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Christians United for Apartheid?

A friend of mine who is on the email list of Christians United for Israel passed along to me the latest piece of dross sent out by these votaries of the holy yarmulke. The email consists of a montage of photos from recent CUFI events, as well as a letter signed by organization founder John Hagee and National Director David Brog in which the pair lambaste neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, and Hezbollah collectively–while expressing their undying devotion to the Jewish people–all in just under 400 words.

“CUFI members sent over 42,000 e-mails to Congress asking our lawmakers to co-sponsor a bill to make it harder for Hezbollah to raise the funds that fuel its terror,” they inform us. Then they proceed to boast: “Shortly after our alert, the Senate passed this bill.”

First of all, what “terror” are they talking about? Hezbollah is not a terror organization. Hezbollah is in Syria where, along with Russian and Syrian troops, it is waging a battle against ISIS–an army of psychopaths whose atrocities are legion and which exemplify it as nothing less than the complete, total apotheosis of terror. Cutting off funds to Hezbollah, or attempting to, is tantamount to supporting ISIS!

The bill alluded to is the “Hizballah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act of 2017,” or S. 1595, an oleaginous piece of legislative tripe sponsored by Sens. Marco Rubio, Jeanne Shaheen, and Mike Crapo, which–by unanimous consent  no less–passed the Senate on Thursday, October 5.

That the US has been providing backing and assistance to ISIS has been an open secret for a while now, but with this act the Senate has in effect placed itself on record as official supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This in effect is what it comes down to.

The letter also talks about Charlottesville and the “ugly neo-Nazi demonstration that threatened the local Jewish community” there, and of course it goes without mentioning that “anti-Semitism is on the rise across the country”- so be horrified; be afraid; lest we see Jews marched into concentration camps in Iowa before the next presidential primary.

And above all else, “love and defend the Jewish people,” which means, of course, support the Jewish state. This, as ever, is the main message of “Christians” United for Israel…yet nowhere in this letter sent out by Hagee and Brog is there anything about Jesus. Not one word. He doesn’t rate a single mention. This of course is typical, though. And, yes, we can well understand their problem here: they can’t find any quotes from Jesus that would validate support for a racist, apartheid state!

By the way, this email from CUFI was sent out on October 12–one day after new developments broke regarding an ongoing criminal case in Israel. Regular readers to this website are familiar with the name Elor Azarya. He’s the Israeli soldier who fired a bullet execution-style into the head of a Palestinian as he lay mortally wounded on a Hebron street. The shooting took place in March of last year on the Jewish holiday of Purim.


Well…long story short, it seems some remarkably good fortune has fallen Azarya’s way! According to a report here, the Israeli Army has awarded the killer the sum of 24,000 Israeli shekels, or $6,897. “The decision to pay the cash to Azaria came after a decision by Israeli Chief of General Staff Gadi Eizenkot to reduce his 18-month prison sentence to 14 months,” the report states.

Fourteen months for shooting a wounded man in the head, plus a $6,897 bonus.

Contrast the treatment of Azarya to that meted out to Ahmad Yasser Baraghithi, a 21 year-old Palestinian who was sentenced to eight years in prison for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.

Or contrast it to Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian poet who spent more than a year and three months (one month longer than Azarya) in jail and house arrest for the “crime” of writing a poem entitled, “Resist, My People, Resist Them.”

Love and Defend the Jewish People? Or Resist them? Take your pick. But regardless which side of the fence you come down on, one thing you can’t deny (unless you happen to be willfully blind) is that in Israel/Occupied Palestine there exists one system of justice for Jews, and another for Palestinians.

One set of legal standards and procedures for members of one race or ethnic group and another set for those of a different group–this is the hallmark of an apartheid state. Perhaps Christians United for Israel should change its name to Christians United for Apartheid.

Below is the full text of the letter sent sent out by CUFI.


Dear _______ ,

One of CUFI’s great strengths is that we are a real and vibrant grassroots organization.  That’s pretty rare these days.  So many of the groups which claim to speak for large constituencies often represent no one but a few professional lobbyists in Washington.  But CUFI represents millions of supporters who live in every Congressional district across the country.  When our elected officials leave Washington and go back home to their states and districts, they find hundreds of active CUFI members waiting to speak with them.  

