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Shamasne Family Evicted from its Home in East Jerusalem

[ Ed. note – Israeli authorities carried out an eviction order Tuesday, throwing an elderly Palestinian couple out of their home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. I put up a post about the Shamasne family back in mid-August. Fahmiah Shamasne is 76. Her husband, Ayyub, is 84. Their eviction brings to a close a court battle that has gone on for several years. Fahmiah and Ayyub had lived in their home since 1964. Immediately after they and their children were tossed out into the street this morning, Jewish settlers moved in. The above video includes a few quick glimpses of them assuming occupation of the house.

In my previous post, I expressed the somewhat naive hope that Trump’s three-member peace delegation, which at that time was about to embark for Israel, might speak up on the family’s behalf. Whether they ever did or not is unknown. My own personal hunch is they probably didn’t bother. As I noted in a post just five days ago, one of the envoys, Jason Greenblatt, seemed too preoccupied spouting a bunch of airheaded nonsense about Hamas to notice the racist injustices taking place before his very eyes.

The Israeli court ruled that the Shamasne property had belonged to some Jews prior to 1948. There is an Israeli law on the books that allows Jews to reclaim property allegedly lost when Jordan solidified control over East Jerusalem in the war of 1948-49. No similar law exists for Palestinians who lost property in the very same war. ]


Settlers Move into East Jerusalem Home after Israel Evicts Palestinian Family

Ma’an News

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian family was evicted from their home of 53 years in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah early Tuesday morning, culminating a protracted legal battle by which Israeli authorities claim the property belongs to Israeli settlers.

The displacement of the Shamasna family marked the first time since 2009 that a Palestinian family was evicted from Sheikh Jarrah, when a wave of Israeli settler ownership claims targeted the neighborhood based on a law that allows Jewish Israelis to take control of property believed to have been owned by Jews before 1948.

Members of the Shamasna family told Ma’an that large numbers of Israeli police officers, special units, and intelligence officers stormed the house and forcibly evacuated the family before they started to move their furniture and belongings into a truck.

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7 thoughts on “Shamasne Family Evicted from its Home in East Jerusalem

  1. Take a good look everyone . This eviction is what Judaism means today and ALWAYS ! ” Biblical Israel ” , ” true Jew ,” false Jew ” , ” converted Jew ” . It does NOT only mean this poor Palastinian Family . It means what Jews ALWAYS did ,and intend to even do to YOU : Jew idoloizer ,or not ! They are at war with the whole Gentile world by ‘ divine instruction’.

  2. I wonder for how long the world citizenry will be able to close their eyes to such blatant fascism of the Israeli government , if one can call it that.

  3. I think it’s the leaders more so than the citizens, SF. It’s the leaders who are looking the other way–and not only looking the other way but deliberately trying to pass laws, such as the one in the US Congress now that would criminalize the BDS movement.

  4. The thing that struck me about it is the old man obviously has health problems. Notice he sits in a wheel chair and has bandages around his legs. Throwing someone like that into the street can’t be justified in any court of law.

  5. There are Jews who are not at war with the entire world. Gilad Atzmon is one who comes to mind, and there are others. Seeing all Jews as evil is an over-simplified, black-and-white view. The situation we are in is vastly more complicated than that.

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