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Stop Apologizing to the Jews! (A Poem for the Mennonites)

A nun surveys damage following an arson attack by a Jewish Israeli carried out in 2015 at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes in northern Israel.

A few days ago I put up a post about the resolution adopted by the Mennonite Church at its convention in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. I noted that the resolution calls for church divestment from corporations which profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestine, for which I duly praised the Mennonites.

Yet I noted as well that the resolution, in its wording, also contains a great deal of what I described as “self-flagellation” on the part of the Mennonites over supposed Christian anti-Semitism, with church members blaming themselves and fellow Christians for “the Inquisition, pogroms, and the atrocities of the Holocaust” as well as “ignoring the gravity of ongoing antisemitism” today. As I commented, “There has been more than enough ‘confessing and repenting’ for alleged Christian anti-Semitism.” It has been going on for God knows how many years, and it has reached the point of absurdity. Time to put an end to it.

All of this got me to thinking about a poem I once wrote entitled “We Are Closing Our Apologies,” which sort of neatly expresses my views on this whole issue of Christians endlessly wringing their hands and seeking Jewish absolution for alleged anti-Semitism. This is the poem you see below. I actually wrote it about five years ago, but I thought it time to dust it off and re-post it in light of the resolution passed in Orlando.


We Are Closing Our Apologies

A locked and boarded department store
A bakery that is no more—
This is how, it seems to me,
Christians close their apologies.
An end to the never-ending,
A glance up high into the trees,
Terminus to condescending,
The songbirds’ mouths now all shut,
The vessel empty, the cord is cut—
In suchlike manner do songbirds choose
To close our apologies to the Jews.

No more the ‘anti-Semite’ cap
To wear upon our tousled hair,
It always was a clumsy fit
Never looked right in the sun
Toss it now, get rid of it!
Leave as well Steinberg’s book,
Cohen’s movie, the dour look
Of Gershon and his Jewish mom,
Halakah of the grave, be gone!
A vestibule of hope protect
A new enlightened intellect,

A new and improved detergent
To wash away the Jewish Marxists
Who understood the rules of the footrace
As they hotfooted from the left
To the right side of the political spectrum;
The race is on. Don’t be slow!
That ignus fatuus is dead now, thank God.


Jewish suffering was an indoor houseplant
That grew out of a tiny clay pot, but ended up eventually covering
The entire living room window
And blocking out the sun.
We are closing our apologies because
There is nothing left to apologize for, and because
No one could really remember why we were apologizing
In the first place, as a maggot was found in the pudding.

Simka, Simka!
I’ll be damned! Whatever happened to you?
Woodstock, Monterey,
Cantata on a drizzly day
LSD potpourri
With wild and free casuistry

On and on…
A thousand apologies cracked open and stirred
Into an omelet of failure, as Jews carried the banner of
Equality and civil rights in Alabama, Mississippi,
Hell, everywhere but in Palestine!

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites!
Kind of rings a bell now, doesn’t it?

Penetrating benevolence:
Mother preparing dinner
Father smiling donnishly out on the porch;
The table is all set, oh yes—
Finest china! Polished silver!
Forks, knives, spoons,
Crystal goblets most exquisite—
But we noticed an ant crawling
Across a napkin…

Isn’t it a marvel?
Isn’t it a pity?
Verily streams of blood,
The traffic in the city!
A benediction on a cattle pen,
Let’s be friendly,
You and I,
This stall is auspicious.
The goyim are donkeys.
Isn’t it propitious—
A mohel with a new
Mathematical game theory
To calculate the dependability of the nations
To kowtow, roll over,
And beg for their
Bellies to be rubbed?
Born is the darksome
Mother’s son.

…and then another,
And after a day or two
The house was overrun with them.


Standing up for civil rights—that’s fine—
Everywhere but Palestine!
Inconsistencies and consistencies
Inhabiting the mind like litanies

This cup is the new testament in my blood
Which is shed for you,
But behold the hand of him that betrayeth me
Is with me on the table.

Be sensible.
This is madness.

And so…

A locked and boarded department store
A bakery that is no more—
This is how, it seems to me,
Christians close their apologies.
An end to the never-ending,
A glance up high into the trees,
Terminus to condescending,
The songbirds’ mouths now all shut,
The vessel empty, the cord is cut—
In suchlike manner do songbirds choose
To close our apologies to the Jews.

