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Psychological or Biological? What’s Causing Americans to Hate Each Other So Much?

What can be causing the deep divisions in American society we are seeing now? Why are people so viciously at each other’s throats? Is it solely due to incitement by the media, or are there other factors? And if other factors are at play, could one of them possibly be a biological determinant?

In the video below we see a young woman becoming exceedingly outraged over comments by a speaker at a public rally whom she accuses of being a “fake anarchist.”

Whether the speaker was espousing genuine or fake anarchist principles, it seems like a trivial matter to get so vexed over. The incident took place this past Saturday at a pro-Trump rally in Washington. That a person identifying himself as an anarchist would be invited to speak at such an event apparently threw the young woman into a rage. What to make of it?

Recently Ron Paul posted a video commentary in which the former congressman offers an analysis on the divisions currently tearing America apart. The main cultural divide, as he sees it, is between the “alt-right” and the “cultural Marxists.” Both groups he faults for an embrace of “authoritarianism,” and at one point in the video he opines, “Though there are leaders on both sides promoting violence, large numbers are attracted to the raging culture war for emotional reasons in response to the lies and the incitement by those whose ulterior motive is seeking power, wealth, and promoting a dangerous new world order.”

Lies and distortions by the media are thus having a psychological impact upon society, contributing to a “raging culture war”–this in effect is what Paul is saying. It’s a valid analysis as far as it goes, but it doesn’t consider the possibility of chemical or biological factors.

Yesterday I put up a post on a massive aerial pesticide spraying program begun by the US Air Force in Texas. The stated purpose of the program is to control the mosquito population in the wake of Hurricane Harvey–and in the post I included an article written by Whitney Webb, who notes that Naled, the key active ingredient in the pesticide being used, is a “known neurotoxin” which can cause birth defects and which has been banned in Europe.

After putting up that post, I happened to come across the most recent installment of Dane Wigington’s weekly radio program in which, coincidentally, he offers up some interesting commentary on the very same article by Webb.

Wigington is the founder of Geoengineering Watch and administrator of GeoengineeringWatch.org, a site dedicated to monitoring and exposing government efforts at weather and climate modification through aerial spraying of particulates into the skies. His commentary on Webb’s article and the pesticide spraying under way in Texas begins at about 42:15 in the video below. Take a listen and note particularly what he says about the cat parasitic disease toxoplasmosis. The disease is caused by a pathogen known as toxoplasma gondii, a protozoan parasite which, when it manages to get into humans, can result in outbursts of rage.

Wigington correctly notes there is no evidence to suggest that the toxoplasma gondii parasite has been harnessed as a biological warfare agent by the government. And certainly to contend that it had been utilized in an effort to ignite a “raging culture war” in America would be baseless and without foundation. But given that there seem to be no restraints on the shadow government/deep state, is the possibility really all that farfetched?

If you want to read up on toxoplasmosis, two of the articles cited by Wigington are here and here. A third article, in Scientific American, is behind a pay wall, but a separate article on the same subject, available at Scientific American, can be accessed here for free. One of the articles notes that “researchers found a link between the parasite [toxoplasma gondii] and Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), a psychiatric disorder characterized by recurrent, impulsive, problematic outbursts of verbal or physical aggression that are disproportionate to the situations that trigger them.”

For whatever reason the US government seems obsessed with spraying things into the air. Following the BP oil spill in 2011, government regulators allowed the spraying of some 1.9 million gallons of the chemical Corexit over the Gulf of Mexico, this in an effort to sink the oil to the bottom of the sea. Last year, aerial spraying for mosquitoes took place in Florida after the first cases of Zika reportedly turned up in the state. Now there is the spraying in Texas. And of course we have the familiar, ongoing “chemtrail” bombardments filling our skies with a white haze on an almost daily basis.

“This is not about revenue ultimately, it’s about something much darker,” Wigington argues in his radio show.

It’s hard to take issue with that.

10 thoughts on “Psychological or Biological? What’s Causing Americans to Hate Each Other So Much?

  1. I reject your premise that Americans hate each other so much. Propaganda and media complicity only make it seem that way. Let’s just leave it at that for now.

  2. The elephant in the room, in my opinion, still is Fuk-u-Shima and the ever increasing radiation in the air we breathe and the oceans. I have extensive documentation on the Macondo blow-out which happened on April 20, 2010. Don’t know if Adolf”s birthday has anything to do with it. -:) The 1.1 or 1.9 Mio gallons of Corexit 9500 + 9527 A (2-butoxy ethanol – BuOC2H4OH manufactured by Nalco, they sprayed on the GOM to hide the oil slicks sure didn’t enhance the environment. Peter Sutherland head of BP at the time was never taken to task and now is in charge of immigration policies in Europe. Bummer.

    When Fukushima happened I just gave up taking notes because I think the repercussions from both ‘accidents’ are sufficient to make us all sick over time. How long does it take? I don’t know. Spraying us like crop dusters do to fields just about to be harvested, with aluminum, barium and other wonderful compounds is just the icing on the cake.

    Dane is a good guy but he believes in AGW which should have been discarded after all the data-fudging came to light (cue Delingpole).

    So, I think, you’re onto something. It’s not just political. The GMI (global mass insanity) index is going up and up and up, an arbitrary measurement for people’s tolerance to radiation poisoning. That’s just my humble opinion.

  3. It’s already been shown that aluminum nano particles–like the kind in the chemtrails–can cause Alzheimer’s and mental degradation in the elderly, so it’s not far fetched to think the same can happen to the rest of us, leaving Americans with diminished mental faculties, leading to violence when trying to sort out problems..

    There’s a group of malevolent saboteurs living among us who have placed their loyalty to another state above their citizenship.
    Some of these traitors fund Antifa groups, some agitate for endless wars in the ME, others control our MSM, Hollywood and the central bank, plus those TBTF Wall Street Casinos, yet that isn’t enough power, they want absolute power and if they have to kill tens of millions in the process, well that’s the price of making a Red Omelette.


  4. could be a Billionaire/TRILLIONAIRE with a cell phone conspiracy like in


    mostly it’s vibrational….


    BAD VIBES from the :


    which affect the BRAINDEADGOY who are “emotionally” programmed
    to go full tilt boogie over every issue of no consequence to the


    who prints the currency,

    Who Owns The Media….and HATES Jesus…?


    how do sodomites “engage” in “Holy Matrimony”…?

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  7. You’re right, the oil spill was in 2010. My mistake, and thank you for pointing it out. Yes, lots of poisons killing the planet now. The Fukushima disaster is ongoing.

  8. One must also include the negative influence of all the EMF(Electro Magnetic Fields) pervading our society today. Soon cellular 5G will roll out to add to the already high levels hitting us. Check out the 2012 Bioinitiative Report: http://www.bioinitiative.org/
    My friggin’ electric toothbrush has a Bluetooth transmitter!

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