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Elderly Palestinian Couple Faces Eviction from Their Home of 53 Years as ‘Peace Talks’ Set to Begin

[ Ed. note – The Shamasne family have lived in their home in East Jerusalem since 1964. But now they are being told by Israeli authorities to get out. Why? Because an Israeli court says the property belongs to Jews. Mrs. Shamasne is 76 years old. Her husband is 84. I don’t know what Mrs. Shamasne’s document is that we see her holding in the video above–I don’t read Arabic–but I suspect it’s a deed to the property. Apparently it was disregarded by the Israeli court, however. Perhaps that’s the sort of justice you can expect under an apartheid system.

EU representatives have issued a statement expressing concern over the family’s eviction.

“The EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah recall the successive Foreign Affairs Council Conclusions and statements in which the EU has repeated its strong opposition to Israel’s settlement policy and actions taken in this context, including evictions and demolitions,” said the EU statement. “The settlement policy is illegal under international law, and its continuation undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the prospect for a lasting peace.”

All of this comes as the Trump administration is about to dispatch a three-member team to the Middle East in an effort to negotiate “peace” between Israel and Palestine. The team consists of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, the president’s official “advisor” on Israel, and Dina Powell, a former Goldman-Sachs employee who also previously worked in the White House during the George W. Bush administration. Formerly Dina Habib, Powell is an Egyptian-American who was born in Cairo to a Coptic Christian family.

So we have two Jews and a Coptic Wall Street banker attempting to negotiate a “peace” deal with an intransigent Israeli government that has no interest in peace. I doubt they will be successful, but it’s possible, assuming, that is, they at least make the effort, they might stave off the eviction of the Shamasne family. That would at least be something. ]


An elderly Palestinian couple have told RT they have “nowhere to go” if Israel carries out a decision to evict them and their relatives from the home they have owned in East Jerusalem for over 50 years. The EU is already urging Israel to reconsider the step.

The Shamasne family have been living in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood since 1964, when the area was under Jordanian rule. When Israel took over East Jerusalem in 1967, nobody claimed the rights to the property.

The issue came to light after an Israeli right-leaning settler group, the Israel Land Fund, found the previous owners of the house several years ago.

“We lived for 53 years in this house, it is a great injustice. Israel should give us back our land. They take our homes and claim it is theirs,” 76-year-old Fahmiah Shamasne told RT.

Under Israeli law, property proven to have been owned by Jews before 1948 can be reclaimed. Four years ago the Shamasnes lost their appeal to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the family must hand over their home.

The Palestinians were to leave last week amid police inspections of the building and threats of forceful eviction. The decision has sparked anger among the Arab population of East Jerusalem, who staged prayers outside the house in a show of protest.

“The police are threatening us. We don’t know what to do, we are sitting here like fools. We don’t know whether to stay or leave. We have nowhere to go to,” the elderly woman told RT. She added that her 84-year-old husband will not leave unless he is forced to.

“Maybe if we were to find at least a room we could leave. But even if you were to drag out my husband and kick him, he would refuse to go.”

Other members of the family also made it clear that they would not give up the place where they spent their whole lives. The couple’s, Mohammed Shamasne, said he would struggle for the family property.

Meanwhile, Arye King, director of the Israel Land Fund, which won a court battle to claim the elderly couples house, says the Palestinian family must obey the court ruling.

“I am the owner – it is like being an owner in the middle of Paris or the middle of London – to tell your tenant to go out and he is telling you, ‘no. I don’t want to go out.’ This is what the Shamasnes did. After all they don’t want to go out from our apartment, so then we told them we took them to court,” King told RT.

The Shamasnes are not the only family on the verge of forceful eviction in East Jerusalem. At least 44 other Arab families face the same threat, according to Free Jerusalem activist Uri Agnon.

“The situation now in Sheikh Jarrah is truly awful. The idea that these seven people [in the Shamasne family] may be evicted from their homes any day now is something that troubles each and every person in Jerusalem and not only in it,” Agnon said in an interview to RT.

