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New Evidence Emerges in USS Liberty Attack

“The reason is apparently that the Americans have findings that show our pilots were in fact aware the ship was American.”

[ Ed. note – If you’re a Zionist or an Israeli (or both), then I guess the word that might come most immediately to your mind here would be “Oooops!”

Imagine this: a long-suppressed Israeli Foreign Ministry document comes to light. It consists of a communication sent from New York to Jerusalem, apparently shortly after the attack on the USS Liberty, which took place on June 8, 1967. The communique conveys the message that an Israeli official has reached a somewhat unsettling conclusion–that US officials just may “have findings that show our pilots were in fact aware the ship was American.”

This is what we have in the article below posted by Alison Weir. The Israeli historian who discovered the document doesn’t believe it amounts to a “smoking gun,” but smoking guns are very much like beauty: both are in the eyes of the beholder. If you were sitting on a jury and this evidence was presented by a prosecutor, which way would you vote? Would you find the Israelis who ordered and carried out the attack on the Liberty guilty of deliberately murdering Americans…or not?

Apparently, judging from the evidence presented here, the Israelis at the time felt they had reason to be worried. ]


Israeli Documents on USS Liberty: ‘Americans have Findings Showing Our Pilots Were Aware the Ship was American’

If Americans Knew Blog

Recently discovered documents show Israeli leaders were worried that evidence would come out that Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty was intentional.

The Liberty was a Navy electronics surveillance ship operating in international waters during the Six-Day War. Israeli forces perpetrated an extended air and sea assault on the ship that killed 34 Americans, injured 175, and damaged the ship beyond repair. Afterward, Israel claimed the assault was an accident and provided $6 million in compensation for the loss of the $40 million ship. (More information here.)

According to the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Israeli historian Adam Raz recently examined hundreds of documents related to the Liberty that had been posted by Israeli State Archives.

(Raz is author of The Battle Over the Bomb,” available only in Hebrew. He also is reported to have written “a fascinating article about Israel’s nuclear secrets in last week’s Hebrew Haaretzsupplement.”)

Ha’aretz reports that Raz is “fully aware of the fact that the ‘smoking gun’ won’t be found in the papers in the State Archives, because if Israel really had intended to hit the ship, that would have been known only to a handful of people.”

One of the documents Raz did find is an Israeli Foreign Ministry communication sent from New York to Jerusalem. Ha’aretz quotes the document:

“Menashe [apparently an Israeli official] informed us we had better be very careful… The reason is apparently that the Americans have findings that show our pilots were in fact aware the ship was American.”

And later: “Menashe believes there is a recording on the ship of the conversations between the ship and our pilots, in which the ship’s crew said the ship is American. Menashe says that, in his opinion, our only chance of getting out of the crisis is to punish someone for negligence.”

In another document, the Israeli Embassy in Washington writes to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem under the heading “Urgent.”

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6 thoughts on “New Evidence Emerges in USS Liberty Attack

  1. I’m glad that the great Alison Weir, and Fig Trees and Vineyards, and hopefully many others, are keeping this issue alive and establishing new facts and damning accounts of Zionist activity and guilt. This one — the massacre of the USS Liberty and crew — really sticks in my craw. The Zioentity so-called Israel soon learned that it could literally get away with murder of Americans under any circumstance…and its brazenness and genocidal urges against the Palestinians have been maintained and expanded ever since, now 50 years and counting. Justice for the Liberty! Justice for Palestine!

  2. The Israelis officially claim they didn’t know they were bombing an American ship. The Liberty survivors say the American flag was flying and that it was a sunny day with clear visibility. I would take the word of the Liberty crew members. It’s also worth remembering that the Israelis machine-gunned lifeboats that were lowered into the water to rescue the wounded–which I would think would qualify as a war crime irregardless of who they thought they were bombing.

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  4. We Americans and the USS Liberty is a grassroots movement dedicated to ending the 50 yr. USA Govt. CoverUp and Obstruction of Justice case against the USS Liberty survivors who were ordered to “Shut Up” about their experiences under threat of “court martial or worse.”

    Please check out the Screenplay “We Americans and the USS Liberty: A Documentary” [we began filming on June 8 at Arlington Cemetery] which is PUBLIC at AmazonStudios for anyone to download the 39 pages, READ, vote and comment:


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