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How Israel is Disabling Palestinian Teenagers

[ Ed. note – The article below discusses a practice known as “kneecapping,” in which Palestinian youths are targeted in their lower limbs by live fire from Israeli soldiers. The writer profiles–with stories and photos–several Palestinian youths who have been disabled in such a manner.

As an aside note, I don’t know how much longer I will be able to get away with publishing artwork like the image above without risking jail time in the US. S.720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, a bill that would criminalize support for boycotting Israel, is still pending in Congress. So far the bill has picked up 48 co-sponsors, and according to a report here, three additional senators are now said to be giving thought to supporting the legislation. That we have this many people in the Senate willing to defecate upon the First Amendment on behalf of a country that engages in heinous practices like shooting people in their kneecaps is testimony to the mind-boggling power of the pro-Israel lobby.

One other thing I’ll also toss in below is a video of Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who, like our own leaders here in America, also seems to have a deep fondness for the Zionist state, and who held a 90-minute meeting with Netanyahu earlier this week.  ]


By Jaclyn Ashly

Bethlehem, occupied West Bank – In the Dheisheh refugee camp, it is common to see Palestinian teenagers with deep scars dotting the length of their legs, while posters and murals of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces adorn the concrete walls – testaments to a disturbing reality of routine Israeli violence in the camp.

International law prohibits the use of live ammunition on civilians, except as a last resort during an imminent threat of life. However, Israeli soldiers freely fire live bullets at Palestinians during confrontations or military raids.

Both Palestinian and Israeli rights groups have noted that Israel’s excessive use of force on Palestinians has caused scores of permanent and temporary disabilities in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Several residents in the Dheisheh camp have also recently been killed, the latest of whom was 21-year-old Raed al-Salhi, who was shot multiple times during an Israeli army raid last month. He succumbed to his wounds on September 3 at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem almost a month later.

The Bethlehem-based Palestinian NGO Badil reported a significant increase in Palestinian injuries in the refugee camps last year, the majority of which were caused by live ammunition. Most of the gunshot wounds were directed at the lower limbs of the youth in the camps, now commonly referred to as “kneecapping”.

Residents of the Dheisheh camp say that an Israeli army commander, who the youth in Dheisheh refer to as “Captain Nidal”, has been threatening to intentionally disable Palestinians in the camp. “I will make half of you disabled and let the other half push the wheelchairs,” he has been reported as saying.

Badil underscored that the threats indicate that incidents of “kneecapping” are “not accidental or isolated”. But instead “result from a systematic Israeli military policy aimed at suppressing resistance, terrorising Palestinian youth, and permanently injuring them and/or causing significant damage to their physical and mental well-being”.

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2 thoughts on “How Israel is Disabling Palestinian Teenagers

  1. Not only is Israel an Apartheid state ,it is a criminal state and getting worse as the world says nothing about it.What is it that they have to make them immune to international law ?

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