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Jews Under Attack By the Washington Post!

Hard as it may be to believe, Jews–specifically those who serve in the Trump administration–are under attack by the Washington Post.

Post pundit Dana Millbank has published an article accusing Jared Kushner, Steven Mnuchin, and Gary Cohn of “shame” and “disgrace” and of playing the role of “court Jews” in the White House.

“We have seen such a character before in Jewish history: the shtadlan,” says Millbank. “The shtadlan, or ‘court Jew,’ existed to please the king, to placate the king, to loan money to the king.

“He would dress like other members of the court, and he would beg the king for leniency toward the Jews, but, ultimately, his loyalty was to the king,” he added.

So what did Kushner, Mnuchin, and Cohn do that was so contemptible in Millbank’s opinion? They failed to denounce Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville events. Or as the Post writer puts it:

“The three men, the most prominent Jews in President Trump’s administration, could have spoken out to say that those who march with neo-Nazis are not ‘very fine people,’ as their boss claims. Mnuchin, the treasury secretary, and Cohn, the chief economic adviser, were actually standing with Trump when he said it. They said nothing.

This is not just mild criticism of course. It is a vicious attack. The only mainstream media attacks more vicious than this are those aimed at Trump himself.

Millbank asserts that all three men have expressed privately to unnamed acquaintances that “they are disturbed and distressed by what Trump said,” yet lamentably “none is speaking publicly about an outrage that makes millions of Americans feel as though they are living a nightmare.”

And oh yes, Millbank lets it be known in the article that he is Jewish himself, which of course gives him license to say things about Jews that no Gentile writer would ever dare express.

The article was brought to my attention by Ariadna, one of our readers, who feels it is an attempt by the Washington Post to pressure Jews in Trump’s administration to publicly disavow the president, this with the hope of encouraging them to resign en masse. The result of such a mass resignation conceivably would make an impeachment or a presidential resignation all the more likely.

Millbank’s article in the Washington Post is a bit, well, over the top, shall we say. But an article published by CNN goes the Post even one better. The TV news network has published on its website an article lauding–are you ready for it?–the anarchist group Antifa.

The hooded, black-clad delinquents who specialize in smashing windows and attacking people with clubs are portrayed by CNN writers Sara Ganim and Chris Welch as crusading advocates for social justice who “seek peace through violence.”

In the view of the writers, the black-bloc bon vivants are a bit prone perhaps to some unrestrained exuberance, but certainly they are not in any way commensurate to those nasty “white nationalists, neo-Nazis and others–who have been blamed for provoking violence at last week’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville.”

The article even quotes one of the Antifa protestors who was present at that event.

“We were marching down one of the streets, and energy was ecstatic,” he rhapsodizes.

I truly can’t remember a time when any protest group in America ever got this much favorable coverage.

7 thoughts on “Jews Under Attack By the Washington Post!

  1. you should have seen all the good baptists that were neighbors of the
    Davidians with “WE SUPPORT THE ATF & FBI” signs in their yards…


    the simple solution of course would be for the “court Jews” to accept
    Jesus and stop being “Jewish”.

    and then share the really really good news that no one on Earth
    HAS to be a “Jew”…!

  2. At last, the colour revolution comes to America!
    4 billion people around the world stood and clapped and laughed and cheered.
    What goes around, comes around.
    Karma is such a bitch.

  3. “Millbank lets it be known in the article that he is Jewish himself, which of course gives him license to say things about Jews that no Gentile writer would ever dare express.”

    Yes, but…. No Gentile who criticizes Jews would criticize them for failing to be sufficiently aggressively and blatantly … Jewish.

    In the meantime a new aggressive humiliation is being readied for Trump:

    I wonder what psychiatric tests would be administered to Trump. Maybe he can ace it…
    — “Mr President, this is called a Rorschach test. Just look at this blot and tell me what it suggests to you.” “I see a beauuuutiful, beauuutiful six-point star.”
    –“Mr President, which of the two subtractions is correct: 6 million minus 4 million equals 2 million; or 6 million minus 4 million equals 6 million?” “The second one.”

  4. If Trump ends up leaving office, I think it will be the first time in history that the media will have overthrown a head of state, as opposed to the head of state shutting down the media.

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