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4 thoughts on “‘Cars Flying Over Our Heads’–Footage of Hurricane Destruction in the Caribbean

  1. why is there no mention of the Decades that people have been warning governments and polluting corporations that they are ‘creating’ global climate crises everywhere…we have had YEARS to do what many other countries have been doing…switching from fossil fuels that lead to more carbon in the atmosphere which leads to warmer oceans, melting glaciers and rising sea levels along with more intense and powerful weather phenomena. These enormous storms like Katrina, Irma, Harvey and intensifying monsoons in Asia and Pacific are all related. These horrific images are MAN MADE. God’s perfect natural system of weather has been continuously contaminated and spoiled because of disrespect of natural systems and fouling the air, water, earth and all living things. We were tasked to be good shepheds of the ‘garden’. You see what the reality has been. Along with praying for Peace think of the suffering greed continues to levy on humankind…it was all preventable. I wonder if the Governor of Florida continues to threaten population with punishment for using the term “climate change”?

  2. I was a sceptic and thought the climate change was a goverment ruse to shake more money out of us or to keep China from rising,but when you look at the facts it is very REAL,from the time of the industrial revolution to now we have been damaging the earth,our civilisation has reached a cross roads,there is now dogma between to exstreme thoughts ,there are those who advocate a more primitive existence,that would like us to dispense with a lot of our modern technology,e.g.,use of planes and other forms of transport and there are those who reject all scientific evidence and facts ,this planetary crisis is quite a puzzle,because returning to some less evolved existence on a farm yard does Not sound appealing then again threat of a deluge sweeping over the land is a scarey thought,and considering i live near the London Thames,i would Not like our barrier in the Docklands area to give out..

  3. Climate change is real, Ozy. That’s my opinion. It’s hard to imagine that we could do all we’ve done to pollute the air and water and cut down all the forests we’ve cut down without it all having an impact.

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