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Palestinian Bishop Spat on, Insulted by Christ-Hating Jewish Settlers

[ Ed. note – Theodosios Atallah Hannah is archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. A native Palestinian, he was first ordained a priest in 1991. This past Tuesday night he came under attack by a group of Jewish settlers who surrounded him, spat on him, and hurled insults.

Below you will find a news article on this incident, followed by translations of three Facebook posts from the archbishop himself–two from Wednesday morning and the third from earlier today. As is the case with Facebook, the translations are rather rough, but one thing that comes through crystal clear is that the assault upon Hannah was carried out by a group of Jewish religious students.

Many Christians in the West may be unaware of this, but the Jewish Talmud teaches hatred of Christ and the Christian faith. This is something we never hear or read about in the mainstream media–say over CNN or in the New York Times–both media outlets seemingly far more disposed toward chronic quotes from Washington politicians on the putative “shared values” Americans and Israelis supposedly hold in common. It is a contention that is inaccurate and fallacious. Christianity and Talmudic Judaism, or more specifically the teachings of Christ and the teachings of the Talmud, are in reality polar opposites.

As Hannah also notes in his posts, this is not the first time Christian clerics have been spat upon by Jews in Israel, or “Jewish extremists,” as he puts it. It has actually been going on for quite a while. You can go here to access an article on the issue by Haaretz that was posted back in 2011. Hannah comments that the extremists “hate Christians, as they hate all the Palestinian people.”

Perhaps the most interesting is the second of the three Facebook posts, in which the archbishop reports on a visit he received from a high-level delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church currently vising Jerusalem. Reportedly they came to call on him after hearing about the attack. I suspect during the visit they got an earful. ]


Father Hannah Spat on and Insulted by Jewish Settlers in J’lem

Palestine Information Center

Father Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of the Palestinian Orthodox Church in Occupied Jerusalem, was exposed last Tuesday evening to a spitting and verbal attack by Jewish students in the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.

A statement has been released on his official Facebook page deploring the assault and settlers’ ongoing offensive and aggressive practices against the Christian clergy in Jerusalem.

Father Hanna was assaulted after he left the Church of the Flagellation in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City on his way to the Patriarchate, according to the statement.

He was spit on and verbally attacked by male and female students of a Jewish religious school in the Old City.

“They were more than 20 people, and they started spitting first and then cursing. They shouted vulgar remarks at the Reverend Archbishop and insulted the Holy Cross and the Christian faith,” the statement said.

“Some Palestinian young men in the area provided protection for the Archbishop and prevented the fanatics from physically assaulting him,” the statement added.

For his part, Father Hanna on Wednesday denounced what had happened with him in the Old City, stressing that “no power in the world can uproot the Palestinians from their holy land.”

“Such blind extremism and hatred will only increase our ties with our holy city, which is our spiritual and national capital and an incubator for our most important holy sites,” he said.


Posted by Archbishop Hannah on his Facebook page:

September 13 at 9:17 a.m.:

Mr. Bishop Atta, having received a delegation of the holy figures this morning, ” I say to extremists who are upset by the Christian presence in the city of Jerusalem that we are staying in our city of dinner and father of my father