No more the ‘anti-Semite’ cap
To wear upon our tousled hair,
It always was a clumsy fit
Never looked right in the sun
Toss it now, get rid of it!
Leave as well Steinberg’s book,
Cohen’s movie, the dour look
Of Gershon and his Jewish mom,
Halakah of the grave, be gone!
A vestibule of hope protect
A new enlightened intellect…

A new enlightened intellect

By Richard Edmondson

6 thoughts on “Stop Apologizing to the Jews! (A Poem for the Mennonites)

  1. Glad you like the poem, Ariadna! That alone makes me happy! And yes, end the apologies!

  2. Shalom Richard.
    These are the reasons that the people, of differen/various kinds, are apologizing to the Jews. They did it and they will do it.
    Please read it carefully.
    Post July 23rd 2017
    1. Friday evening, when all Jews around the world meet at home for “Kabalat Shabat” (welcoming the Shabat) a Palestinian broke into a settlement in the West Bank and killed 3 unarmed people. He was shot, not killed, by Israeli soldier that was at home on Friday evening vacation. This event reflects the different between Israel and Palestine. The Palestinian terrorist came to kill. The Israeli soldier although he could kill, he never did it. Why? This is because of the difference in Education. The Quran instruct to kill every time everybody who is not Muslim. The Bible is human and he restrict/prohibits the killing. Even when a murderer, like in Friday, came to kill Jews the Jew didn’t kill him. This behavior of the Israeli soldier should be add to the Quran and in parallel the story of 72 virgins are waiting to the Killer in the sky must be deleted. This new/different/changed/updated Quran must be learned in all Arab/Muslim’s schools in order to take out the mood of killing/murdering. Taking it out will contribute to better world. Don’t you, Muslims, want such one?
    2. If the Quran’s instructions to kill every none Muslim in the world, the mother of the murderer came into the picture and, in a TV interview, she praised her son for doing it, meaning to kill the 3 Jews. If this is the face of a typical Muslim mother-what can be expected from the Muslims. If the hope education is such, and we know that children get their education at home not in schools, the situation is very bad.
    3. The situation is bad all over the world as they, the Muslim murderers, imitates each other. The fact that French people were killed encourages Israeli or any other state’s citizens, Muslims, to attack in other places as well. This is the Muslim’s live style that they were used to for many years. The results are that the habits became a norm. Norms are good as long as t6hey help the society. In this case it makes the opposite.
    4. The more funny/peculiar/strange thing is how the murderer purred himself before the murder. He must be pure for the sky after he murders Jews. So, he brought with him a bottle of water which he poured on his hands. Can you, clever people, how come a man is purifying himself after a murder. As from my point of view, there is no forgive nor such a crime, for a murder. If the Quran allows it, please think of the values of the Quran. I know where it stands.
    5. This event is a follow up of the last week’s events when 3 Israeli Muslims killed 2 Israeli Druze policemen. This was one of the acts that were instructed by the Turkish emperor, Mr. Erdugan. The story is very complicated, but, the matter the fact is that he wants to become the regional leader of the Muslim world. In order to implement it he must present some activities. His activity is by supporting te Muslims. His support is expressed by money and to be present in the places of conflicts. So, he is financing a vast system of people that their aim is to spread the Turkish influence in the world. The demonstrations in Mailazia, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, Palestine and more are just a sample of the demonstrations worldwide. All these will burst, sooner or later. Then it will be very hard/impossible to extinguish the fire. The problem is that each country has its own problems/difficulties/hardship. None is examining the entire of the situation and nobody wants to solve it. The Iranian and N. Korea nuclear advance endanger the world. But nobody takes care of it.
    6. Coming back to Israel, on Friday the Palestinians announced of abeyance of the relations with Israel due to the installation of the magnetometers in all gates to the Al Aqsa. They didn’t mention the security measures. Same Jordan. Both of them, Abu Mazen and King Hussein, know that they will lose their positions without the assistance of Israel. Inh other words: The exist because of the interest that Israel has in their presence here.
    7. All Arab countries know that without Israel all Arab countries will burst in flames not due to Israel’s activity.
    8. The UN Security Council held discussions concerning the violation of Hezbollah of the UN resolution 1701. The Israeli ambassador to the UN listed 421 violations in May/June 2017. How can Israel trust the Arabs and the UN and rely on them if nobody takes care/fulfill their very clear resolutions. Israel is not going to hand its throat to this bunch of killers.
    9. PM Netanyahu is back in Israel from his visit to Europe. In his successful meeting he met also with the Hungarian PM who said the following: “The Hungarian and the Israeli states have very good politic ties. It consists on mutual understanding and trust. Israel is helping the world to stabilize the political situation in the Middle East and in Europe. If Israel will not fight the militant terror groups by cooperation’s with the moderate Arab states, a new wave of immigrants will flood Europe. Israel is a natural partner to achieve stability and order in the world. We, Hungary, understand your position and we will help you in your fight/efforts for security, having/opening export markets, and stand with you concerning every problem that you will face”. Let’s wish, all of us, that there will be many more people the Hungarian PM that will fight for balancing the world.
    10. I was asked why do you spend that much time to send your daily posts. The reason is that we, Israel, are in the headlines only when we have fights with our enemies and the world hear only the Arab side while the Israeli side is silent as because of 2 reasons: we are, naturally, silent and we are small state and the world like big ones as from them the vast money is coming, not from small ones.
    11. Here is the story of an Israeli product that lead the world. It is Avocado. But, to differ from the S. American one, the Israeli Avocado nutritional values are much beyond the ones that you buy from other sources. Because of it the people are ready to pay, for the Israeli product, much more than for any other. Israel is short of Avocado, for export, although its price jumped to E1.5/unit. Does anybody thinks that the markets can ask for this price if the quality does not justifies it? No, they will never ask/pay for lousy product that much money. The Israeli Avocado is considered today a super food due to its healthy non saturated oils The Israeli Avocado is almost organic. The reason is that the Israeli is not sprayed as much as in S. America. Israel is using the Israeli development of biological pest control. This includes birds, bees and other creatures. All of them are live and they “clean” the crops of pests. Last year the tiny Israel exported to Europe 65000 tons of Avocado, valued $160 million.
    12. So, this is what Israel export. But, there is no good without bad. The bad part is the stealing of the Avocado. Due to its sky high prices, too many people want to share the success. There are professional groups, I don’t want to say from which sector, but you can imagine, that are working during night. “Cleaning” the orchard of its fruits. In the morning yo9u come and it looks like after bombardment. Everything, trees, irrigation systems, agricultural machines etc, all of it completely ruined. One day, after I heard about it, I asked a friend of mine, to inform me when it happens. Sometime later, in the afternoon he called me told that the trees in his orchard was “cleaned” but they found the fruits hidden under a tree, covered with grass. I came there and put an ambush. Sometime late night/early morning a partially loaded truck, stopped nearby and the employees started to load “our” avocados. Just before the finished loading, my friend and myself called them to put their hands up. Some of the escaped in the darkness. But 5 were captured. They were from non Jewish nearby village. We called the police and this group, after paying their penalties, they stopped this work. But, there is no vacuum in this business. Another Arab groups replaced them. We caught them and another group, many times from the same family, as it is a profession, emerge on the stage.
    So, although of the popularity of the Israeli avocado keep buying other Israeli products.
    In friendship

