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Liberating the Jews…and Humanity as Well

[ Ed. note – In the article below, Ariadna Theokopoulos offers some thoughts on how ordinary Jews might be helped to break the tribal bonds holding them to those Jewish elites who own the banking cartels and the media and who seem intent on saturating the world with skunk water. It is a much needed liberation…not only for the sake of ordinary Jews but all of humanity. ]

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Peter Beinert, like many other Jewish pundits and the collective Jewish voice of ADL, is concerned about the growing anti-semitism of white Americans, as expressed in their Charlottesville chant, “Jews will not replace us.” His reaction is indignant contempt for those he sees – in keeping with a commonly held Jewish view — as losers envious and resentful of the success of their high-achieving betters:

Replace you? Where, behind the counter at Wendy’s? We’re successful, industrious, upper-middle class. You’re the dregs of society. Replace you? Don’t kid yourselves. When it comes to America’s class hierarchy, we replaced you and your kind long ago.

Beinert’s advice to Jews: throw some money at white churches to gain an ally and staunch the spread of “white supremacism.”

Cynical, arrogant and oozing Jewish supremacism as it may be, Beinert’s solution has an undeniably solid record of success: buying support and silencing resistance to Jewish power has worked very well with the US Congress and with Christian Zionist leaders.

In his review of Beinert’s article, “American Society Isn’t a Zoo and White People Aren’t Monkeys,” Gilad Atzmon excoriates Beinert for his open display of Jewish supremacism, and “stereotypical” arrogance and contempt for the white working and middle class.  Like Beinert’s article, Atzmon’s exhortation is addressed to Jews, warning them that strutting and openly celebrating “tribal self-love” is dangerous. Remember Auschwitz, he cautions.

Atzmon’s advice to Jews: self-reflect and behave yourselves.

In essence, Beinert advises the Jews on how to protect themselves from the enemy without (whites/Christians) while Atzmon urges them to protect themselves from themselves by taming the enemy within (overly exuberant Jewish supremacism). He does not allude to the wellspring of Jewish supremacism – Judaism. He has said repeatedly that he never criticizes Judaism or Jews, only “Jewishness.” Therefore his advice to “self-reflect” is not an invitation to examine, much less reform, the most problematic aspect of Jewishness: the ideology of Judaism.  It is basically a suggestion of behavioral therapy.

Both Beinart, the Jew, and Atzmon, the self-declared “ex-Jew,” fear the rising tide of nationalism, which Beinert labels “white supremacism,” neo-Nazism, and “anti-semitism.”

Atzmon, who in his writings indicates his preference for “universalism” (not to be confused with globalism) has much more to fear right now from the Jewish Commissariat in Britain.

In the white nationalists’ view, the Jews, as a cohesive ethno-religious group, are an insidious, aggressive and hostile agent for the dispossession of the native white Christian nations and the destruction of their culture and traditions. The Jews’ self-image,  by contrast, is one of eternal victims of the Gentiles, whose “anti-semitism” is hard wired and fed by envy and inferiority complexes.

Never the twain shall meet.

What is there to do?

Here is a suggestion:

The “well-meaning Americans” Atzmon mentions need to act with more empathy towards the Jews and understand that there is a deep kernel of truth in the Jews’ self-image as eternal victims, despite the misidentification of the victimizer. These well-meaning Americans must help the Jews to help themselves.

I see it primarily as a liberation of the Jews, the long-suffering ethno-religious group subjected for thousands of years to merciless oppression and control by the cabal of cult leaders and money manipulators that intertwine to form the global Jewish elite.

Unremitting brain-washing literally from the cradle to the grave, combined with barbaric blood rituals (e.g., sexual molestation of 8-day-old baby boys by professional vampiric pedophiles, animal sacrifices like Kapparot, or exsanguinating live cows), esoteric numerology and symbology meant to awe and confuse and to reinforce the cult’s mythology–all this has made the Jews into the most pliable and obedient tribe that blindly follows the dictates of its elite, delighted to feel “chosen” and “superior.”

I am not by any means minimizing the suffering of many millions more Christians and Muslims at the hands of the Tribe over centuries, and more acutely for the past two centuries or so. Nor am I trying to absolve the Tribe as innocent victims who inescapably go on to victimize others.

Nevertheless, unless the Jews are liberated first, mankind’s stranglehold by the Jewish elite cannot be removed.

