts’ commentary. Meanwhile, the “Russia conspiracy soap opera” continues in the media. The lone exception to this seems to be one program on Fox News.

9 thoughts on “P.C. Roberts on ‘the ignorant, stupid Nikki Haley’ and the destruction of the Trump Administration

  1. “Trump has become nothing more than a “figurehead” president”
    As I look back it appears that after JFK ALL US Presidents have been figureheads manipulated by the (((Deep State))). Think LBJ covering up for the USS Liberty attack.

    Trump’s case is different insofar as he happened to fall into the White House as a less desirable Plan B when the string pullers vastly under appreciated the unpopularity of HC and the deep sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo of the white (and thinning) middle class.
    He also fell in between the two millstones of Jewish internal squabbling: the “Full blast ahead” Netanyahu on the “Right” and the “Modulate the script and tread more softly: the Goyim are on to us” “Left.” They millstones are grinding him. Despite making himself what he must have thought of as bullet-proof vest with a wall-to-wall Jewish/neocon cabinet, he has been marked for recall. He cannot be trusted despite his obvious willingness to stop at nothing to please the globalist masters because he is a narcissist with only a twitter-long attention span and often messes up on the given script.
    But first they had to make him renege on all his campaign promises to ensure that by the time they kick him out he will have no supporters left to speak of. Even Ann Coulter has abandoned him.

  2. If he had had the courage to stand up and speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may, his supporters would have stood by him and he could have ended up leading a revolution. But unfortunately he didn’t have the courage, and he also exercised stupidity, naivete, or a combination of both in his political appointments. I suspect you’re right, he’ll end up with practically no supporters left and with few shedding tears should Congress decide to impeach him. You’re also right on JFK–he was the last man of courage and integrity to serve as president.

  3. @Summitflyer:
    As Richard says, Nasrallah does not mince words but why should we get his words in the rendition of Arutz Sheva, which is where desertpeace picked up up from (as references=d in the hyperlink FROM):

    Also, summitflyer, I am just curious if you see any irony in this:
    “Name: Desert Peace (aka Steve Amsel)
    Location: Jerusalem
    From my very first post….
    I am originally from the United States. I have been living in Jerusalem for 33 years and have dedicated all of those years to try and create an atmosphere that will lead to a just and permanent peace in this area.”

    I venture to guess with considerable success because nothing portends a “just and permanent peace” like one more American Jew settler come to Palestine to teach tolerance on the strength of the irrefutable truth that, as he says, “Israelis and Palestinians have more in common that the outsider might see…”
    I am an outsider but I can see it: few relationships are closer than that between the military occupying power and an occupied native population, or a jailer and an inmate. The Palestinians who have not developed the Stockholm syndrome by now must be hard cases of intolerance and blind rejection of the Jewish “just and permanent peace.”
    Desert Peace is aptly name: the sterile peace of death.
    But it’s nice to see that the material on this site reaches one of its readers. One never knows when the bulb might suddenly go on.

  4. totally disagree with pcr and finian and saker

    trump does what trump wants
    not as the deep state wants (on most things. one has to be smart)
    the pres was civil. not what the going, going, deep state wanted
    haley is what trump thinks of the un
    she is an ignorant mouth
    he pays her no attention

    the jsm/traitors will continue with fake news/charges
    and spittle ing mouths
    doesnt matter
    trump and putin will work it out

  5. You certainly have a lot of faith in the man. Well, I hope you turn out to be right, 5-D.

  6. That neocon bimbo wasn’t Trump’s choice,she was foisted on him by influential individuals in the Republican party..We all long for well read people with a knowledge of history to put in positions of power,one..p.s,Do American leaders know that the world is laughing behind their backs when they lecture Russia or others on human rights?,considering the US empire is borrowing modus operandi from the Soviets and yes even the nazis..

  7. p.s.,type,”to be put in positions of power”,Nikki Haley is a joke ,but this joke has serious ramifications..

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