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Janitorial Duties at the Wailing Wall

Visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and stuffing a “prayer note” in between the stones is a is a long-standing tradition with Western politicians, offering them an excellent opportunity of channeling their love for all things Jewish into the public spotlight.

It certainly worked well for Trump on May 22 of this year. There he was getting loads of bad press–but suddenly his visit to the wall was able to win him nothing but lauds and kudos, according to a Jewish writer writing for The Atlantic:

“In Israel, his approval rating is going to skyrocket, especially compared to what is happening in the U.S.A.,” Schiff said. He noted that the visit was a win-win for Trump and Israel, fulfilling Trump’s need for good press and Israel’s need for a show of solidarity after eight years of chilly relations with the Obama administration.

Israelis reacted to Trump’s visit with “affection,” added Uri Dromi, a former spokesman in the Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin governments. “Whether you hate Trump or you love Trump or you believe him or you think he is going to be impeached, here is the president of the United States, still considered the greatest leader in the world, coming to the place most sacred to Jews. That is a big message.”

Keep in mind this was in May–a month or so following Trump’s 59-Tomahawk attack on Syria. Almost all of the articles published on the wall visit  made note of the fact that the president had stuffed a note into one of the crevices. NBC even put it in its lead, “President Donald Trump placed a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit one of Judaism’s holiest sites”–while Israeli TV Channel 2 captured footage of Ivanka Trump Kushner in which she was seen “appearing to cry.” And yes, Ivanka too left a note in the wall:

The practice of leaving notes in the wall is covered in a Wikipedia article, which observes that the pieces of paper “are collected twice a year and buried on the nearby Mount of Olives.”A Midrashic teaching that the “Divine Presence” lives within the wall still, even though the Jewish temple was demolished (much like a Palestinian home) more than nineteen centuries ago, seems to be the primary basis for the custom, and Wikipedia also informs us that, “according to Jewish law, prayer notes may not be thrown away.” Apparently someone forgot to tell the Wailing Wall’s janitor, however. The following video got posted on Facebook recently:


In addition to Trump, other US politicians who have visited the wall include:

John McCain….

Hillary Clinton…

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

and Rand Paul…

Is the Jewish state a country, or is it a racket? The above video would appear to demonstrate what Israeli leaders truly think of all these stupid Goyim politicians and their silly notes. But the question is: if any one of these career politicians ever happened to see this video, would it lead them to possibly change their cloying, philo-Semitic behavior? Or how about Congress? Were this video to go viral, would Congress for once consider cutting perhaps, rather than increasing, the Israeli aid package? The answer is no. The sad fact is: if an American and an Israeli were drowning at the same time, the overwhelming majority of Congress would rescue the Israeli and let the American drown.

Aid to Israel will continue no matter how many Americans are killed in mass shootings or have their homes destroyed in wildfires or hurricanes–until the populace is left completely punch-drunk and reeling, bankrupted and sucked dry. Then, as in the video above, the Israeli janitors will come along, sweep away the refuse, and replace America with a Jews-only settlement in which anti-Semitism is illegal and calling for a boycott of Israel is punishable by death.

8 thoughts on “Janitorial Duties at the Wailing Wall

  1. A ritual among American presidents and elites ,all to confirm to the Israeli government their unconditional continual support for whatever the Israeli government decides to do to the Palestinian and neighboring nations in the Middle East.

  2. teaching little children the truth about the MONEY CHANGERS & Pharisees
    {{{SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN}}} so-called “Jewish” religion of Talmudic
    “JUDAISM” would enable the “hood winked” and “born into the cult”
    “Jews” and “JEW” worshippers to understand John 8:44


    curiously disgusting is what “politicians” do…for filthy lucre
    just ask bill & hillary or donna shalala


    now you gotta axe yo’self


    is “JEWTOPIA” where “I” really want to go…

  3. What is it,or what weird hold do the Israelis have over America??, it’s soo strange,America is NO Rome,for the Romans shared power with No One and only ever served its own interests,they are big enough to look after themselves,if they want to wage war on Iran,let them crack on..What happened to America First President Trump???.

  4. That absolutely is an eye-popper. Nice house cleaning after all those self-anointed, wannabe leaders dropped in. Hilarious.

    Meanwhile the seriously ill ultras keep humping. Hail to the Wailing Wall. Lol

  5. True ,these zio schemers have ruined the dream,that of a mighty Republic that should be the light of the world,if America honoured the true path laid down by your founding fathers even Mother Russia would pay tribute, instead we have this hamstrung twisted ziocon controlled cuckold state..As a kid we use to play war and we all wanted to be the Americans,has the dream died???

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