  3. Your comment comes in at 1,483 words. That’s probably a record. Do me a favor. Try and be concise. I’m not going to respond to all of your points because I don’t have the time or inclination. And some of it is suffering from a paucity of coherence in any case. My advice to you and other Israeli Jews: dismantle the settlements in the West Bank and lift the siege of Gaza. It may not end the conflict, but if you are truly desiring peace it’s the only logical starting point. It’s impossible for logical, thinking people to believe you are serious about peace while you continue expanding settlements. And as long as that is the case, world opinion is going to continued to be galvanized pretty much against you.

  4. Hear, hear! (I was led to this post only today/July 24th after this version of the repulsive Zionist troll used Fig Trees and Vineyards space AGAIN to act out his psychosis-based inhumanness. He/she/it is baiting the rest of us — a time-honored Zionist diversionary tactic — but I’m glad we’re not taking his/her/its hook.)

    Thanks for this post! Yes, Christians must always “balance” any attempt at empathy and support for the Palestinians (or for Americans, in Americans’ Zioentity-Occupied condition of forced subservience…) with cowardly caveats that remove any strength of will or resolve from the attempt. Your poem, Mr. Edmondson, is a valiant, brilliant rebuttal of this sad and untenable state of affairs. Let’s have “A new enlightened intellect,” indeed!

  5. Glad you like the poem, Robert. I was just trying to put into words something I had been feeling for a long time–that it is absurd for Christians to be endlessly apologizing for things we had nothing to do with and which took place years–centuries even–before we were born.

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