Jerusalem – Archbishop Atta Hanna, Archbishop of Canterbury, this morning, said that there is no force in this world capable of extracting our deep roots in the soil of this holy land, we belong to Jerusalem, its history and its identity and Its heritage and its shrines, we belong to the Palestinian people fighting for freedom and we will never abandon our spiritual, human and national message in this holy land.
What happened last night, our response to him is that we are staying in our holy city of father and father from my father, that this extremism and this blind hatred will only make us clinging and clinging to our sacred city, which is our spiritual capital. A National and a protector of our most sacred sacred, our unity and our brothers and we meet as sons of the Palestinian people in this country.
It’s not the first time we’ve been exposed to such attacks, and clearly it won’t be the last, because there is an increase in the numbers of Jewish extremists in the old town who have been given protection so that they can stimulate the people of our people in an unacceptable and non-acceptable Justified.
What happened last night will not frighten us and will not affect us, but on the contrary, we assure you and all our friends that we will not abandon our message and presence and serve us to this holy city we belong to.
The phenomenon of Jewish extremism, especially in the old town of Jerusalem, is on the rise, and there are Christian religious men who have been subjected to similar attacks and the Christian funerals of the holy cross when they go from Jerusalem churches to the Christian Cemetery, often outside the walls. These Jewish extremists spit and insult and provoke participants on these occasions.
This phenomenon has been in Jerusalem for years but has recently increased. There are a number of Christian religious men who are subjected to harassment of this kind by these extremist groups that do not believe in coexistence and religious tolerance.
We express our rejection and repudiation of this phenomenon and of this rising hatred against Christians and of the Christian religious people in particular.
We would like our message to reach where it must reach, because this extremism and racism, which we observe every day and every hour, will only increase the membership of our holy city and reject the phenomenon of extremism, racism and hatred. I doubt her and her.
We are one of those who always assure that all people, and their religion, their religion, they belong to a single human family created by God, but those extremists are blinded by hatred and by their vision, acting in this inhuman manner. For moral.
There are Jewish religious groups in Jerusalem who are passing by a church or by a Christian clergy or a nun or even christian pilgrims who spit on them and would them and consider this part of their religious rituals rate.
We wish Christian churches to pay attention to this phenomenon. The City of Jerusalem is the custodian of the most important Christian Holy Sacred, the first and only kiss of Christians, and it is not permissible to silence and accept these abuses against Christian men in order to intimidate and intimidate them.
What I would like to say is that we will remain committed to the Palestinian people and our defense of the justice of the Palestinian cause, and if there are any extreme actors of the Palestinian Christian voice, we tell them and who sent them to your threats and Your Winter and keep will not make us increase and clinging to our Jerusalem and our defence of the justice of the Palestinian people.
While we reject the phenomenon of Jewish religious extremism with respect to Christians and religious men in particular and the Palestinian people in general, we reject any other kind of extremism, that the phenomenon of religious extremism is an unacceptable phenomenon that is unacceptable to us because we believe that Religion is not a fence that separates man from his brother, but he is a loving, brotherly, up and will.
The phenomenon of extremism, whatever its origin, is a situation beyond the human, moral and civilizational context.
I say to those who do not like the Christian presence in the city of Jerusalem, that Jerusalem is the city of the cross, the hopes, the resurrection and the light, it is the city that embraces the most important Christian Holy places, which have set off the Christian message to
I say to those Jewish extremists and their teachers and their wasi and ripple that the face of Christ will not be absent from Jerusalem, and the Christian presence will remain in our holy city against all your hatred and sedition.
The Bells of our churches will continue to ring and the Christian men will remain wandering in the old town, heading to their we, and we are not afraid of you, neither of you nor your threat.
The words of Bishop of the bishop came this morning when he received a number of Palestinian National figures from the old town of Jerusalem who had come to solidarity with his lordship and to reassure him and to affirm the categorical rejection of such abuses and racist practices.

September 13 at 10:07 a.m.:

Mr. Bishop Hanna receives a delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church: ” Jerusalem church bells will continue to ring against all racist racist haters of the Christian presence in this holy city

