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‘Before’ and ‘After’: Trump and the Shadow Government

The above video report was posted by RT on Friday in response to the new sanctions announced on Venezuela. But what I find most fascinating about it is that it offers us a very graphic “before” and “after” view of Donald Trump.

The report features a series of video clips, some taken from more than a year ago, others more recent. What they provide us with is a striking contrast between Trump when he was a candidate and expressing strong opposition to wars and attempts by America to impose its will on other countries…versus…the Trump we began to see after he moved into the White House and started taking his orders from the deep state/shadow government apparatus.

The difference as I say is striking–so striking it will almost remind you of those “before” and “after” photos you sometimes see in all those countless ads for weight loss products. (Although, of course, in Trump’s case the “before” shot was the infinitely more attractive.)

By the way, you can go here to read the White House press statement about the new sanctions against Venezuela. The word “dictatorship” appears in it a total of five times. It includes as well a quote from Vice President Mike Pence, but interestingly no quote from Trump. Pence says that in Venezuela, “we’re seeing the tragedy of tyranny play out before our eyes,” and the statement also puts forward a solemn vow that the US “will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles.”

8 thoughts on “‘Before’ and ‘After’: Trump and the Shadow Government

  1. Hypocrites of the first order.How else to explain such crass bending of reality in their statements about Venezuela.As always the resources of other countries being coveted
    by the moneyed interest of US and multinational corp.

  2. “a vow that the US “will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles.”

    That I believe, primarily because just standing by does not hasten the crumbling the US engineered, and it has taken too long already, mostly due to Chavez.

  3. Yeah, they have to prove to the world they’re not losing their touch. Already taken a long time in Syria too.

  4. I don’t know if being warlike and hypocritical always necessarily go hand-in-hand, SF, but the US sure makes a strong case for concluding that they do.

  5. The Rothschild and Goldman Sachs banking scum bullies are looking for someone to beat up on, so they can feel that rush of power.
    They’re still smarting over Syria, by now, it should of been destroyed and Assad given a bayonet enema, but so far, that is on hold…at least for now.

    Venezuela would be a good choice; close to the Pentagon’s war machines and the MSMis primed and ready, like a pack of rabid attack dogs.

  6. Thanks; great report of ultimate evil. Trump has not “drained the swamp”; he has allowed the neocons-most-of-whom-are-Jewish-Zionists to maraud near and far. Haley is a bi*ch who revulses me from any angle as she “represents” my flailing-and-failing country. How many members of the teeming masses of humanity will we take down on the way?

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