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Red Ice TV Hacked on Same Day of Charlottesville Protest

Right on cue, the mainstream media and the ADL are jumping all over themselves blaming the violence which occurred yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia–including the car-ramming of a crowd of people–on the Unite the Right protestors. There is even a brand new Wikipedia article up describing the event as  “a militant gathering of alt-right, neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and far-right groups.”

But in the video above, Henrik Palmgren, host of Red Ice TV, discusses how his organization’s websites were hacked yesterday just as they were about to begin a livestream broadcast from Charlottesville. Interestingly he also mentions a young man wearing a Red Ice t-shirt who was seen violently attacking someone. When the young man was interrupted and politely quizzed, he seemed not to know the first thing about Red Ice or even to recognize Palmgren’s name. Palmgren speculates he was a protestor-for-hire.

And he also discusses the behavior of the “anti-fa” crazies who showed up at the protest. What he says about them is not hard to believe and sounds similar to what we’ve seen previously–in Berkeley, Portland, and elsewhere. But of course you are not going to hear this perspective from the media, who busily are pointing fingers at the alt-right and alleged “white supremacists.”

Predictably also the media are also using the event as an excuse for launching new attacks on Trump. The following comes from a Washington Post article published today by a writer named Petula Dvorak:

It was 90 years ago that Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was arrested for failing to disperse at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Queens that sounded a lot like the scene at Charlottesville.

Except today, there are no hoods.

Donald Trump gave everyone permission to take those hoods off with his winks, nods and refusal to take a moral stand on racial hatred and intimidation during his campaign and during the first six months of his presidency. He’d already spent years questioning the birthplace and legitimacy of President Obama, the nation’s first black commander-in-chief. And the haters loved him for it.

Dvorak’s view is that Trump “lit every one of those torches in Charlottesville.” The piece is even headlined, “Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them.” As for the anti-fa protesters, they get a free ride. Dvorak offers not the slightest hint of criticism of them.

The violence yesterday left at least one woman dead, along with two police officers who died in a helicopter crash. A 20-year-old man, James Fields, has been charged with murder. He is accused of being the driver of the car. The vehicle plowed into a crowd of counter protesters, but conveniently it had tinted windows all around–meaning the face of the driver is indistinguishable in any of the videos that have been posted. The details of Fields’ arrest are sketchy. Was he arrested in the vehicle? Where did the arrest take place? We don’t know at this time.

Be that as it may, the media have published a picture of Fields attending the protest and holding a black-and-white shield displaying the logo of a group called “Vanguard America.” I have never heard of this organization, but the media are labeling them a “hate group.” The photo of Fields holding the object was posted to Twitter by the ADL.

Recently, I put up a post quoting a Russian general to the effect that the US is a country “governed by propaganda.” Get ready for it because we are probably going to be governed by the propaganda of Charlottesville for some days to come.

7 thoughts on “Red Ice TV Hacked on Same Day of Charlottesville Protest

  1. At many of these protests, the Left initiates the violence. When those attacked fight back, the media blames them. We never hear that those on the Left initiate the violence.

  2. I didn’t know that, but he does strike me as kind of your typical sleaze bag politician.

  3. The entire thing was staged. “Left’ and ‘Right’ were all, or nearly all, hired actors. Jason Kessler, the alleged neo nazi who organized the event, is a nice Jewish boy and long-time left-wing activist who once worked for CNN.

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