Jerusalem – a delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church this morning visited Bishop Atta God, Archbishop of Canterbury.
The delegation included a number of bishops and Russian Orthodox Presidents visiting Jerusalem in these days.
The delegation visited the Bishop’s Bishop to check on him after an attempt on the brutal attack of yesterday evening near the monastery of Jesus Christ in the old town of pain in Jerusalem by a group of Jewish extremists.
The Russian delegation has expressed its disapproval and rejection of this blind extremism by some extremist Jewish religious groups, and they have expressed their solidarity with the bishop and tanaka of the bishop and his refusal to encroach upon him and to target him because of his positions. .
The Archbishop said in his statement that I would like to thank this Russian high-level delegation for its spiritual and human initiative and for those sincere words that we have heard.
We thank you for your love and your prayers and your prayers, and we would like to assure you that what we have experienced yesterday will not only make us clinging to our sacred city and join our spiritual, human and national values.
We will not be faced with extremism and hatred with hatred and racism, because this is contrary to our values, morality and principles, which we always call upon, but in return, it is not permissible to accept such extremism and racism, which is a serious phenomenon in the city of Jerusalem. We consider it the city of peace, but these extremists have turned them into a city of conflict, violence, hatred, extremism and racism.
The Christian presence in this holy land is a long and deliver presence. We are not goods imported from anywhere in this world we are the indigenous children of Palestine together with our Muslim brothers our partners in human and National Affiliation in this holy land.
Their element and their right will not disappoint us and we will not go backwards. We are moving forward and in our quest to maintain our historic and historic presence in this holy city, we are not minorities in our countries, not communities and not. Guests are guests, and Palestine is our home and Jerusalem is our city and our most important sacred.
These Jewish extremists may be blinded by hatred and their understanding that they only believe in hatred, extremism and racism, and they hate Christians, as they hate all the Palestinian people, that this phenomenon that we have seen in Jerusalem for several years has recently increased because of The increase in the number of Jewish Jewish settlers entering the old town and walking around in a provocative, spit and smell manner and insulting anyone who disagrees with them in their religion, power or belief.
We have to remember Jesus in his last hours on the cross, he shamed and spit on him and cursing him, and they gave him a change of water, and heard a lot of swearing, we have to learn from him patience, probability, steadfastness and fortitude, we have to be very much The wisdom, responsibility, integrity, and true affiliation of this holy land, that their knowledge, their racism and their Einstein will not change our convictions and will not affect our principles and values, but will make us more belonging to this land. The Sacred and defence of their sacred and free people.
There are some extremists who are upset by the Arab-Palestinian Christian presence in the city of Jerusalem, LED by Palestinian Christian voices defending the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, they want us to abandon our own and our spiritual and national identity and that is not It is happening at all that the phenomenon of extremism and hatred in our hands will only lead us to contentment and defend our heritage, civilization and history in this holy land.
Jerusalem church bells will still be ringing against all the racist racists of the Christian presence in this holy city, and our message will remain the message of love, peace and brotherhood, our message will remain the message of belonging to this land that we cling to and cling to We belong to her and our roots deep in her soil as an olive tree that symbolizes peace but also symbolizes deep roots in this blessed land.
We ask you to pray for the city of Jerusalem to remain the city of peace, asking you to pray for Palestine to achieve justice in this holy land and to pray together for this arab mashreq for a culture of peace, dialogue and love. Terrorism, violence and hatred.
His Lordship placed the delegation in the image of the situation in the city of Jerusalem and in particular our Orthodoxy.
His Lordship had also put the delegation in the form of Christian presence in the Holy City, emphasizing the affiliation of Palestinian Christians with their homeland and their people and defending their national justice.
Palestinian Christians are an essential component of our people, we belong to the land, the cause, the people, the people, the history and the heritage, and we are proud that Palestine is the cradle of Christianity and the land of the blessed and holy shrines, it is the home we live in and We, Palestine, the land of love, Brotherhood and Christian Muslim National Unity.
Thank you for your visit and for the love that you have been inundated with this day.

15 hours ago (as of this posting):

Mr. Bishop Atta, when he met with a foreign media delegation, ” I say to the racist fanatics who are upset by the holy churches of Jerusalem, they have heard that they can leave and go anywhere else in our world

