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  1. Why is it always Nazis that get slammed? The Bolshevik Jews put the Nazis to shame when it came to beating down free speech, but a certain group of ethnic thugs have branded in our minds hate for Germans/Nazis, while ignoring the real SOB’s in the 20th Century.

  2. Oy, Greg. You nickel and dime the most oppressed minority over their sins but fail to see the danger of letting your guard down against fascism. First they came for the refugees/undocumented migrants and you said nothing because you weren’t one, then they came for the gastrointestinal tract sex aficionados and you said nothing because you weren’t one, now they are coming once again for the Jews and you say nothing because you are a Goy. Then they will come for you but there will be no one left to defend you from being rendered into soap and lampshades except for a few samizdat bloggers with no pull whom Paypal and Google will kick out.
    Isn’t it clear that the Nazi ideology has been resurrected and there are Nazis everywhere now? As a regular visitor and commenter you must have seen the article that gave us a simple and fail-safe way of identifying the Nazis:
    What amazes and worries me is that they are so numerous among soccer players:
    Here is the super-famous Cristiano Ronaldo shamelessly sporting his extreme nationalistic and bigoted hair:

    And here’s veteran player Beckham:

    Voices of dissent are rare in this sport: here Lionel Messi wants to show he is antifa:
    Why is the International Football Federation silent on this?

  3. ANTIFA are the storm troopers of the ultra liberals,they can Not except the democratic will of the people,the people that voted for Trump wanted a end to WAR,Hilary Clinton and ultra liberal allies want more genocidal neocon/faciste racist wars in the mid east…

  4. P.S.,These ANTIFA people should also get political science lessons,facism has nothing to do with biological racism,the word derives from fasces,it was axe wrapped in binded sticks it symbolised absolute power of the Roman state and carried by a assigned person who carried it before the emperor as a symbol of his absolute power,the term facist can be applied to any dictator or group of people
    who preside over non democratic tyranny,if anything it is they who support the fascist intentions of both war hawk neocons and ultra liberals who infest both parties,it is they who said nothing as tens of thousands were condemned to death,torture and slavery during Obama`s reign and now the ultra liberal media are making nice with the “ARAB SLAYER”, George Bush,i have no respect for these people of the faux left ..

  5. ” Nazis ” fought Antifa of their day . Funny how some fighting Jewery use bad ” anti Nazi ” analogies based on false Jew propaganda of that period . I do not believe Antifa created that cartoon . It’s absurd to believe so. I witnessed Antifa harrasment of brilliant truth telling historian David Irvings affairs ( see David Irvings Action Report.Com) and they tried to attack me personally at a Diversity For Israel Rally held by the former National Alliance in DC back in 92. This site is too good to fall for Kosher Birchers False flag stuff like this !

  6. Fascism was given a bad name by International Jewry. It’s simply Nationalist, Traditional ,Order Sovereignty . Antifa is globalist , anti Traditional, and anarchist. Again ,it’s so ironic that some who fight the Jews ,believe their version of Political Science, and history . To do so is a dead end , will not guard the ” anti Fascist “, critic of the Jews protection from the tem ” Nazi” ,which simply was an abbreviated term for the party : NSDAP. Not does the academic definition of any ideology mean anything in practice. Jews adore , and promote ” Democracy ” ,to rule by manipulated mob .

  7. Dante: probably the cartoonist would have been much more faithful to history had he used the Bolsheviks instead of the Nazis. I am somewhat familiar with the work of people like David Irving and Ernest Zundel and consider their research relevant and valuable. I posted the cartoon because it was making a point mainly about Antifa more so than the Nazis. Maybe in retrospect I should have passed on it, but it seemed like a worthwhile point to make at the time.

  8. The rise of far left extremists in the USA (or anywhere else) is usually as a result of how far the mainstream conservative politics have swung to the extreme right. Neither will create peace and stability because neither group can understand the word compromise or tolerance.

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