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CIA Whistleblower Discusses Deep State/Shadow Government

In this presentation former CIA agent and whistleblower Kevin Shipp distinguishes between the “shadow government” and the “deep state.” There is a hierarchy, he says, and the former, comprised of the US intelligence agencies and the media, is at the top of it. “It is a matrix system that has functioned across every single administration going back to JFK.”

The deep state on the other hand, the second rung down in the hierarchy, is made up of corporations, defense contractors in the main such as Lockheed, along with Wall Street, the Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve. All of these entities are separate and distinct from the shadow government and its intelligence agencies, although as Shipp outlines, they tend to be intermeshed with it in any number of ways.

So where do the President and Congress fit in? Both–and Congress especially–are under total control of the shadow government. Presidents may at times seek to defy the the dictates of this dark force, but to no avail. The president is powerless, says Shipp.

My main criticism of the speech is that Shipp makes scarce mention of Israel, and no mention of AIPAC or Zionist power in the US (both of which obviously have to fit into the equation), although he does say at the outset of his speech that, “There are a lot of things I can’t talk about. I have to watch everything I say, honestly.”

All in all, though, if you have an hour to spare, the presentation is well worth watching, and by the end of it you will realize more than ever that it really makes no difference who gets elected president–and that whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican the policies will not change.

Shipp’s speech was given in Redding, California on July 28.

2 thoughts on “CIA Whistleblower Discusses Deep State/Shadow Government

  1. Thank you! Wish I had 67 minutes to watch this…maybe later. I’m sure I’d agree with the general and specific thrust of Shipp’s talk…and I take with great seriousness Mr. Edmondson’s regret over Shipp’s failure to make a Zionist connection to the very depths of America’s and the world’s problems. Perhaps his reference to “media” as related to the “shadow government” will lead seasoned and suspicious observers to ask “…uhh, and who controls the (mainstream) media?” Trouble is, we need non-seasoned and naïve observers to be alerted, directly and without equivocation, to the maelstrom in which we are all immersed, drowning.

    Note: As I’ve written this, 15 minutes of Shipp’s lecture (voice only) have passed…I want to watch, with undivided attention, the rest!

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