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US Threatens to Use ‘Nuclear Capabilities’ Against North Korea

Press TV

The United States is ready to use its nuclear weapons against North Korea if the country continues to threaten Washington or its allies, the White House has warned, amid escalating tensions between the two countries.

US President Donald Trump held a conversation with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday, after North Korea conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb.

The White House published a readout of Trump’s talks with Abe that said the US is ready to use the “full range” of capabilities at its disposal in dealing with North Korea.

“President Trump reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to defending our homeland, territories, and allies using the full range of diplomatic, conventional, and nuclear capabilities at our disposal,” the readout said.

North Korea on Sunday announced it had conducted a “successful” hydrogen bomb test, hours after two tremors were detected in the country.

“The hydrogen bomb test was a perfect success,” North Korean state television said, adding that the device was capable of being loaded onto long-range missiles.

The North Korean broadcaster said the nuclear test had an “unprecedentedly large power,” and that it “marked a very significant occasion in attaining the final goal of completing the state nuclear force.”

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4 thoughts on “US Threatens to Use ‘Nuclear Capabilities’ Against North Korea

  1. China officials are on the record for a statement issued regarding NK.
    Should NK strike first , they are on their own , should the US strike first , China will get involved and side with NK.I really do not expect the US to strike . It is rhetorical belligerence on their part. Trump can’t help himself ,he shoots from the lip .Whether it is to only please the deep state neocon/libs is not clear .

  2. Don’t forget we’re living in an insane assylum, SF. Trump’s not really running the show. The neocon crazies in the deep state hold the reins of power and some of them are hoping for a war.

  3. N.Korea was quiet until stirred by the cretinous George W. Bush . That Fundamentalist drunkerd ,who obeyed the Jews ,whom he saw as God . The ” churchillians ” , as Francis Parker Yockey wrote in his masterpiece IMPERIUM ,pre dated Neoconservative Jew , Alan Frum ,coined the term : ” Axis of Evil ,for his semi literate boss,who sought an epic role for himself like the infamous Rothschild’s, puppet WW2 British Prime Minister . Just as Saddams Iraq, had no WMD ,or any role in Mossads 911 , the ” Hermit Kingdom ” had no part in world affairs. A Stalinist relic,content in it’s self important anacronistic irrelevancy. Almost two decades later , and through the Jews Left/ Right matrix ,we have now an ” America First President” , who does not understand the term : Desperate for popular support ,beware he provoke war for the International Jews nod !

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