During Congress’ August recess, CUFI held a series of local events with key lawmakers across the country that demonstrated this grassroots strength.  

One highlight was our Israel Town Hall in Idaho, where we hosted both of Idaho’s US Senators.  It’s rare that both of a state’s senators show up to the same event back home, but they showed up together for CUFI.  

Also noteworthy were the two events we hosted with Texas Congressmen, one in the Houston area and the other in Amarillo. What made these events special was the fact that they were arranged at the request of the Congressmen, who value CUFI as an important voice for their constituents.

When Congress got back to work in September, they heard from us again.  CUFI members sent over 42,000 e-mails to Congress asking our lawmakers to co-sponsor a bill to make it harder for Hezbollah to raise the funds that fuel its terror.  Shortly after our alert, the Senate passed this bill.  

And in early September, we held a very important event in Charlottesville, Virginia called My Brother’s Keeper. As you all know, Charlottesville was the sight of an ugly neo-Nazi demonstration that threatened the local Jewish community.  As you also know, anti-Semitism is on the rise across the country — both on the far right as well as the far left.  So we decided to bring Jews and Christians in Charlottesville together to take a firm stand against this rising tide of hate.  Our statement was loud and clear — Christians will stand side-by-side with our Jewish brethren to combat anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head.    

Thank you for being part of our mission to love and defend the Jewish people, both here at home and abroad. We are seeing progress every month.  And we could do none of this without your support and generosity.

Blessings to you and those you love,

Pastor John Hagee
Nation Chairman

David Brog

19 thoughts on “Christians United for Apartheid?

  1. “Jew” worshippers can’t be ‘Christians’….John 8:44

    “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism can’t be “Israel”.

    when one observes the portly hog jowled
    skillit lickin hedgerow “Preacher” Hagee
    one should also envision the millstone about
    his neck…as an act of charity

  2. Under “More on WordPress.com” under Fig Trees and Vineyards article one finds the same CUFI letter posted at the blog of Don Ray Hemingway – (blog) “The Church of Jerusalem and the Christian Church”. Donald Trump and John Hagee apparently share the same high-powered public relations experts, more commonly known as the best money can buy, whose talents lie in making total lies sound like angelic messaging. How is it possible there are so few like Stephen Sizer and a handful of others, true scholars of religion unafraid to speak out against profoundly destructive deceptions which sadly have mislead so, so many.

  3. ‘ lest we see Jews marched into concentration camps in Iowa before the next presidential primary.’ ; As my Yiddish friends would say “From your lips, to God’s ears’

  4. Now it’s not only the big, bad neo-nazis who are anti-semitic but also the commie-left. One shot and Cufi covered the whole spectrum. Bingo, bulls-eye. Who is left to castigate and vilify? Are there any ‘culprits’ left who can be exploited spiritually and financially?

    Last number I came across was 50 Mio of those so-called Christians supporting jews, Israel and its policies. Let that sink in, 50 Mio of US citizens in agreement with the apartheid state, the pornographic, depraved little hub in the Middle East. All in the name of religion. Although, I’m not sure those guys know what they’re worshiping. Hagee certainly is not going to tell them.

    Rename CUFI to CUFA, and maybe some kind of ball is going to start rolling. I know, sometimes I indulge in wishful thinking.

  5. May Hagee burn in Hell — if the corpulent hog can squeeze through the door; if he can’t, he’ll spend the rest of eternity in a very uncomfortable purgatory. One thing my Jesus-Christ Christian faith assures me: Hagee (and his C-Z horde) will not be raptured to or otherwise wind up in Heaven. Amen.

    Naturally: not one word from these CUFIers — these HYPOCRITES! — about the endless suffering of the Christians and Muslims of Palestine at the hands of Zionism: its regime, its agents and its acolytes.

    (BTW, am I not correct that David Brog, the “Director” of CUFI, is a Jew??!…alongside his “Nation [sic] Chairman” Hagee-cum-Hogee?)

  6. Christians United for Israel? More like Communists United for Israel..

    If you’re a Christian, you accept and believe in what Jesus brought, the NT and his call to love your brother, help them in time of need, like giving them shelter, food and medical aid.