While Jewish propaganda mendaciously pretends to be concerned by the plight of Gentile women (especially in the Islamic world), of the blacks in the US, of homosexuals in Islamic countries and even (a display of Jewish effrontery) of Muslims by the backwardness and bellicosity of Islam, I propose a sincere and sustained educational campaign to liberate and redeem the most oppressed Jewish victims:

  • Jewish women from the oppression of Judaism (see Gett laws, Hebrew: גט) in Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel and elsewhere and, at the other end of the spectrum, those victimized by the ravages of the Jewish-propagated cultural marxism which sexualizes them and exploits them in “Westernized” Jewish communities.
  • “Kushim” — Colored Jews from Northern Africa and “sun-tanned” Sephardim treated as second-class citizens (one step above the Palestinians) in a culture that is deeply racist.
  • Jewish children– brain-washed and indoctrinated from early infancy to imbue their impressionable minds with the tenets of Jewish supremacism and Judaic morality — fear and hatred for all “Goyim”, “divine” entitlement, and greed as a virtue to acquire material wealth by any means — and to nip in the bud any nascent capacity for empathy for fellow human beings that do not belong to the Tribe.
  • “Diaspora Jews,” convinced to see themselves as “sayanim” ready to be activated at any moment to serve Israel against the interests of the nation of which they should be loyal members and true compatriots of the people — the “Goyim” nations that shelter them.

The Jewish preoccupation with revising Christian dogma (enabled by Pope Francis’ pronouncement of the continuing validity of the Jews’ Covenant with God) or with the alleged need to “reform” Islam is misplaced and insulting to the two major religions.

It is also self-damaging to the ethno-religious group that badly needs liberating itself from a cult of death (all major Jewish religious holidays celebrate massacres) and hatred for humanity:

  • I Samuel 15:3:
    Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”
  • Halacha decrees that  it is forbidden to save a non-Jew’s life if no other Goy will know about it.

No more fabricated notions like the “judeo-Christian values,” no more demands of subservience from the “elder brothers.” (Cain was the first “elder brother”…)

It is high time for those well-meaning Americans to stop being distracted by the Jewish propaganda machine’s mendacious accusations against Christians and Muslims, against the working class whites (“deplorables”), against the “pale, stale white males,” the allegedly bigoted “cis-gendered,” and the “anti-semites” and “fascists” who seek to preserve the national culture and traditions. They must turn their attention instead to helping Jews achieve true emancipation so they can become “people like other people,” as the early Zionists claimed they wanted to become before deciding that Jewish supremacism comes with greater fringe benefits.

8 thoughts on “Liberating the Jews…and Humanity as Well

  1. A most insightful article. Important indeed for the Jews. But ,even more so for sleeping Gentiles. The ” good ” followers of the worlds anti Culture, since the tribes total victory in that ,” Jewish War of survival ” – WW2 .

    From it’s beginnings out of Sumar eons ago ,and accelerated since the aforementioned epic event ;
    Gentiles have been corraled,cajolled , and corrupted into following the exclusive Tribal dieties ” Chosen Ones” , in all facets of their lives ; conscious, unconscious, and unconditionally. Even many ” anti Semites ” , follow the Jews narrative in their attempts to combat them . Usually drawn to the Jews own versions of history ,theology , and conspiracy…. Making the Jews own historical enemies villians ,and actors for the tribe themselves … So powerful is the Jews ubiquitous pull . How is this done ? The Jews have used every developed means to gain ,and hold promised earthly control . They understand the vitality of inherited power . The ” soul race ” that Gentiles anti Fraud , Karl Jung identified. It’s an admixture of genes , race ,group cohesion , tribe , exclusive identity ,tradition ,and loyal bond. Plus an understanding of the importance of controlling and sharing resources among their group ie MONEY. Combined with this is the Jews ability to infiltrate, subvert, and destroy from within , the Gentiles within their own foundations. Create revolution, dissolution, and promote war in plain sight ; making their victims like it ! This rides above logical understanding ,and moral approbation. Liberating the Jew is an affront to them beyond measure . It’s the event , macro,and micro they guard against with ferocity . It’s what the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was about to them

    ” Better one man die then a nation perish” – Chief High Priest Caiphus . Understand this ,and ” liberation ” falls into place .

  2. Judaism is Judaism from it’s inception. There holidays celebrating the genocide of Gentiles should alarm even the most obtuse .

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  4. With all due respect, trying to distinguish between “the Children of Israel” (presumably the “good Jews”) and the “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism is a debate suited for theologians, especially rabbis. As far as I am concerned this taxonomy is sterile and unavailing. If someone self-identifies as a Jew I will take his word for it without quibbling and view him (or her) accordingly (i.e., as a supremacist Jew).

  5. The word antisemitism is a historical misnomer, it’s true roots are when all people of the Levant both Jew and Arab were discriminated against post the Spanish Christian reconquista,over the years it has been weaponized and misappropriated by extremist Zionists to silence people who question, and then you have to hear that garbage that the Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years,before that unholy state of Israel was created Jews and Arabs lived in peace,but who cares about the truth :/ ..

  6. As John Adams said the Jews are a Asiatic people,the tribes of the white race are Germanics,slavics,Hellenics,Romantic, Celtics and possibly the pre Islamic Persians,Jews are of Asia..

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