The word is turning a blind eye to the problem as Israel has a powerful lobby abroad, the activist believes.

Palestinians are being talked about a lot and the issue of the occupation is being brought up again and again in different places around the world, but the actual action has not really been taken because, I think, Israel has a very strong lobby around the world.”

Law is unjust – Israeli ex-attorney general

The Palestinian family’s claims to their property in Sheikh Jarrah were supported by former Attorney General of Israel Michael Ben-Yair, whose relatives also had to flee the eastern part of the city in 1948.

“The current Israeli law that enables double compensation only for Jews for [lost] properties in East Jerusalem from the times before 1948 is unjust,” Ben- Yair said, as cited by the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli authorities should let the current inhabitants of the disputed house stay and give them all the necessary rights to it, Ben-Yair added.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Shamasne family as well as others facing eviction has caused grave concern from the European Union missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

“The EU calls on the Israeli authorities to reconsider these decisions,” the missions said in a statement on Friday, adding that some 180 households in the area are also facing the threat of eviction.

Brussels and the UN have repeatedly condemned Israel’s settlement policy, including evictions and demolitions.

“The settlement policy is illegal under international law, and its continuation undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the prospect for a lasting peace,” the EU missions stated.

6 thoughts on “Elderly Palestinian Couple Faces Eviction from Their Home of 53 Years as ‘Peace Talks’ Set to Begin

  1. Netanyahu claims the Israelis want peace badly. What he fails to say is that the Israelis want peace on their terms which are the terms of the conqueror.

    As to the claim to an ancestral home in Palestine, today’s Jews, the Ashkenazim (which are 90 per cent of the world’s Jews), are not descended from the ancient Hebrews. They are descended from a tribe that converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 7th and 8th century of the Christian era. The Khazars were living on the steppes north of the Caspian Sea and had never been to or in Palestine. Of course, this is not known to most folks..

  2. Israel needs to recognize Palestine’s right to exist (something they’ve never done).

  3. I believe the Ashkenazim are indeed descendants of the Khazars, which makes the usage of the term “anti-semitism” a nonsense but I consider it UNIMPORTANT in the context of the Jewish claims on Palestine.
    What bothers me about some discussions of Jews as Kahazars are the following corollaries:
    • If the Ashkenazim’s claims on Palestine are illegitimate then perhaps the Sephardim are entitled?… Not so, Jews, all today’s Jews, have no legitimate rights to Palestine.
    • The whole Ashkenazim = Khazar topic also enables the false argument of “real Jews” versus “fake Jews.” A nonsense. All Jews, i.e., those who self-identify as Jews ARE Jews. Terribly “real” too.
    • “The right of return” of Jews is another misbegotten notion, irrespective of whether those who “return” to Palestine are the descendants of Khazars or Sephardim.
    How would the world react if the Greeks would suddenly declare a burning desire to “return” to the lands of their ancestors in todays’ Turkey (once Asia Minor)? Unlike the Jews, whose ancestors inexplicably left no traces (no monuments, not even ceramic shards, let alone works of art and science/thought in Palestine, the Greeks can point to an unsurpassed wealth of testimonies of Greek heritage there.
    Heraclitus, one of the “seven sages” of the ancient world, was born and lived (535-475 BC) in Ephesus (near Izmir in modern Turkey).
    Thales (624 – 546 BC), philosopher, mathematician and astronomer, hailed from Miletus (Milet now in Turkey). He was the first thinker who put the bases of scientific philosophy.
    One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis (built in 550 BC) was in Ephesus and also there was the Library of Celsus whose marvble walls are still standing.

    Somehow this seems a lot more convincing then the Jewish claim to Palestine. But who would not be outraged by such a claim by the Greeks?
    The Jewish claim though is unassailed, even supported.

  4. pretty sure the seph jew is berber origin
    no historical rights to palestine
    maybe can claim, with permission, a sand grain somewhere in no africa
    no, no claims there either

    jew is jew is fake
    rights to nothing
    rights to nowhere

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