Jerusalem – Mr. Atta Atta, Archbishop of., was received today by a delegation of foreign media representatives residing in the city of Jerusalem, where the bishop was placed in the image of the attack he was subjected to near the monastery of imprisonment, by a group of Jewish extremists, His Lordship said that this phenomenon was seen in the holy city several years ago, since there are some extremist Jewish groups that are hostile to the Christian religion and spit on Christian religious symbols and Christian clerics when they pass by. Near them.
This phenomenon exists and a large number of Christian religious men have been subjected to such acts of racism, hatred and blind hatred.
In our turn, we would like to say that we will not face racism with racism and we will not face hatred and extremism with hatred and extremism, because this is contrary to our values, morality and principles that we always call upon.
When they sẖtmwnạ and spat upon us we did not reply to them in the same way because this contradicts our culture and our spiritual and human values, we do not fight evil with evil but a culture of love, Brotherhood and peace and upholding human values And the spiritual and moral, they express their right and their racism and their hatred, but we know about our attachment and we cling to our holy city and our nation, our spiritual, human and moral values, they will not be able to drag us to The same manner they follow, we are a people with morals and values, and with human principles, spiritual and moral principles, we must face racism, hatred, hatred and evil based on our values and principles, and we will not abandon those values and those principles. Under any circumstances.
No matter how many racist haters haters come to the Christian presence in this holy land, our message will remain in this country a message that ạqtbl steel for us and taught us that the greatness of man lies in his humility and the values of loving and brotherhood and peace he carries in His heart.
These racist haters think that their power lies in cursing and insulting others, but we are lost from our ancient and sacred affiliation to this holy land, our strength, we have drawn from our faith and from belonging to Jerusalem and this holy place. From the world, they think their power is insulting and insulting others, but we are not cursing and using obscene words as part of our culture, our culture is not a culture of cursing, racism and hatred, our culture is a culture of openness, presence, message and you Cling to our spiritual, human and national values.
I would like to say to those who are would and insulting us because we are Christians that this is what your fathers and ancestors did with the Jesus they were would and ambitions and spit on, but insulting your parents and your ancestors for Christ did not diminish. His message is Redeemer, loyal and mentor who came to this world to spread the seeds of love, Brotherhood and peace among people.
Our culture is not a culture of hatred, hatred and racism, but a culture of love without borders. We are looking at every human being in this world as a creature of God and like him, and he is a brother to us in human beings because God is the one who created us all and We are all children of Adam and we all belong to a single human family, even if there are many religions and our cultural or intellectual backgrounds.
We are Palestinians who have created father and father from my father, and these few Christians who remain silent and silent in this holy land are an essential component of our oppressed and oppressed Palestinian people, and what Christians are subjected to all the Palestinian people. Racism is aimed at all of us, and it does not exclude anyone at all, we are Palestinians and there is no force capable of killing us from our religious, human and national roots, and we will continue to preach freedom to our Palestinian people and remain refusing for occupation and practice. And its policies and occupation, racism in our right will only make us stable and to our message and our defence and defense about the cause of our Palestinian people, one of the Palestinian people, Christians and Muslims, the growing phenomenon of racism in the city of Jerusalem. Before these extremists need to be treated, and the basic treatment is that the occupation ends and our Palestinian people have the freedom they deserve, as long as the occupation is in place, we do not expect the phenomenon of racism and extremism to end our rights and the right of all our people. Palestinian.
Achieving Justice in this holy land will lead to peace, and do not search for peace away from justice. Peace is the fruit of the fruits of justice and without justice.
We will not be afraid of their component and their hatred, and we will not live in panic and fear and fear as they want us to be, we are not afraid of them because we are a fair cause and have deep roots in the soil of this land and will not Any racist hater can pull it off.
They will not be able to make us fear and hesitate to do our spiritual, human and National Duty, and some want us to remain silent on the injustices of our Palestinian people, and we say that we will not be. Our people, who are all of our cause, are the cause of justice and justice for the oppressed, in pain and suffering.
I tell the two elements of the cross to watch the cross and hear the bells of our churches, tell them that the city of Jerusalem is the city of the cross, the resurrection and the light, and if the churches of Jerusalem have arrived, they have led you to get away from this city and Anywhere else in this world where there are no churches, no crosses and no bells.
Whoever enters Jerusalem has to know that it exists in the holiest place of Christians, who comes to Jerusalem, to know that this city is the spiritual and national capital of our Palestinian people, and who is disturbed by the vision of our presence and our churches. Our home and go wherever he wants.
We will remain in this holy city of the father and father of my father, this is our city and our first and only, and the city that we love and belong to its heritage, history and identity.
We reject all manifestations of extremism in all its forms and manifestations and reject the use of religion for inhuman and non-civilizational purposes.
Extremism, racism and hatred wherever and whenever it is found is a phenomenon that is unacceptable to us.
Racist extremists in all their forms and colors and whatever religion they belong to are a single family that is the devil who wants evil for this world and does not want good, peace and love between man and man.
The Archbishop replied to a number of questions and inquiries, and the media delegation expressed their condemnation and condemnation of the phenomenon of racism and extremism in the holy city and expressed their solidarity with the archbishop and all those who were targeted by the extremism. This racism.

