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Comedian Gets Wake-Up Call: Conan O’Brien’s Sobering Encounter at Apartheid Wall

In a visit to the West Bank, late night TV celebrity Conan O’Brien encountered a group of pro-Palestinian activists, most of them Americans, who laid the cold-hard truth on him regarding Israel’s occupation.

O’Brien is currently in Occupied Palestine to film a TV special. In the course of the exchange, which takes place next to the apartheid wall, the activists tell the talk show host about an 8-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed when a settler ran over her and whose funeral they have just come from attending; they speak of raids on Palestinian homes in the middle of the night; the detention of Palestinian children; and one member of the group, who identifies himself as a US veteran, expresses the view that Israel is committing “genocide.”

The entire video is a bit over 24 minutes long and has been posted on O’Brien’s website. Shorter, edited versions of it can also be found on YouTube, but I strongly recommend the full, unabridged, unedited version which is only available, here, on the comedian’s website. That being said, if you have an interest in seeing it, I suggest doing so quickly. If Zionists start screaming and squawking, O’Brien may be forced to remove it. The entire conversation is striking, but perhaps even more striking is that material of this nature would be posted on the website of a major US celebrity.

6 thoughts on “Comedian Gets Wake-Up Call: Conan O’Brien’s Sobering Encounter at Apartheid Wall

  1. A powerful posting and video; thank you. I’d like to think that Conan O’Brien and thousands of additional human beings will begin to swing the arc of truth and justice toward empathy for the Palestinians, but, after 53 years of observing the arrogant power and evil of Zionism to be complete master of the narrative, I cannot be optimistic.

  2. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer too much in the way of repercussions. He also has a bunch of videos on his site that portray Israel very favorably, so maybe that will help deflect some of the criticism.

  3. Of course he speaks favourably of Israel, he knows who his paymasters are in Hollywood.
    One unguarded, critical remark about the chosen people and his career is dead mutton. And he knows it.

  4. A Hollywood celeb is never gonna risk his fame and wealth even if he is a good and concerned individual,kind reminds me of the good but wealthy man in the bible,and Christ asking him to leave it behind and follow him,`eye and needle anybody????

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