    But phony acts like CUFI always like to quote the OT, which is their way of snubbing Christ while proclaiming to be Christian.

  7. ” . . . there exists one system of justice for Jews, and another for Palestinians.”

    That is exactly what the many verses in the Talmud indicate. 2 sets of ethics and thus 2 systems of justice. It is not wrong in the thinking and writings of Jews to harm non-Jews.

  8. the Synagogue of Satan JEWISH TERRORISTS are not
    Israel in the Bible @ Genesis 49 & Deut. 32&33.

    Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

    CHUTZPAH is “JEW” spew…LIES….


    Braindeadgoy “JEW” worshippers are not “Christians”.


    KNOW THE TRUTH about the Synagogue of Satan
    Money Changers & Pharisees & “Proselytes”…!!!

  9. Yes dear, I know, until Zephanja is going to straighten out our language, current wording will have to suffice. Especially in a way that most anyone understands.

    Proselytes or not, their intentions count, imo. And their intentions are nefarious towards us regular guys. I think, we are also called whiteys. After all, they are of the synagogue of satan and already have a certain aura of some brown stuff about them.

    100 lumps of shit on the wall, take one down, throw it around, 99 lumps of shit on the wall, just paraphrasing LV.

  10. Ask these “Christians” what they think of what Israel is doing to Bethlehem, beating and robbing and killing the Christians from there, and almost completely shutting down their economy.

    Or really enrage these false Christians by stating the obvious “Israel is far and away the most anti-Christian nation the world has ever seen”.

    Though I don’t see any web-site dedicated to protesting what Israel does to Christians – why not?

  11. While I have posted quite a few articles here on the subject you mention, including church vandalisms, spitting on Christians, etc., having a website totally devoted to this topic is a good idea. I don’t have the time to devote to a second website, but hopefully someone–possibly yourself–may take on such an endeavor.

  12. Post-Oct. 18th 2017

    1. Question: Whats common to Tesco, Barclays, HSBC, Microsoft, and Deloit? All of them are opening a business in Israel to look for new ideas and programs to improve their businesses worldwide. Such small companies have interests in Israel.

    2. But, none of them will open a mouth when Hamas is calling to destroy Israel. The meaning is that their perspective is very short. They look to get the money/business with the Arab countries now instead of looking to the far future. The world is interested in money more than in making peace.

    3. Their view is so short and they are eager to make the money immediately that they don’t think that if they will fight to establish peace their income, in the long run, will be much more as more people will live, consume and the overall income will jump sky high. On the other hand, if the wars, like today, will continue/increase, more people will be killed, the substantial destruction so the most of the money will be used for reconstruction the ruins, the fewer people that will survive will be busy rebuilding themselves and the world economy will suffer. The only one to benefit out of a war will be the people that deal with construction and the manufacturers/suppliers of war materials/means. The rest the world’s businesses will suffer for a very long time and too many families will remain partially. Is this the thing that the sensible people are looking for? I do hope that the answer is negative and the rich companies must open vast campaign to remove the threat of war from this world.

    4. This could have been done if the UN was an organization that all its view and efforts were targeted to peace. Unfortunately, this is not the situation. The atmosphere of the UN must be changed. The nationality and the religious spirit must be changed to the responsibility of everybody to everybody. No matter what are the preliminary differences: color, religion, nationality, richness, education Etc. All of us are the same. This message can be delivered through the worldwide leading business/educational companies. It’s their job to improve the world if they want to have a business also in the long run.

    5. The said in #4 does not necessarily mean vast expenses. The UN must establish an offer for improving the atmosphere in the world, without personal interests, which will be transferred to the worldwide business ruling companies, which will implement it in different, most dangerous places, in the world. It means a different organization of the companies and more attention to the points/places that need more attention. These are the states that are currently in a war. Once the fire was extinguished, further steps can be taken to improve the world.
    It can be implemented/achieved if there is a common will to come to peace worldwide. I don’t know anybody that will give/put his throat to be beheaded. Everybody is anxious about himself and his family. As we all are the family of the human being, we must fight the wars and killing. As such we must press the UN and the large business companies to make one hand for peace.