38 thoughts on “Palestinian Bishop Spat on, Insulted by Christ-Hating Jewish Settlers

  1. What did Jesus do when one of His disciples tried to protect Him in the Garden? Jesus does not want us attacking His enemies. Where is Jesus Christ in any of your message? Who is it you follow? You are more concerned about the politics of the end times than you are about following Christ or obeying His commandments. You should spend as much time and effort toward locating the Kingdom of Heaven within yourself. That is how Christ will come.

  2. American Christian Zionists, with their 100% support to Israel without question, have made temporal Israel an IDOL. They are blinf to the Zionist Temple movement, financially supported by the Israeli government, calling for the reinstatement of animal blood sacrifice as the Atonement for Sin.

    The Christian Fundamental is Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross was/is the replacement of the Jewish religion blood sacrifice as the Atonement for Sin, Once and for ALL PEOPLE NATIONS, TONGUES, and SKIN TONE Tongues and skin tone for ALL TIME.

    In effect, this is Israel giving the finger to Christianity for all it’s support.

  3. I’m trying to fathom why you are making these criticisms of me. In what way am I disobeying Christ’s commandments? Are you saying I should not have reported the attack upon the bishop? Should I not report on any attacks upon Christians anywhere? If that is your reasoning, then maybe the gospel writers should not have reported on the crucifixion. Perhaps they should have just left that part out of the story? If we don’t report on anything, then we’ll all be in blissful ignorance. Is that the kind of Christianity you follow?

  4. Some people Richard just don’t like reports like this one , exposing the zionist agenda,especially the zionist Christians .The very word is an oxymoron.
    i have been aware of such reports for many years and tried to expose these actions to deaf ears .Thank you for this post and the work that you are doing.

  5. What I object to is the perpetuation of hate; you present your audience with news stories of acts of hate and violence toward Christians which encourages them to want to respond in kind.

    Jesus never said for us to fight for our beliefs, to defend His life ; or even to worship Him. He said for us to love each other (and that includes the Talmud-obedient Jews) and to follow Him. We follow Him by doing what He did…which was to give up His earthly / temporal identity and existence in order to

  6. (Sorry) attain total identity with and embodiment of His Christ presence.

    We have lost that aspect of following Him…lost that aspect of Christianity.

    Where did Jesus ever say, “Avenge my crucifixion!”

  7. I would suggest to you, Kitsy, that the people doing the spitting are the ones who are perpetuating hate. I am not trying to “avenge the crucifixion.” I am simply trying to report on actual events that are taking place. I have not advocated that anyone “respond in kind” to anything, and I have never advocated violence on this website.

  8. Is it fanning the flames or speaking the truth? In Matthew 23 was Jesus fanning the flames or speaking the truth? A prohibition and ban on speaking truth for fear of fanning someone’s flames–this would have certainly limited what Jesus had to say in a lot of cases.

  9. Richard, reporting this does not mean that you are spreading or inciting hate. That is a canard, a smear, and is not honest or objective.

    The Talmud has numerous passages that tell Jews to spit on Christian churches, crosses, etc. All this offensive behavior coming from a people who have brainwashed the world into believing they are perpetual victims and cannot ever be victimizers.

