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Christian Zionists on a Mission in Houston: Providing ‘Kosher Food’ to Jewish Hurricane Victims

Christians United for Israel is perhaps the premiere Christian Zionist group in the US. Their love and adoration for the state of Israel and every last Jew in the world is evident in the aggregate of all their undertakings, from their annual conferences in Washington to their “Nights to Honor Israel” held at local churches around the country.

Hardly a surprise, then, that CUFI is now on a mission–providing relief to Jewish flood victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. In a newsletter sent out Friday to members on its email list, the organization announced that it will be delivering kosher food to Jews in the disaster-struck area:

Tomorrow, a refrigerator truck will travel from Dallas to Houston filled with kosher food for the local Jewish community.  CUFI’s Associate Texas State Director, Greg Stephens, and CUFI’s Texas State Director, Pastor George Pearsons, worked with a Dallas synagogue to make this delivery happen. As a result of our leaders’ generosity, as well as the deep relationships they have with the Dallas Jewish community, Jewish families at shelters throughout Houston will have the opportunity to eat kosher meals.

Human beings are human beings of course, and distributing aid on the basis religion strikes me as, well–unprincipled in a manner of speaking. But assuming one were going to do this, one would think that a group of people claiming for themselves the title of “Christians” might at least prioritize their co-religionists. Ah, but apparently not the case here.

The newsletter contains one other interesting tidbit of information: that an Israeli aid group known as IsraAID has now also involved itself in the hurricane relief effort in Houston. I posted an article on IsraAID in February of last year. The piece is written by Shabana Syed, who discusses the mysterious appearance, at that time, of an IsraAID team on the Greek island of Lesbos. She also wonders whether the group’s real intent is to provide “assistance” to those fleeing war-torn areas of the Middle East, as proclaimed, or whether it might actually be facilitation of the flood of refugees into Europe.

I’m of course not suggesting here that IsraAID, in its activities in Houston, is motivated by anything other than a desire to help the people of that city. But it is a pity that this same attitude isn’t taken by the Washington Post–with regard to an offer of assistance delivered to Houston by Venezuela.

It was announced on Wednesday that Venezuela, more or less like IsraAID,  will donate $5 million to recovery efforts in Houston. This aid offer, however, was disparaged in a report by the Washington Post in which the writer expresses the view that “Venezuela has a long history of trolling U.S. leaders with kindness.”

Apparently the Washington Post does not believe that Israelis are now attempting to “troll the US with kindness.” It’s only the Venezuelans who do that.  It’s a pity such cynicism exists in the world, but look on the bright side: Jews of Houston will have a nice, hearty kosher dinner tonight, courtesy of CUFI.

13 thoughts on “Christian Zionists on a Mission in Houston: Providing ‘Kosher Food’ to Jewish Hurricane Victims

  1. cufi, dont forget kosher clorox bleach
    jew always in need of mouth wash

    hagee, wouldnt hurt you to gargle some
    skunkwater breath unbelievable

  2. Mention kosher food and my thoughts and visuals jump to the sadistic slaughter-house practices in Jew York City among others.

    It is unbelievable so-called Christians would cater to that sick mindset. Hagee stand back. Here comes super-zio Joel Osteen who wouldn’t even open his ‘church’ to Harvey’s refugees until he figured out how to make a profit on the tithe. Donate, donate, donate!! Did I tell you he is beady-eyed and resembles a rat in human clothing? IMO

    I don’t know about IsraAID and their intentions in Greece. But, given previous experiences they most certainly are facilitating the browning of Europe with all its accompanying devolution of the spirit never mind the IQ.

    WaPos diminishing of the Venezuelan aid to the Harvey victims just shows us their disconnect with the deplorables. And who knows where the money is going to end up. Kudos to them for trying to help and even get published.

  3. I can’t understand this devotion to anything Jewish , by this group of people .Jewish or any other people ,why are they regarded as so special ? These zionist Christians are missing the boat completely to zero in on Jews only.

  4. the ageless appeal of weak man in need of salvation provided by a higher power. the one true god of israel conditionally promises such to his subjects if they bless israel. and conversely cursing if they don’t. really appeals to the insecure and lusting when they poke their heads out of their rabbit holes to look around and see a few super jews seemingly living fantasy lives of power/ wealth/ beautiful women.

    utter nonsense. and profaning the eternal creator and this matchless creation with such despicable misappropriation of the resources we humanoids are gifted with to carry on with living while we’re here.

  5. ” My kingdom is not of this Earth ” said Jesus Christ . The Jews exclusive diety Yahweh promises his ” Chosen People ” rule over THIS planet. Blasphemous Judeo Christian, Fundamentalist follow not the New Covenant of Christ ,and see the world liberated by Christ from Judiasm March ,but demand we be ” grafted in ” to Judaism ! They idolize an anti Christ state ,and see Jews as our ” God ” given masters .

  6. Talking about the Useful Idiots,They also have alterior motives.It’s not just for the Jews,not just for Christ.
    Also because Zionists are the 1% and maybe the Zionists have some plumb positions for the Useful Idiots to move up the chain for better scraps off these Zionist Bastards tables.
    Ohh yess,it’s like Lord Jesus Christ said many times,some of these people who are in these relief efforts.
    Their hearts,their doing it for”The Approval of Men”like”Look at my good deeds I’ve done”.
    Here’s the nuts and bolts of what i’m saying,some of these people are ass-kissing soo maybe Steven Spielberg would give them a part in his next movie lol.

  7. Amen to Tweety ! Every petty bouguiuse ,Fundamentalist Jew worshiping fool I ever met was highly ambitious in material terms . This type includes mainstream Christians too. One told me ; ” I could have a Mercedes like them ,if I joined their Israel idolizing mega church ! “. I heard another admonis a struggling friend of mine ; ” your poor because you don’t like Jews “. The Jews exclusive Diety ( they do NOT see ” God ” as organized Christianianity teaches ) sets the Jew ( Chosen People) up to rule HIS EARTH . Those ,’ rightous Gentiles ‘ ,who worship them ,hope to get crumbs from the their table . They seek to be ‘ grafted in’ ,as a Guardian Class for the eternal Jew !

  8. Jesus taught us what it means to be humble. “Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” These people who want to join an “Israel idolizing megachurch” so they can drive a Mercedes have completely abandoned their spiritual faith.

  9. “Israeli aid group known as IsraAID” All members of the groups are likely former or current IDF/Mossad with probably subversive motives. Israel does not do anything out of real kindness. One purpose for being involved in disasters is organ harvesting which is easily accomplished in chaotic circumstances when persons can not be accounted for. Such as done in Haiti, and kicked out of Japan for trying it there after the tsunami. CUFI is obviously an extension of Israeli control in the USA. Uninformed Christians rely on and idolize charismatic (CIA trained?) leadership, like sheep to the slaughter. Independent thinkers are not wanted in emotionally, mind-controlled? environments in which peers expect and demand conformity of thought and action.

  10. Mossad agents among IsraAID and CIA agents among the Christian Zionist movement–I suspect you’re probably right on both counts, Ruth.

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