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Satanist Interviewed on Fox News; Here are Some Questions He Should Have Been Asked, but wasn’t

Lucien Greaves is co-founder of the Satanic Temple, based in Salem, Massachusetts. A few nights ago he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News…

Incidentally, the case involving the Colorado baker, referred to in the segment above, is being decided by the US Supreme Court, which went back into session just today. The baker’s name is Jack Phillips. He runs a bakery called the Masterpiece Cakeshop in the Denver area. In 2012, citing religious beliefs, Phillips refused to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay couple. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission decided the case in favor of the couple, ordering Phillips to change his policies and to give his staff training on discrimination. The Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the ruling and the Colorado Supreme Court refused to hear the matter. So now here we are on the first Monday in October, and the US Supreme Court is about to take up the matter.

The Boca Raton, Florida City Council has approved a 300-pound metal pentagram for display in a local park this coming Christmas. The pentagram will have a wooden image of Satan in the middle and will bear the words, “May the children hail Satan,” “One nation under Antichrist,” and “In Satan we trust.” A local church pastor has vowed to take a sledge hammer to it. Some members of the city council deemed the Pentagram, which will be displayed next to a Christian nativity scene, offensive, but desire of avoiding a lawsuit seems to have been the main driving force leading to its approval. “Our lawyers said whatever you do, don’t [not approve it]. Because it will be an expensive lawsuit,” said Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers.

The name “Lucien Greaves” is a pseudonym. According to Wikipedia, the man’s real name is Douglas Mesner. He co-founded the Satanic Temple along with “Malcom Jarry”–reportedly also a pseudonym. Here is a picture, published by the New York Times in 2015, of the two co-founders together–with Greaves/Mesner on the right and Jarry on the left.

I do not know about Mesner, but “Jarry” is Jewish. I put up an article about him last year, this after the Times of Israel had published a feature story on him–a piece in which he is quoted expressing his belief that Judaism and Satanism are compatible ideologies. I will repost a lengthy excerpt from that piece below.

Meanwhile, here are some questions Tucker Carlson might have asked Greaves/Mesner while he was on his show…but for some reason didn’t.

  1. Some people refer to the “holocaust” as a religion. Would you be in favor of filing lawsuits forcing Jewish bakers to to bake cakes honoring Hitler?
  2. The annual lighting of the national Menorah takes place each December on the Ellipse in President’s Park near the White House in Washington D.C. President’s Park is administered by the National Park Service. In other words, it is public property. If, as you say, you are opposed to the use of “public forums” for religious displays, then do you plan to take legal action to try and block the lighting of the national Menorah this Hanukah? Or alternately, will you defend the right of Christians to display a nativity scene in the same park?
  3. Jesus taught that we should love one another and show compassion for each other. The pentagram scheduled to be displayed in Florida this December is expected to display the words “One nation under Antichrist.” The term “anti-Christ” literally means ‘opposed to Christ.’ The word “Satan” in Hebrew means ‘enemy’ or ‘adversary.’ Why do you and other Satanists harbor such hatred for a man who taught love and compassion?


From my post, Satanic Temple Founder Says He’s Unwavering Supporter of Israel, originally published October 16, 2016:

The Times of Israel has published an interesting article about Malcom Jarry,  a co-founder of the Satanic Temple. The article,  seemingly without intending to, offers us perhaps a few insights into why Satanism might be undergoing such a resurgence in America at present.

Jarry is identified in the article as a “secular Jew” and an avid supporter of Israel, and quoted in it are some Jewish residents of Salem, Massachusetts–home to America’s newest Satanic church–who seem to be altogether agreeable to having such a house of worship in their community.

But the main points of interest consist of Jarry’s views on the state of Israel and his view that Judaism and Satanism are mutually compatible. Here’s a bit from the article:

For the 49-year-old Jarry, there is not much conflict between being Jewish and a Satanist. As a matter of fact, the two identities have come to inform each other, he said.

“I see it like Buddhism,” said Jarry. “Satanism is something that can co-exist with being a Jew,” he said.

In addition to Jarry’s belief that Judaism and Satanism can co-exist, there are parallels with how Judaism and Satanism have been branded by their detractors, he said.

“The false accusations that have been thrown at Jews historically are similar to what some people say about Satanism,” said Jarry, mentioning accusations of blood libel and — more recently — fabricated allegations that Israel perpetrates genocide against Palestinian children.

“I do not accept when people delegitimize Israel or use lies to marginalize Israel,” said Jarry. “I am an unwavering supporter of Israel, so long as it remains democratic, pluralistic, and protects human rights.”

So there you have it on the authority of a Jewish Satanist–that the resurgence of Satanism in America has transpired concurrent to the rise of Jews to the pinnacle of political and economic power is no coincidence. The two identities, after all, have “come to inform each other,” as it’s stated.

By the way, you might also go here to watch a commentary on Jarry and the Times of Israel article posted on YouTube, although be advised the video maker seems a tad bit naive on a few points. Jarry’s lionization of the apartheid state has, it seems, caused her to rethink her position on the Satanic Temple–an entity which otherwise she had regarded with a certain amount of “respect.”

2 thoughts on “Satanist Interviewed on Fox News; Here are Some Questions He Should Have Been Asked, but wasn’t

  1. Some things just don’t change.
    Back in antiquity (BC), the Jews were expelled from Carthage for erecting temples to ‘Baal’, a multi-headed effigy that depicted a demon of gross proportions.

    Christ’s mission on earth was to convert the Jews to the “true way”. This is why they were “chosen”. He failed, and they had him crucified.

    As I said, some things just don’t change.

  2. So many expulsions through history. You would think every Jew on earth would be openly pondering the question “why”. I guess some secretly do; others it never occurs to them.

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