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N. Korea Hysteria: Is Threat to Attack Guam Fake News?

Mainstream media are spewing out story after story now about alleged threats from North Korea to attack Guam. RT is also reporting the same story, but if you check out their article, here, you will find that it relies on a Reuters article as its source. The story does not include a direct quote from any North Korean media source.

Suspicions over whether the whole thing may be a hoax have been voiced by a blogger, Jim Stone, who says an English-language North Korean news site that he was able to access (with great difficulty) mentions nothing about threatening to rain missiles down on Guam (h/t Greg Bacon ):

At first, as usual, I fell for it like a SUCKER. But all anyone has to do is actually find their way to North Korea’s official state newspaper – the Rodong Sinmun, and see what they are saying. One would think that if NK was threatening a nuclear strike on Guam they’d at least give passing mention of it on the state newspaper, but there’s not a peep about it there.

Stone speculates the “Guam threats” may in reality be a false flag to justify war. You can go here to read more.

7 thoughts on “N. Korea Hysteria: Is Threat to Attack Guam Fake News?

  1. There are those who will think that the world will end on 21 August this year when a solar eclipse occurs. Let’s see if there is military action against N. Korea on that day.

  2. Well hopefully they’re not going to start a nuclear war. I have a feeling, though, that there are those in the deep state who would love to incinerate North Korea as an example to the rest of the world that you don’t defy the US.

  3. Thanks for an excellent post and its provocative hypothesis. I’m active, including attending seminars and financial support, to a women’s group of internationals seeking sanity, peace, justice and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula (I think anyone googling one of my personal heroes, Christine Ahn, or Women Cross DMZ [www.womencrossdmz.org ] would find very interesting information). I’m also pleased that my United Methodist Church has chosen the ongoing tragedy of Korea as the prime focus of its “Peace With Justice” activities for 2017. I donated to its cause during my congregation’s “Peace With Justice Sunday” a couple of months ago, and I hope/pray that the UMC has raised many millions of dollars to pursue vigorously this worthy spiritual-cum-earthly mission.

  4. The Deep State actors and their overlord revel in putting out messages that instill fear and hopelessness in people, they’re easier to manage if they spend all day whacked out on Perocet or heroin, or booze. Or retreat inside themselves and start goose-stepping to whatever nonsense the MSM spews..

    About 10 years ago, we were bombarded with the nonsense that Iran was going to detonate an EMP device over Kansas, no matter that Iran didn’t have the device or the means to get it to Kansas, the story went into the mighty Wurlitzer cycle and stayed their for years.

    Basically, the USA has become one giant gulag, where the inmates are fed propaganda 24/7 that gets us riled up enough to fight each other, but never the guards.

  5. Thanks for this info, Robert. I just checked out the Women Cross the DMZ website and read Christine Ahn’s Aug. 2 article in the NY Times. It looks like these people are doing some very good work.

  6. Yes, this is fake news,the western corp media would like to paint the North Koreans as insane,but the truth is they are very rational,they too are human beings who want to live
    and do Not want to be obliterated,here is the problem, we have a aggressive empire that practices assasinating the North Korean leadership on a regular basis right on their border,also they have seen this beligerent empire in action,with the destruction of Iraq,Libya and the near destruction of Syria,plus may i add they have Koreans have historically suffered at the hands of invaders before,wether they be Japan,USA, or China,their history explains the way their society has evolved,where the original Kim made his country free of invaders and that includes their ally China.Their are few countries that can stand up to the bullying of the empire,North Korea is one,along with Russia,China and Iran,these countries have a rule of thumb,if you attack us it will cost you blood,you may win but the cost would be soo high you will feel like you had lost,of course Russia and China could take it to the next level ,meaning a burnt destroyed planet,More rational minds like the leaders of Russia and China want to save us from this insanity,the empire had total dominance in the 90`s and they wasted their capital,and became more like their former adversary the Soviet Union,all this imperium pushed by
    jewish neocons and ultra liberals under the Clintons and Obama,the myth of the US being like Sir Galahad on a white charger is now broken,America is out of control tyranny with it`s
    people having little say on it`s foriegn policy…..

  7. The Trump administration hasn’t even tried to have a rational conversation with the North Korean leadership. They’re just spewing out a lot of incendiary rhetoric.

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