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Trained Service Dog Helps Autistic Child

While there is much grief in this world, occasionally our eyes are captured by simple things of great beauty. In the video above we see the huge difference a dog can make in the life of an autistic child. I did some looking into this and discovered there is even a website that offers specially-trained service dogs for autistic children. If you visit the site you can check out their article on the Taylor family–Daniel and Dorene Taylor and their seven-year-old son Elliot, who has autism–and what happened when they adopted a golden retriever named “Lewis.” Much like in the video above, it made an enormous difference in the boy’s life.

By the way, I finally got around to watching the documentary “Vaxxed.” It’s well worth the viewing, and I hope to have an article posted sometime in the next day or two that will include not only my observations about the film but also the dysfunctional nature of our health care system in general. Huge numbers of Americans are forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills. According to one study, the number may be as high as 1.7 million per year. The reason for this, of course, is our dysfunctional healthcare system and that we have, along with it, a dysfunctional government as well–incapable of placing human needs above corporate profits and passing an affordable health care bill. Corrupt government officials are assuredly a danger to public health. The extent to which this is the case is brought home in the “Vaxxed” film.

Imagine a CDC study into possible links between autism and a certain vaccine manufactured by a certain drug company. Imagine as well allegations that the study was flawed, that the data was “sliced and diced” in a manner to produce the finding that the vaccine was safe. And finally, imagine the person who served as head of the CDC at the time the study was carried out going on afterward to take a high-paying job with the very same vaccine manufacturer. This is what we have in the “Vaxxed” documentary. But as I comment in the new article I’m working on, the revelation is not surprising considering the so-called “revolving door” through which government regulators move into jobs with private industry and vice versa.

The future has a bleak look and feel to it. One scientist interviewed in the film estimates that by the year 2032, 50 percent of American children, and 80 percent of boys, will end up on the autism spectrum. The greed and dysfunctionalism seem to be destroying us as a nation.

As I say, I hope to have the article written and posted soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the video and take time to remember the beauty that still exists.

6 thoughts on “Trained Service Dog Helps Autistic Child

  1. “The greed and dysfunctionalism seem to be destroying us as a nation.”
    A darker view would suggest that greed is but a button pressed in the morally weak to suborn them by the elites whose aim is precisely to destroy the nation.
    “Nations” is a hated concept to the Eternally Rootless. Judaic texts specifically say so.
    The iron fillings align around the magnet in a pattern hard to ignore and impossible to ascribe to chance and blind actions:
    — the hollowing out of the American economy whose only thriving industry is a huge weapon manufacturing and military force; this makes Uncle Sam the ideal Enforcer of the global elites geo-strategic plans; It also decimates the middle class;
    — the aggressive implementation of cultural marxism under the guise of protecting the ever increasing number of invented “minorities” destroys the basic cell of a nation — the family — and sows discord and racial tensions;
    — the MSM and entertainment industry actively promote a narrative that denigrates whites especially white men (“stale, pale males) as racist, bigoted, and responsible for the “oppression” of all ‘minorities.
    — feminism, one of the most corrosive aspects of cultural marxism promotes the debasement of women under the guise of ‘liberating’ them, the way Hugh Heffner “liberated” them. Abortion on demand is presented as a right to “choose.”
    — freedom of speech is increasingly curtailed with heavy emphasis on punishing “hate speech,” such as criticizing Israel (now called ‘anti-semitism”) or questioning one and only one detail of the entire world history: the package sold under the name Holocaust.
    So what pattern do the iron fillings form? I see it as a 6-point star shape.

  2. As to vaccines, our children (here in the US) are given too many vaccinations too early in life and too close together in time (often times given multiple vaccinations in a single day). More parents need to take a stand on this. As a society, we need to stop giving the doctors the deference due a medieval priesthood. Doctors are not all-knowing. The same skepticism and caution needs to be applied to Big Pharma, too.

  3. I think you make a good point. Skepticism is healthy. Drugs produced by big Pharma often are not.

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