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In Need of a Doctor

Here we we see Palestinian school children having their purses and knapsacks searched by an Israeli soldier…

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but those who are ill.


The thing that strikes me most about this video is how the soldier seems in no hurry to carry out his duties. Nothing to indicate he has any interest in seeing the children proceed along to school with minimum delay. On the contrary, he seems to draw the search out deliberately, much as if to hold them up as long as possible. The other thing that strikes me is the way he tosses the items he has finished pawing and raking over back onto the table with something of a dismissive air of contempt. Any country that treats children this way as a matter of official policy is in dire need of a doctor.

8 thoughts on “In Need of a Doctor

  1. Yes, Abbs. You really need a doctor. don’t blame Israel for this necessity. Blame you, friends. The ones that you support. The Muslims. Why do Israeli soldiers have to search the school children? For the simple reason that their books and teachers tell them how to stab Jews. In order to eliminate it, we look and search for knives. The hatred of your prefered friends, towards Jews,l make them incite the soft souls of their young students. These students do what their teachers teach them in school. they teach them how to stab Israelis. this we can see daily in the West Bank where young/school children try to stab Israelis and sometimes get shot by the soldiers. This is the result of what you support. Just try to understand it. It is not that difficult. but you won’t as you are poisoned too.
    Shanahan Toveh

  2. correction
    their bible is the torah
    the book of hate
    that leads to the volumes
    of their hate filled talmud

    the soulless people of hate

  3. When you steal other people’s land and try and crush their spirit under a brutal occupation, they tend to fight you back with whatever utensil may be at their disposal. So please, “just try and understand it. It is not that difficult.” By the way, it wasn’t Abbs who said Israel needs a doctor, it was me. Yours truly. Abbs didn’t have anything to do with it. All I did was retweet what she had tweeted. I don’t know if she is Jewish or not, or whether that’s why you’re trying to beat up on her, but if she is, she’s got more integrity in her little finger, I would suggest, than you have in your entire vacuous, hasbara-regurgitating brain.

  4. see we see
    listen we listen
    understand we understand
    jew be israel
    israel be evil
    evil be judaizm
    judaizm be hate
    hate be jew

  5. Unfortunately, you are blind to see, deaf to listen and hard understanding of simple things. The one thing that you are good in the hatred. A way of life that consists of hatred suites some kind of very special people. These ones see only the negative. Unfortunatelyת you belong to this kind. To write the poem of yours without knowing who are the Jews is a sign of boorish. So, in order to get out of this situation, just for your sake, go study and learn more about the contribution of Jews in this world. It is, at any rate, more than 100 % of the contribution of your god Finally, you are less than a Shlomo as he was clever not like you.

  6. Whatever children are taught is the basis for what they will likely become as adults. Israelis’ hatred and despising of Arabs, Palestinians, and Gazans has been a standard method of indoctrination for years. This is especially so in the IDF military in which all Israelis have to serve. No Jew has the Spirit of Christ, which is necessary for a compassionate, merciful view of another human being. Without the mind of Christ and the love of God within, there isn’t even any guilt from being hateful, or brutal. Sin nature has no sensitivity to recognizing one’s own inner evil. That is why Israelis can’t see their own wrongs. They justify them as “right.” That is why the State of Israel is so brutal in its actions. And Israel’s Jewish power in the US is the major reason the US has been as equally bad through the past years. (As an aside, it seems that many American military members have experienced major mental/psychologial/PTSD problems including suicide due to engaging in warfare which seems to generally conflict with their consciences due to standardized teaching of knowing there is right from wrong. )

    Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats
    By ROBERT MACKEY JULY 14, 2014

    The following are photos of an Israeli white phosphorus attack in a UNRWA school in Beit Lahia in Gaza. White phosphorus is illegal to use in civilian areas, and its use by Israel constitutes a war crime.

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