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Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues the US Dept. of Commerce

The Legal Alliance Against Geoengineering has finally filed suite against the US government. It was back in July of 2016 that the LASG filed a “US 60-Day Notice of Legal Action”– giving notice to a number of named individuals that they were about to become defendants in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the illegal spraying taking place in our skies.

I put up a post about it at the time. It has taken this long to get a suit filed because the government has stonewalled a number of FOIA requests for information about the activities of NOAA and other government agencies in regard to weather modification programs–and the suit that has been filed seems to focus narrowly on the question of government violations of the FOIA rather than the more overall, comprehensive challenge to geoengineering that might have been hoped for. Yet still…it is a step in the right direction.

Among the evidence cited in the notice of legal action filed last year is the information that the California Water Quality Control Board made a very strange, almost inexplicable decision back in the year 2002. It is alleged that in that year the state agency decided, “without any rationale,” to stop testing for aluminum in California waters. Aluminum is known to cause Alzheimer’s. Why would a state agency, tasked with safeguarding public health, make a decision to stop testing drinking water for it?

As I commented in last year’s post:

Most of us tend to be one-issue people. That is to say that whatever our pet issue is–whether it be the Palestine/Israel conflict, our own government’s support for terrorists in Syria, or the mounting global tensions between NATO and Russia–we tend to stay focused largely on that issue, to the exclusion of much else.

But the spraying of toxic particulate matter in the skies over our heads is an issue that effects every single living creature on this planet. Who is behind it (aside from the issue of what branches of government are carrying it out) and what their ultimate motives are are not completely clear, but…there are aerosol spray clouds in the sky where I live just about every day now, and I’m sure this is true in most other areas of the country. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see them, just a normally observant human being. Just because we have grown accustomed to seeing them does not mean that the motive behind them is benign. It isn’t.

You can click here to see the full law suit in PDF form. The file also includes correspondence between the LASG and Commerce Department officials. A report on the lawsuit has also been posted at GeoengineeringWatch.org .

8 thoughts on “Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues the US Dept. of Commerce

  1. Its about time. But im not holding my breath.

    NWO supporters like joe “meathead” rogan and his little buddies, like to belittle chemtrails as simply water vapor. Since when does steam remain steam in the sky for the entire day? And why do the clouds which are water vapor drift away and evaporate right before your eyes while the chemtrail remains and slowly sinks to the ground? At higher colder altitudes the water vapor from a jet engine becomes tiny ice crystals and the trail will be visible longer. But as it drifts it melts away.

    Guys like Joe and Alex jones dumb the people down using stupidity and fear so jews can boss them around. When the great unwashed get wise to their increasing control of every aspect of life, they toss off one of their rotten kind and let the goyim get at im, Harvey Weinstein in this case. While simultaneously destroying the wine industry in Ca. All the while Israel becomes GREATER.

    Joe is such a lousy repetitive pos.
    Imagine if some random guy on the street greeted you with
    “hey freak bitches!” you’d most likely leave the area. I would most likely pop him one. Sadly many people love that type of demeaning gaslighting.

  2. Yeah, weather modification has been going on for a long time. It wasn’t until the late 90s, though, that it got ramped up to the point where we started seeing all those bizarre, miles-long “contrails” lingering for hours and spreading across the whole sky. Prior to that it went pretty much unnoticed.

  3. Good article,made for interesting reading, though i would disagree on Alex Jones,’yes a flawed character but when in the Post 911 /Iraq invasion, it was people like him that started asking questions and the birth or quickening of dissent against corp media now known as msm began to explode on the Internet, as geo crops and the spraying of toxins this article is clear and correct..We all want strong tall ,disease free children and a better world ….

  4. How long and by whom? Honestly you will find the answers right in this video.
    Weather Wars; Geoengineering on a Massive Scale from the Ground Up

    I mentioned in in another comment section, but I see your comment and know you will learn many answers simply setting back with a tea. I was told, however, it is not available for view in England. Someone sent me a screen shot but I hope it works for you.

  5. Great article. I have become an anti-geoengineering activist myself. If you’re in the Western USA, look up Gem Faire and go to their events near you. I also write about this issue on my blog, MeaningofFreedom.com and elsewhere. Thanks for covering this issue.

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