    In the early 1950s, the Israelis destroyed and defaced many Christian shrines, churches and statues in Palestine. They seemed to especially target statues of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

  10. 1) Christ is God; you’re not. Jesus had every right to judge the religious leaders; Judgement is His perrogative; not yours.
    2) Speaking the truth about injustice is called for; inciting others with emotional rhetoric which encourages others to fear or hate is causing them to stumble.

    Speak the truth but do not do it in a way that encourages others to fear, to despair, or to hate because that causes them to be as bad as those you find fault with.

    Words matter.

  11. Speaking truth requires making judgements. Otherwise, how do we even know what the truth is? If someone goes out and spits on a priest for no other reason than that he is a priest, we have what amounts to an antipodal interplay between a Christ lover and a Christ hater. That is a judgement on my part, but it’s also a truth. You say: “Speak the truth but do not do it in a way that encourages others to fear, to despair, or to hate…” Is that not the same as saying, “Speak certain truths but not others”? Bishop Hannah in his Facebook post refers to those who attacked him as “Jewish extremists.” Is he being overly judgemental in your opinion?

    Yes, speaking truth can cause people to feel a variety of emotions, but this does not mean we should shun the truth and refrain from speaking it.

  12. it would be rather entertaining seeing Kitsy “LOVE” a


    {{{{RABID DOG}}}} back to “good health”….


    Jesus didn’t teach subservience to evil….@ John 8:44
    He just laid the truth on {{{{THEM}}}}….and {{{{THEY}}}
    Hate Truth & Justice….Economic Justice


    so when Adoram got stoned, where were the Yiddish speaking

    {{{{JEWS}}}}….”Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism


    have you ever looked up the word “Reproach” from Isaiah 4:1

    pathological altruism {Jew Worship} & delusional psychopathy
    won’t change true…for Men who love their children and
    don’t want them living in a “JEW” worshipping “SOCIETY”

  13. The term “making judgements” is very much the same as the word “discrimination;” multiple meanings that are close but not the same. But you know this, Richard. We have begun sparring in semantics.

    When Jesus says that is it not our place to judge, “lest we be judged,” He is cautioning us that we would be putting ourselves under the same spotlight and scrutiny that we have put others. But that is acceptible; we are forwarned.

    Again, you know all this. My objection to your blog posts is in the tone because of the audience. As a prophet, it is appropriate for you to call out ;oliticians and church leaders the way Jesus did. And when you do so, you can use strong language and pull none of your punches…because they can take it.

    A few years ago, I responded to another Christian’s blog post because she was writing about Islamic Nigerian terrorists burning textbooks that described Christianity. my objection was not in the subject matter, but with the title: “Islam Erases Christianity from History.” People who don’t know better might think that is even possible..

    I started following your blog because you relate events and the background information that I am interested in. But I found myself uncomfortable with how your words were tending toward sensationalism and an attempt to invoke outrage.

    Spit. Really? Sure the gesture is rude and show a lack of respect…especilly in certain cultures but Jesus used spit in the healing of the blind man’s sight…and I suspect the use of spit was as much for symbolism and effect as anything else.

    Richard, I do not wish to belabor this point much more…it seems beat to death. I just felt that much of the value of your blog was being overshadowed by the appeal to emotions..

  14. Kitsy, there is certainly a great, great deal to be said for reserving judgement and responding with love when someone unjustly attacks us. At the same time, I think it’s also important for us not to ignore the fact that evil exists, and that we wrestle with “principalities and powers,” as Ephesians chapter 6 describes it. Where do we find the “happy medium” that presumably exists between these two callings? It’s not exactly clear. Or perhaps more precisely, it may seem clear one day but lost in fog the next. This is I think where prayer comes in. When we are overcome with doubt and uncertainty, we humbly pray for God’s guidance. I do this, and I’m sure you do as well. I want to thank you, Kitsy, for engaging in this dialogue. Your comments here have given me much to think about.

