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Trump Now Threatening ‘Military Option’ Against Venezuela

Trump took time off from threatening North Korea today in order to fire off a few threats at Venezuela.  If the president decides he wants to send US troops into Venezuela, he probably now has the justification he needs, courtesy of the UN Humans Rights Commission. The Office of the High Commissioner has released a report accusing the government of “patterns” of human rights violations.

The mainstream media are already making hay out of it. “Venezuelan Armed Forces Accused of Torture,” was the headline in one outlet. Luisa Ortega, the ousted Venezuela attorney general, is apparently providing the foundation for the accusations. Here is a bit from the OHCHR report:

Witness accounts suggest that security forces, mainly the National Guard, the National Police and local police forces, have systematically used disproportionate force to instil fear, crush dissent, and to prevent demonstrators from assembling, rallying and reaching public institutions to present petitions. Government authorities have rarely condemned such incidents. 

As of 31 July, the Attorney General’s Office was investigating 124 deaths in the context of the demonstrations. According to the UN Human Rights team’s analysis, security forces are allegedly responsible for at least 46 of those deaths, while pro-Government armed groups, referred to as “armed colectivos” are reportedly responsible for 27 of the deaths. It is unclear who the perpetrators in the remaining deaths may be. The Attorney-General’s Office was also investigating at least 1,958 reported cases of injuries, although the actual number of people injured may be considerably higher. Information collected by the team suggests that armed colectivos routinely break into protests on motorcycles, wielding firearms and harassing or in some cases shooting at people.

You can find the full OHCHR report here. Venezuela Analysis has published a commentary on it here.

5 thoughts on “Trump Now Threatening ‘Military Option’ Against Venezuela

  1. The empire blows and blusters and blunders. Where will all this end? Not in a good way, I fear. Trump seems to be following a pattern for POTUSes and their zioneocon puppetmasters: when things domestic go awry, divert attention and bombast and belligerence abroad, always centering on that military “on the table” hole card…. The people of Venezuela suffer as they try to establish social justice a la Hugo Chavez’ model, as the Palestinians suffer, as other peoples suffer, and Trump and the empire don’t give a tinker’s dam….

  2. Where’s his daughter during all these war mongering rants, the one who cried over the beautiful babies getting killed in Syria, so we sent over some cruise missiles? Maybe she doesn’t care for ‘gook’ babies, but she should, they form the backbone of her clothing line.

    Probably with her slum lord hubby, getting rid of incriminating documents regarding their sleazy empire so Mueller won’t find them.

    Trump reminds me of some drunken frat boy who wants to get laid, but is too much of an idiot for women to be around, so he goes drunkenly around the party, groping, molesting and making lewd comments to the smaller ladies at the party.

  3. I guess he’s doing all this tough talk because he thinks it’s going to impress his constituents. He seems oblivious to the fact that a lot of people voted for him because they wanted peace, not war.

  4. It has often in the past been a thing with new presidents–they’ll bomb some country just to prove their “mettle” to the American people. Trump, however, seems to be turning into a war monger extraordinaire.

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