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Commentary: The Conflict in Syria Was Always Israel’s War

[ Ed. note – Syria seems to be on the threshold of a final and decisive victory over ISIS. With six years worth of effort and more than a billion dollars spent in the quest to topple Bashar Assad, the regime-changers finally seem to be throwing in the towel. Israel, of course, is none too happy with the current turn of events.

According to a report here, the Zionist state “is gearing up to hold its largest military drill in nearly 20 years” on its border with Lebanon, this apparently in anticipation of a war with Hezbollah. This should come as no surprise, really. The video below highlights the not insignificant contributions made by Hezbollah in the defeat of ISIS/Daesh.

In the article below Whitney Webb makes a persuasive argument that Israel, and not the US, was in reality all along the “mastermind of the plan” to overthrow Assad. Webb states that it was Israel which “not only drafted the original blueprint for the Syrian conflict but guided U.S. involvement by exerting its powerful influence over the foreign policy of that country.” The words “led by the nose” of course come to mind.

And in addition to being led by the nose into a war in Syria, the nose hooks fastened tightly to our leaders now seem to be leading us into supporting whatever scheme the Israelis are presently cooking up in Lebanon. Recently Ambassador Nikki Haley successfully pushed through the Security Council a measure designed to force UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, to become more assertive and confrontational with Hezbollah. As the New York Times reported:

Both Israel and the United States have grown increasingly strident in recent days over what they have described as a blatant buildup of Iranian weaponry by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon including hidden rockets. They have accused Unifil of turning a blind eye to it.

How long will the American people be content to fight wars for Israel? Will they at some point get fed up with it? ]


By Whitney Webb

After years of fomenting the Syrian conflict from the shadows, the U.S. has recently seemed to back away from its push to militarily intervene in the embattled nation, instead choosing to focus its saber-rattling and destabilization efforts on other theaters. The consequence of this has seemingly been the winding down of the long-running conflict, now entering its seventh year.

Buoyed by Russia, Iran and Lebanon, the Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad has managed to retake vast swaths of territory, all while surviving and growing stronger over the course of a largely foreign-funded onslaught. As a result, many of the governments that were instrumental in funding and arming the so-called “moderate” opposition have begun to extricate themselves, unwilling to further test the resilience of Assad or the Syrian people.

With some anticipating the long-awaited conclusion of the Syrian conflict, recent threats from Israel’s government to assassinate Assad by bombing his residence seemed to appear out of the blue. According to the Jerusalem Post, a senior Israeli official accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a recent visit to Russia warned the Kremlin that if Iran continues to “extend its reach” in Syria, Israel would bomb the presidential palace in Damascus.

Israel’s comments should come as no surprise, however, as the foreign-funded and manufactured conflict in Syria was always Israel’s war. The only real surprise is Israel’s growing isolation in pushing for the further escalation of the conflict.

Though it has successfully avoided being labeled a major player in the effort to oust Assad, Israel has long been the mastermind of the plan, which stems in large part from the long-standing hostilities between the two nations as well as Israel’s own regional ambitions. State Department diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks have shown that in 2006, five years before the conflict in Syria manifested, the government of Israel had hatched a plan to overthrow the Assad government by engineering sectarian strife in the country, creating paranoia within the highest-ranks of the Syrian government, and isolating Syria from its strongest regional ally, Iran.

Israel then passed this plan along to the United States, which would then involve Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Egypt in fomenting the “breakdown” of the Assad regime as a way of weakening both Iran and Hezbollah — with the effect of empowering both Israel and the Gulf monarchies, two seemingly disparate forces in the region that are becoming increasingly allied.

Leaked emails belonging to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton further reveal Israel’s role in covertly creating the conflict and its clear role in securing the involvement of the U.S. and other nations in executing its plan for Assad’s removal. One email, forwarded by Clinton to her advisor Jacob Sullivan, argues that Israel is convinced that Iran would lose “its only ally” in the region were Assad’s government to collapse.

It further stated that “The fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war between the Shiites and the majority Sunnis of the region drawing in Iran, which, in the view of Israeli commanders would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies.” This possible sectarian war was perceived as a potential “factor in the eventual fall of the current government of Iran.”

Another Clinton email released by WikiLeaks stated”

The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad,”


Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly.”

The email also notes:

A successful intervention in Syria would require substantial diplomatic and military leadership from the United States” and states that “arming the Syrian rebels and using western air power to ground Syrian helicopters and airplanes is a low-cost high payoff approach.”

Continued here

6 thoughts on “Commentary: The Conflict in Syria Was Always Israel’s War

  1. The International Jews plans have been frustrated in Syria . All moderate Arab Nationalist government had to go ! So announced the Jews Liberal/ Conservative matrix fronts. But Syria stood tall . The ancient nation ,backed by a Christian,and Tradition based Russia turned the tide !

  2. Quite obviously the Bolshevik/Zionist “Synagogue of Satan”
    cult compound….the “Jewish” so-called STATE is not ‘Israel’
    found in the Old Testament @ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 &3…

    Calling the Jewish State “Israel” is tantamount to Blasphemy…

    er um just look at all the “Jewish” blessings America & the “West”
    are enduring on a daily basis…{See Deut. 28}


    Modern day so-called “Jews” are merely PROSELYTES to
    Talmudic Judaism and will never be “Israel”…

    Just the Facts.

    is the definition of America/US GOV…
    “an accomplice to Mass Murder
    in covinous collusion with the Synagogue of Satan “JEWISH”
    global crime syndicate…for filthy lucre…?

    is truth on holiday…Matt. 13:39-43 !

  3. Well, you make a good point, Anthony. The vast majority of those today who self-identify as Jews are not descended from the biblical Israelites. And so for that reason it’s somewhat erroneous to refer to the Zionist state as “Israel.” The only trouble is, that’s the name most people know it by. Either that or “Occupied Palestine.” But when you use the latter term, some people think you’re only referring to the West Bank and Gaza, so I’m kinda stuck with having to use the word “Israel.”

  4. Again ,the point of pedigree for the Jews / Israel is what. ? Christ said to the Pharasees : ” You travel miles to make a convert ,and make him the same follower of the devil as you are “. Convert ,or original ,Judaism is genocidal , exclusive, tribal , and at war with ALL Gentiles by their exclusive God’s instruction. Ancient Israel barely lasted 160 years as a cohesive state. Its sanctified cruelty , and hate destroyed… dispersing these ” Chosen People ” nomadic materialistic , racist , people into working their subversion on the planet since ,hence the terms ” eternal Jew ” & ” International Jew “. The later alledged ” false Jews ” , converted because the vicious Monotheist exclusive tribalism of the original ” Chosen ones ” appealed to them !

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