  15. I thank you, too, Richard, for the same.

    In truth, my dealings with and understanding of evil has changed and evolved over the years. I addressed the subect of evil a great deal on my former blog TheViewFrom5022.wordpress.com . In fact, I lost ownership of that blog through being severely hacked. Those posts are still out there but my understanding of how I am to deal with darkness, negativity, and evil continues to evolve. My latest change in viewpoint came just this afternoon in my reading of Jim Marion’s book “Putting on the Mind of Christ.” (I highly recommend it. I believe it would help you in your mission as prophet, as it has me, mine.)

    Blessings, Richard.

  16. Kitsy Stratton. Jesus said faith without work is dead. What the writer is doing is work, exposing those who are absolutely despising and killing christianity. And sharing absolute truth that everyone especially christians need to know. Attacking this person with absolute nonsense only confirms you are an infiltrator in interests of zio-cia-nism.

  17. kitsy the sly
    trying to strangle christians
    with a vapid, jew concocted christianity

    let the jew pets sing

  18. I am confused…as to whether I am being labelled a jew or a neo-Nazi…or both…but I am neither; I am a BiaFoJ: a believer in and follower of Jesus…a Christian in the truest sense. I seek the Kingdom of Heaven within myself and work to help and encourage others to do the same. I strive to obey Jesus Christ’s commandments and that includes loving the misguided. I fight fear…which is the real opposite of love…and I fight it with patient attention.

  19. evil loves fear creates fear
    how do you feel about loving evil
    maybe evil is the opposite of love
    judaizm equals evil
    i get this from torahtalmudjewwordsactions

  20. 5-D, “loving evil” and responding to evil by showing love in its face are two very different things. The latter can potentially be a very forceful reply to evil. This I think is the point Kitsy is trying to make. Let’s all try and be a little more loving whenever humanly possible.

  21. You may be getting these ideas from torahtalmudjewwordsactions but you are not getting them from Jesus. Would you rather believe and act on what torahtalmudjewwordsactions tells you or believe and act on what Jesus tells you. Listen to Jesus…not propaganda. Evil is what comes out of fear. Evil perpetuates fear and gets power from fear. Fear is the lie.
    Violence results when fear is coupled with bad decisions.

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  24. Ms Stratton ,I am an outstanding judge of people ,and can tell by your writing,and demeaner ,that you are a defacto Jew worshipper. The type who respects them for their earthy influence, money,and power. Your kind sees the Jews above all laws, karma,justice, and decency ,and leaves the Gentile defensless against there eternal machinations. Jeus Christ did not stand down to the Jews . If He would have ,they would of seen no threat while He was on ,earth,or from Him eternally. .”Better one man die,then an entire nation “. Chief High Priest Caiphus “,said before ,” The Jews met at his house to KILL Him”. Christ created a “New Covenant”, breaking the Old Tribal hate diety exclusive to Judaism ,(who seeks YOUR enslavement ,or destruction)…. When Pilot,who the Jews pin Christs death on ,tried to free Him,they creid out, ” May the blood of this man,be on us,and OUR CHIILDREN FOREVER “. Christ responded :” Your house shall now be made desolate”. Christ said this on the way to the cross :” Oh daughters of Jerusalem do not weep for me ,but for yourselves,because if YOU DO THIS ,in the green wood ,what will you do in the dry”. “There will come a time ,when you will say, hills hide me,and mountains cover me”. He said the “Fig Tree ” (symbol of Jews) will no longer bear fruit”. I suggest you go back to cocktails ,with your “dear Jewish friends, “,and leave Mr.Edmondsons enlightening work alone. Your type

  25. Dante, Jesus was the Jew; I am a Gentile Christian. In my life-long walk with Jesus, I have found it risky to claim to be an “outstanding judge” of anything because He strongly cautionned against judging anyone and whenever I thought I was ‘outstanding,’ I was promptly proven wrong. As the rest of your comment is based on your mistaken notion that I am Jewish, I will ignore it. If, by “demeanor,” you are referring to my profile photo, I happen to love hats and am accustomed to wearing them to church.

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