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Geoengineering Report for Week Ending July 15, 2017

Another weekly report from Dane Wigington of GeoegineeringWatch.org. Info on mass animal die-offs for the year 2017 can be found here. Fifteen instances of large-scale die-offs have been reported so far for the month of July.

Report on US Navy plans for a major war game exercise off east coast of US:  “While some sea life is expected to be harmed by the explosives and sonar, the Navy says it doesn’t expect to threaten an entire population of a species.”

Southern Europe Swelters as Heatwave Sparks Wildfires and Closes Tourist Sites

131-Year-Old Heat Record Broken in Downtown L.A.

Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor

By Dane Wigington

It’s official, one of the largest icebergs ever recorded just broke off from Antarctica. This extraordinary ice calving event happened in spite of it being the middle of winter at the South Pole. It happened in spite of the all out climate engineering chemical ice nucleation assault being carried out on both polar regions.

Due to extreme intimidation by the current administration and its fossil fuel industry / military industrial complex appointees (previous administrations as well), the science community is generally afraid and thus unwilling to speak candidly about the Larsen C collapse (or climate engineering), its causes, and its ramifications.

Chemical ice nucleation processes must be seen to be believed. The vast majority have no idea how powerful chemical ice nucleating / endothermic reacting materials are. The vast majority have no idea that such chemicals are being utilized by the global climate engineering cabal on a massive scale. The use of such patented processes is not just for engineering winter storms on a rapidly warming world, but the same chemical elements are being used to artificially / chemically nucleate ice on sea surfaces.

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3 thoughts on “Geoengineering Report for Week Ending July 15, 2017

  1. To those who says the Earth isn’t getting warmer, I offer the following:

    Back in the late 19th Century, a home had a REAL icebox, meaning the iceman would deliver a block of ice once a week to use in the ‘box’ where food was being kept, a practice which kept on till the introduction of electric fridges.

    That ice was cut from local lakes and creeks in large chunks and stored in ice houses to be sold throughout the Summer, even in the Ozarks, the southern tip of Missouri.

    But you can’t cut ice from creeks or lakes around here anymore in the Winter, because they DON’T freeze over hard enough to support a crew harvesting ice, they won’t even support a small child trying to ice skate, since the ice is too thin.
    So if there is no global warming/climate change, how do you account for the lack of serious freshwater ice in the Midwestern Winter?

  2. Yeah, I remember when I was growing up, my grandmother, still using the old terminology, used to refer to the refrigerator as the “ice box.” I also remember a few years ago driving past an outdoor tennis court not far from where I live and seeing people in shorts and shirt sleeves playing tennis–in January. The image has stuck in my mind ever since.

  3. I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or another on climate change, but I find it curious that you don’t seem to allow any degree of dissenting viewpoints, or even attempts to elicit your opinion on alternative theories on the subject. Why bother posting on the topic at all?

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