    6. Israel and Israeli companies are already acting to help the others by supplying them with their needs. Water: there are no lives without water. Israel supply all water needs to Gaza, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. By doing it Israel is an example of a supportive state that tries to coexist with its neighbors. It should be reminded that 2 countries out of the 3 are at war with Israel. But, Israel, as a human state that supports peace can’t/not willing to see citizens die due to a shortage of water, while the only objection to peace is coming from the leadership of the enemies.
    So, Israel is a good example of living peacefully in war, for 70 years, that should be changed to a stable and long-lasting peace.

    7. In order to help the Gazan fishermen to improve their income, Israel released larger space for fishing. This is, again, Israel’s efforts to help the people.
    Note: Israel restricted the fishing area as in the past the Gazan’s (not necessarily fishermen), used to meet the ship in the sea and smuggle arms and ammunition to fight/kill Israelis. This was a preventive step to eliminate kills also in internal fights among the Gazans themselves.

    8. Without any connection to the written above but with a very tight connection to the world, it was announced and published in the Magazine “Nature” that Israeli researchers developed a solution that kills all metastatic cells of the different cancers that were tested so far. It should be said that the metastatic cells are very stubborn ones and they caused much death as they can’t be removed in an operation and so far there was not a solution to get rid of them.
    The base of the new medicine is the new idea that they develop: to exhaust the cells, with 2 ingredients that they revealed that do the job the best. This way, the cells don’t have the energy to multiply and they cells die from tiredness. As simple as that, but, so far, no other researcher thought of and none, of course, achieved the results that they did.

    9. Just one remark to the Muslims: You can use this medicine if you want to cure your cancer but then you overrule your leader’s instructions. I am sure that you prefer your lives on your leaders nonsense’s, so, call them to make peace with Israel and then every Muslim will be using Israeli innovations that save a lot of lives and give better flavors to your lives.
    This brings us back to the written in this post all way long.

    10. The results of the Israeli efforts to find solutions to prevent/cure cancer are that in Israel there was a reduction of 3.2% of new cancers sickness in the year of 2016. This is a substantial retreat of this terrible thickness.

    11. The yesterday’s report, Published by the Israeli Ministry of Health, marked an increase of 4.5% of cancer among the Israeli Arab population. This increase is attributed to the heavy smoking of cigarettes and Nargila, by the Arab sector. It is pity that in a state like Israel, that carry the torch of health, the Arabs still keep their bad habits.

    12. What is the silliest body in the UN? UNESCO, of course. They sent a letter, signed by Ali Alnasur, Muslim of course, to Israeli companies, warning them that if they don’t stop making business with companies in Palestine, their names will be added to the list of Israeli companies to be boycotted. This is another stupid step. What UNESCO will do if the medicine, described in #8, was developed by Israeli Prof in the area which UNESCO marked as Palestine? Will UNESCO boycott it and allow/cause millions of people to die while it can be prevented? Can you understand the absurd/stupidity of your representatives in UNESCO? No, you still don’t see the entire if this picture as it has more angels that I didn’t write about. It will come.

    13. The main point is the Israeli ability to think outside the box and find solutions to problems of the future. For this ability, the Muslims want to punish us and the world stand ahead saying nothing.

    Please share this post

    In friendship


  13. I long for our American cousins to challenge all your congressmen and Senators over any Israeli/AIPAC funding they may or not receive, for they are the vassals that create havoc in the world and keep Palestinians disenfranchised, and i wish those in our part of the world to put end their islamaphobia and concentrate their efforts on confronting the true enemy of the west,which are Zionists/neocons/christian Zionists and ultra liberals,these are the culprits of the chaos ,wars and terrorism we Now face,for is Now a fact that Israeli made weapons have been discovered in arms caches of Isis….

  14. jew contributions to world:
    lies, hate, bullshit, plagiarism, skunkwater

    please share this post

    in friendship

  15. That supposedly informative (((seelistenunderstand))) post of absolute drivel about the – benevolence, innovation, helping humanity – kind of spiel calls for a label. Which could be: “Don’t go there, hazardous material, detrimental to your health.”

    please share this post
    in friendship

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